Real Estate Lead Generation Software [Best Software For Agents]

Published on August 1, 2023


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Real Estate Lead Generation Software

The world of real estate is brimming with opportunities and challenges. Navigating the competitive landscape of the real estate industry requires more than just a knack for closing deals. One of the most vital tasks for a real estate agent is to find, cultivate, and convert leads into business opportunities. It is in this context that real estate lead generation software comes into play.

Designed specifically for the demands of real estate professionals, this powerful tool revolutionizes how agents attract, engage, and convert prospects. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of real estate lead generation software. We'll uncover its integral role, why every agent needs it, key features to look for, factors to consider when choosing, and tips to maximize its usage for the best results.

What are Lead Generation Software

What are Lead Generation Software

Lead generation software are intelligent systems designed to aid businesses, including those in the real estate industry, in finding and attracting potential customers – also known as "leads". Essentially, these platforms provide an automated way to collect, track, and manage leads, optimizing the process of converting prospects into customers.

Real estate lead generation software specifically caters to the needs of real estate professionals. It is a technology solution that assists in generating leads - interested home buyers or sellers - and managing the sales pipeline. This software ranges from CRM systems, email marketing campaigns tools, to automated tools for smart targeting, amongst other robust features.

Why Real Estate Agents Need a Lead Generation Software

Why Real Estate Agents Need a Lead Generation Software

In today's digital era, the significance of lead generation software for real estate agents can't be overstated. This vital tool plays a pivotal role in bolstering the growth and productivity of a real estate business. Here's a deeper look into why real estate agents need lead generation software.

1. Effective Lead Generation

Lead generation is the backbone of the real estate business. Effective lead generation is about reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Lead generation software leverages technology, including AI and machine learning, to generate seller leads, pre foreclosure leads, online leads, and more, providing a constant stream of potential clients for real estate agents to work with.

2. Efficient Lead Management

With the help of lead management software, real estate agents can systematically manage leads, tracking them from the initial contact point to the final sale closure. It allows professionals to effectively categorize, follow up, and nurture real estate leads to increase conversion rates.

3. More Leads, More Opportunities

One of the primary functions of lead generation software is to help agents generate more leads. The best lead generation tools can significantly expand an agent’s reach, finding potential buyers and sellers that the agent might not encounter through traditional methods.

By using digital platforms, targeted ads, and online leads generation methods, these tools extend an agent's reach beyond traditional methods. They also allow for specialized targeting, such as attracting pre foreclosure leads or seller leads, thus ensuring quality in addition to quantity.

4. Enhanced Understanding of Lead Behavior

Real estate lead generation software can provide valuable insights into lead behavior, such as which properties they're viewing and their response to different forms of contact. This data can be used to personalize follow-ups and ultimately convert real estate leads into clients.

5. Automated Processes

Lead generation software often comes with automated tools, freeing up agents to focus on tasks that can’t be automated, such as relationship building and negotiating deals. These tools include email marketing automation, follow-up reminders, and scheduling tools. This saves real estate agents considerable time and effort, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks such as closing deals and building relationships.

6. Competitive Edge

In the competitive real estate industry, having a lead generation system that gives you exclusive leads can set you apart. With unique leads direct to your pipeline, you can work with prospective sellers or active buyers before competing agents get the chance.

7. Nurture and Convert Leads

Merely generating leads is not enough. It's equally important to nurture these leads until they convert into clients. Lead generation software offers agents an effective platform to engage with their leads regularly, providing valuable information, addressing queries, and keeping the brand at the forefront of the leads' minds.

8. Detailed Analytics and Reporting

In the competitive world of real estate, having data-driven insights is crucial for strategic decision-making. Lead generation systems offer detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling agents to understand what's working and what's not in their lead generation efforts. By examining these insights, agents can fine-tune their marketing strategies to enhance their effectiveness.

Key Features to Look for in Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Key Features to Look for in Real Estate Lead Generation Software

The market is saturated with numerous lead generation platforms, and each has its unique strengths. To ensure you select the software that aligns best with your business needs, consider the following factors.

1. Lead Generation and Capture

The best real estate lead generation software should have powerful tools to help you generate and capture leads. This might include features like SEO tools, paid search capabilities, custom landing pages, and social media integration.

2. Lead Tracking and Management

Having a way to track real estate leads through the sales pipeline is essential. Look for software that provides accurate data about lead behavior and interactions, helping you prioritize your efforts and stay organized.

3. CRM Integration

Integration with a CRM system is another crucial feature. A CRM can provide a centralized location for all lead information, making it easier to follow up, nurture, and convert leads.

4. Automated Follow-up Tools

Automated follow-up tools are essential for maintaining contact with leads and ensuring none slip through the cracks. Look for software that includes automated email campaigns, reminders, and other follow-up tools.

5. Analytics and Reporting

The ability to track and measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts is crucial. Real estate lead generation software should provide comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing you to measure the success of your strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Factors to Consider When Choosing Real Estate Lead Generation Software

1. Features and Functionalities

Not all lead generation software is created equal. Some platforms offer a comprehensive suite of features for managing every aspect of a real estate business, from lead capture and management to marketing automation and analytics. Others may specialize in particular areas. Choose a software that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

2. Ease of Use

The software should be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and a clean interface. You should be able to easily understand how to generate leads, track them, and use the software’s features. An intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform will save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on generating and converting leads.

3. Customization Options

The software should allow you to customize its features to match your specific business needs. This might include custom landing pages, email templates, and lead tracking options.

4. Integration with Other Tools

Your lead generation software should be able to integrate seamlessly with other tools you use in your real estate business. This might include your CRM system, email platform, or other marketing tools. Such integrations will help streamline your operations and increase efficiency.

5. Price

The cost of the software is an important factor to consider. Look for software that offers great features at a competitive price. Compare the cost of different software against the features and services they provide to ensure you're getting good value for your investment.

While you should stay within your budget, it's essential to remember that sometimes, paying a little extra for higher quality service can result in better ROI in the long run. But still, remember that the most expensive option is not always the best, and cheaper solutions may not have the features you need.

6. Customer Support

Good customer support is crucial. Consider the quality and responsiveness of the lead generation company's customer service when making your decision. Check out reviews from other users to gauge their experiences.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

1. Property Leads

1. Property Leads

Property Leads is the leading real estate lead generation platform that caters specifically to real estate investors and agents. They offer top-quality, highly motivated seller real estate leads through their innovative pay-per-lead system, utilizing SEO to generate the highest converting leads. Unlike traditional lead generation companies, Property Leads sets itself apart by providing exclusive leads to the highest bidder in each county, ensuring low competition for their clients.

Their real estate lead software guarantees automatic delivery of motivated leads straight to your phone, email, or CRM, enabling you to contact potential sellers promptly when they request an offer. With no contracts to bind you, you have the flexibility to cancel anytime, showcasing their confidence in the quality of their leads.

Property Leads stands out by not selling leads offered by other providers, focusing solely on SEO-generated leads, which have proven to deliver the highest profit per deal and conversion ratios. Experience the advantage of working with motivated sellers who have actively sought out a solution, making every lead a valuable opportunity for real estate professionals to close more deals and increase their profits.

2. Market Leader

2. Market Leader

Market Leader is a leading name in the realm of real estate lead generation, offering a robust platform for both individual agents and brokerages to thrive. With a focus on generating exclusive buyer and seller leads from various sources like and Leads Direct, it ensures that its clients won't have to compete for the same leads with other agents.

The company's real estate lead software provides easy setup and a user-friendly experience, making it convenient for agents to create profiles, customize alerts, and organize contacts. Additionally, Market Leader's innovative Market Leader Professional service integrates a lead capture website, CRM, and marketing center, streamlining lead management and engagement.

One of the standout features of Market Leader is its guaranteed number of monthly leads, offering reliability and consistency for real estate professionals. Automated marketing campaigns and a plethora of lead generation site integrations further enhance an agent's ability to reach potential clients effectively.

Market Leader offers effective solution for real estate professionals seeking to thrive in the competitive market by securing quality leads.

3. Zillow Premier Agent

3. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA) is a prominent platform for real estate lead generation, renowned for its ability to generate high volumes of buyer leads. As the most-visited real estate platform, Zillow offers an ideal space for agents and brokers to connect with local buyer leads efficiently. The platform's real estate lead software automatically directs real estate leads to its CRM, allowing agents to easily automate follow-ups and maximize conversions.

ZPA stands out among real estate lead generation companies due to its substantial traffic, leads, and user-friendly interface. Agents can claim their properties on Zillow, gaining priority status as the first agent listed, which significantly boosts visibility and attracts potential buyers. However, some users suggest that Zillow could enhance its offerings by providing a similarly powerful solution for generating listing clients.

In addition to its lead-generating capabilities, Zillow Premier Agent offers various other automated tools, such as a comprehensive agent profile with reviews, past sales, team showcasing, and social media and website links. The platform also features a ROI calculator, allowing agents to assess and optimize their strategies effectively. ZPA's mobile app further aids users in real-time lead tracking. Moreover, third-party integrations assist in organizing leads from partner platforms, streamlining the lead management process.

Overall, Zillow Premier Agent is a top choice for real estate professionals seeking buyer leads, leveraging the platform's vast reach and lead-generating capabilities to maximize success in the competitive market.

4. Placester

4. Placester

Placester is a leading real estate lead generation company that empowers real estate professionals to create professional IDX websites effortlessly. Its user-friendly platform offers a range of tools, including property searches, home valuations, and content marketing features, ensuring the generation of top-quality leads.

Real estate-specific website templates and unlimited landing pages enable users to match and enhance their brand, while the IDX listing search engine provides accurate insights into active properties, resulting in actionable leads.

One of Placester's unique strengths lies in its services marketplace, offering access to reliable, pre-approved marketing professionals for various one-time or ongoing tasks such as website setup, content formatting, video editing, and blog and email writing. This additional support enhances the efficiency of generating real estate leads.

Although the built-in CRM has some limitations, Placester compensates with exceptional customer support and comprehensive content through its marketing academy. For brokers and real estate professionals seeking an intuitive and effective solution for real estate lead generation, Placester proves to be a valuable tool, enabling leads to come in consistently and reliably.

5. Real Geeks

5. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is an all-in-one CRM and lead generation tool designed specifically for real estate professionals. With features like an IDX website, landing pages, email and SMS marketing, and Facebook and Google advertising management, it offers a comprehensive solution for generating and nurturing both organic and paid real estate leads.

The platform's automatic SMS property updates and lead management capabilities allow agents to track leads' behavior and set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring efficient lead follow-up.

Real Geeks also caters to new agents with its user-friendly interface and customizable websites and marketing materials. Its Geek AI assistant enables 24/7 lead response, allowing agents to stay connected without being tied to their phones. Additionally, the MoveTo app offers a seamless home search experience for buyer clients, simplifying the process of finding and sending ideal properties.

Multiple reviewers have praised Real Geeks for its ease of use, customization options, and excellent customer support experiences.

6. Offrs

6. Offrs

Offrs is a leading choice for seller leads, offering an array of useful tools and features. With its online home evaluation tools and predictive capabilities, Offrs helps identify potential home sellers and convert them into valuable leads. The platform also comes equipped with a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing users to efficiently track and manage their leads.

New clients benefit from a personalized 30-minute session with a specialist, where they can learn about the company, its pricing, and how to set up an effective lead generation system using Offrs' user-friendly apps. Moreover, Offrs offers customized options for brokerages, including agent rollout and dedicated apps for individual agents, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience.

While Offrs has received mixed reviews, many customers have praised the platform for providing high-quality seller leads that ultimately resulted in successful closures. Users also appreciate the ease of use and intuitive nature of the software.

7. Zurple

7. Zurple

Zurple stands out as the top choice for automation, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline lead management for real estate agents. With an integrated CRM and various automated features, Zurple ensures that reaching out to potential clients and maintaining relationships becomes effortless and efficient.

Its data-driven, personalized automated responses enable intelligent client engagement, saving agents valuable time. By capturing leads and guiding them through conversations, Zurple expertly converts prospects into satisfied clients. The platform optimizes marketing budgets by precisely targeting specific geographical areas and sub-zones within zip codes.

Zurple's standout feature is the ability to combine targeted ads with agents' own leads, maximizing reach and potential conversions. Additionally, agents can personalize emails from their addresses, offering a more tailored approach to engage prospects actively interested in particular properties.

The ease of setup and user-friendly interface make Zurple a practical choice for real estate professionals of all levels. The positive customer feedback emphasizes its efficiency in converting leads into loyal clients. Overall, Zurple proves to be an invaluable end-to-end solution for real estate lead management and conversion.



REDX stands out as an attractive option for budget-conscious real estate professionals seeking quality leads and efficient communication tools. With a la carte pricing and no setup fees, it provides an affordable solution for generating seller leads. The company's focus on seller leads is complemented by a diverse range of options, including expired listings, FSBOs, FRBOs, and pre-foreclosure leads, all sourced from aggregate data in public records and accompanied by up-to-date contact information.

One of REDX's key features is its Power Dialer system, streamlining the lead-calling process. The system automatically dials numbers, connecting agents only when someone answers, while leaving automatic voicemails otherwise. Moreover, REDX offers comprehensive training and tutorials to help users navigate its system effectively and provides unlimited customer support.

Despite receiving fewer reviews compared to its competitors, REDX's existing feedback is predominantly positive, particularly for its current and up-to-date expired listing leads. However, some negative reviews have centered around issues with customer service.

In summary, REDX offers an appealing package for real estate lead generation, featuring reasonable monthly pricing, a variety of lead types, and a user-friendly Power Dialer system, making it a viable option for agents looking to maximize their outreach efforts.

9. Zoho CRM

9. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM stands out as a top-notch lead generation company for social media due to its versatile capabilities. With the ability to capture leads from Facebook, Twitter, websites, and emails, it provides businesses with a comprehensive platform for gathering potential customers. The software offers a free trial, giving users the opportunity to explore its features before committing.

One of Zoho CRM's notable strengths is its opportunity tracking, which enables businesses to monitor prospects throughout the entire sales cycle. Additionally, it empowers users to stay ahead of the competition through effective tracking mechanisms. The platform offers various support plans, including live support, training, webinars, and prospecting tools, catering to diverse customer needs.

With pricing plans ranging from $10 to $40 per user per month when billed annually, Zoho CRM presents flexible options for businesses of different sizes and budgets. Whether you're a small enterprise or a larger corporation, Zoho CRM proves to be a valuable asset in managing leads and driving growth in the competitive social media landscape.

10. Infusionsoft

10. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a powerful web-based lead generator software with a substantial user base of approximately 125,000 clients. The platform caters specifically to small businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to foster strong business-customer relationships and generate leads effectively.

One of the key highlights of Infusionsoft is its array of marketing automation features, which enables users to streamline their marketing efforts and reach their target audience through social media, email campaigns, and lead generation tools. The software's focus on small and midsize businesses makes it an ideal solution for those looking to boost their online sales and marketing strategies without the need for complex, enterprise-level systems.

A standout feature of Infusionsoft is its personalized coaching services, which assist users in getting started and making the most of the platform's capabilities. This level of support enhances the user experience and ensures businesses can harness the software's potential to its fullest.

Furthermore, Infusionsoft is lauded for its user-friendly interface, allowing even those without extensive technical knowledge to easily navigate and operate the diverse options available, such as mass messaging via text and automated email campaigns.

In summary, Infusionsoft stands out as a quality lead generation and real estate lead management software, tailor-made for small businesses seeking to improve their marketing, sales, and customer relationship efforts in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Best Practices for Using Lead Generation Software for Real Estate Agent

Best Practices for Using Lead Generation Software for Real Estate Agent

Effectively using a lead generation software can transform the growth trajectory of your real estate business. However, not all agents get the most out of these tools. It's not merely about using the software; it's about leveraging it correctly. Here are the best practices you should employ when using lead generation software.

1. Know Your Software Inside Out

The first step in utilizing lead generation software effectively is to fully understand it. Take the time to explore the platform, read the tutorials, attend webinars, or even engage in one-on-one training if it’s available. It's critical to know every feature your software offers, how it works, and how you can use it to benefit your real estate business.

2. Define Your Lead Qualification Criteria

Before launching your lead generation efforts, clearly define your ideal lead. What are the characteristics of your preferred buyer or seller? What property type are they interested in? What is their budget range? By defining your lead qualification criteria, you can use the software to target and attract leads that match this profile, ensuring higher conversion rates.

3. Automate But Personalize

Automation is a powerful tool that saves you time and increases productivity. However, it’s essential to balance automation with personalization. Use automated email marketing campaigns, but make sure to personalize your messages based on the lead's profile. This will make your communications more engaging, and in turn, improve your lead conversion rates.

4. Follow Up Promptly

The timing of your follow-up can make a significant difference in lead conversion. Real estate leads often reach out to several agents, and being the first to respond can give you a competitive advantage. Use your lead generation software to set up instant notifications when you receive a new lead, enabling you to follow up promptly.

5. Leverage Data and Analytics

Data is your best friend when it comes to lead generation. Use the software's data analytics features to gain insights into your lead generation strategies. Measure the effectiveness of your efforts, understand what works and what doesn't, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

6. Consistent Use and Regular Updates

Ensure you consistently use your lead generation software. Regularly update your lead database and your follow-up actions. Consistency and regularity can significantly improve the software's effectiveness in managing and converting leads.

7. Be Responsive to Lead Behavior

Your lead generation software will likely provide insights into the behavior of your leads - what they click on, what properties they view, how they interact with your emails. Be responsive to these behaviors, tailoring your follow-ups and interactions based on these insights.

8. Continual Improvement

Finally, remember that lead generation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires continual learning and improvement. Always test new strategies, measure their effectiveness, learn from the results, and iterate your approach accordingly.

Lead generation software can be a powerful tool in the hands of real estate agents, but only when it's used correctly. By following these best practices, you can ensure you're maximizing the benefits of your lead generation software and driving the growth of your real estate business.

Tips for Maximizing Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Tips for Maximizing Real Estate Lead Generation Software

1. Consistent Usage

Make sure to use the software consistently. Regularly input new leads, keep your lead information up to date, and regularly review your analytics and reports. Consistency is key to ensuring your lead generation system remains an efficient and effective tool for your business.

2. Regular Training

Keep up with training to ensure you understand all the software features and how to best use them. This could involve attending webinars, reading the software’s help articles, or participating in online training courses.

3. Leverage Automation

Automated tools are designed to simplify your operations.Take full advantage of the software's automation capabilities. Use automated email campaigns to nurture leads, set reminders to follow up with leads, and use automated tools to keep your leads organized.

4. Experiment and Adapt

Don't be afraid to try different strategies and adapt based on what works best. The beauty of digital marketing and lead generation is that you can continuously test, tweak, and improve your strategies.

5. Measure Success

Use the software’s analytics and reporting features to measure the success of your lead generation efforts. Regularly review your metrics to identify what’s working and where there's room for improvement.

Real estate lead generation software is a potent tool for any real estate professional seeking to streamline their lead management process, generate more leads, and ultimately boost their business growth. Whether you're a market leader, a new agent, or a seasoned real estate investor, understanding and implementing this software can open up a world of possibilities. Choose wisely, use it effectively, and watch your leads – and your success – grow.

Conclusion: Generating Leads With Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Harnessing the power of real estate lead generation software is a game-changer in the dynamic and competitive world of real estate. It provides a comprehensive and streamlined approach to capturing, nurturing, and converting leads into successful transactions. Most importantly, it saves you invaluable time, money, and energy by automating manual tasks and providing insightful data for strategic decision-making.

But why stop at just the software? Consider also purchasing real estate leads to further enhance your lead generation efforts. By investing in high-quality, pre-qualified leads from reliable sources like Property Leads, you give your business a significant competitive edge.

Imagine having a steady stream of potential clients at your fingertips, freeing you to focus on building relationships and closing deals. Let us make that vision a reality.

So, why wait? Give your real estate business the boost it needs and deserves. Sign up with Property Leads today and experience the transformation in your lead generation efforts and your bottom line. Accelerate your success, start now!


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