Property Leads™ Refund Excellence Policy

At Property Leads, we want to reward lead buyers who actively engage with their leads and take ownership rather than refunding leads that do not conform to the refund policy. We have enhanced our lead distribution algorithm to prioritize accounts with minimal declined refund rates to fulfill this commitment.

Accounts maintaining elevated declined refund rates may experience a decrease, or full stop, in lead flow. This redirection ensures that leads are distributed toward lead buyers with more reasonable declined refund rates.

This is NOT to reward lead buyers who don’t refund leads– this is strictly based on the DECLINED refund rate. This means lead buyers requesting refunds and getting their requests declined due to misalignment with the Property Leads refund policy will be impacted.

Generating the highest quality motivated seller leads requires a multi-faceted approach with a deep knowledge of various marketing strategies. We go the extra mile to ensure that our lead buyers receive the highest quality leads, ultimately maximizing their return on investment.

We are committed to generating motivated seller leads. However, being motivated does not mean easy. We trust that our lead buyers make a genuine effort to engage, nurture, and overcome sales objections with leads before requesting a refund for them.

This update to our lead distribution algorithm will reward our lead buyers who are going the extra mile with every lead and respecting our refund policy.

Our goal at Property Leads is for our lead buyers to have the best lead-to-deal ratio over all marketing channels. This constantly motivates us to continue generating the highest motivation leads for you.

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