Rehab Valuator Reviews: Will I Find Deeper Real Estate Deals as a Real Wholesaler and Flipper?

Published on October 5, 2023

Welcome to this Rehab Valuator review, which has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available, aiming to give you a clear picture of this tool. If you’re an investor, whether seasoned or just starting out, you’ve probably found this Rehab Valuator review while searching for tools to enhance your real estate investing endeavors.

What Is Rehab Valuator?

Rehab Valuator is a real estate investing software designed exclusively for real estate investing. Developed by Daniil Kleyman, who comes with a rich history of both real estate investment and software development, Rehab Valuator is a real estate rehabbing software.

This software is popular among wholesalers and rehabbers because it provides a comprehensive suite of tools to assist with purchase price evaluation, project management, repair costs estimation, and more. Whether you're into the buy and hold strategy or you flip to your customers, understanding the potential return on your investment is crucial, and that’s where Rehab Valuator shines.

How Much Does Rehab Valuator Cost?

How Much Does Rehab Valuator Cost

One of the standout features of this platform is the Rehab Valuator Lite version which can be downloaded for free. This free version offers a host of features beneficial for anyone in the public looking to dip their toes into real estate investment. There's also a Rehab Valuator Premium, a more advanced version with additional features for the serious investor.

Here's a breakdown based on the information provided:

1. Rehab Valuator Lite (Free Version)

Cost: $0

Rehab Valuator Lite is the software's free version. This isn't just a trial; it's a fully functional tool that provides users with core features needed to evaluate and manage their real estate deals. One of the standout features of Rehab Valuator is their commitment to users of this free version. Not only do you get access to essential tools, but the company also promises top-notch customer support even if you're not paying a dime.

Ideal For: Those just starting out in real estate investing, individuals who are still testing the waters of the property market, or even experienced investors who require basic functionalities.

2. Rehab Valuator Premium

Cost: 49/mo (1 User)

Rehab Valuator Premium is the advanced, paid version of the software. Subscribers get access to an extended range of features, more detailed analyses, and enhanced functionalities. This version is perfect for serious investors, especially those who handle multiple properties, seek detailed financial insights, or require advanced project management tools.

Here's What Premium Subscribers Receive:

  • Instant Access: Users get immediate access to Rehab Valuator Premium, which encompasses all marketing and project management functions.
  • Bonus 1: A comprehensive package of purchase, wholesaling, and private money legal contracts. This package is valued at $1000.
  • Bonus 2: Exclusive deal-sourcing guides that equip users with the skills to unearth great off-market deals. This guide is valued at $197.
  • Bonus 3: An insightful interview on mastering negotiation techniques, as shared by an FBI hostage negotiator. This content is priced at $297.
  • Continuous Education: Premium subscribers benefit from an ever-evolving range of topics: wholesaling, rehabbing, new construction, private money, and other relevant subjects in real estate.
  • Unparalleled Support: Premium subscribers can rest assured that their concerns will be addressed with unlimited support through both phone and email.
  • Storage: Premium accounts come equipped with 1GB of storage, allowing users to manage and store essential documents and data related to their deals.

It's important for potential users to weigh the features against the cost. Given the depth of analysis and the range of tools available, many might find that the software easily pays for itself in terms of time saved and the precision of its evaluations.

Ideal For: Seasoned real estate professionals, investors managing multiple properties or large portfolios, and those in need of advanced analytical tools for more complex deals.

3. Rehab Valuator Pro Subscription

Cost: $99/mo. (6 Users)

Rehab Valuator Pro Subscription is the top-tier, premium offering tailored for the most dedicated real estate professionals.

Here's What Pro Subscribers Receive:

  • Instant Access: Subscribers get immediate access to Rehab Valuator Premium, including all marketing and project management functions.
  • Multiple Users: The subscription accommodates up to 5 additional users, ideal for teams or businesses.
  • Bonus 1: A comprehensive package of purchase, wholesaling, and private money legal contracts valued at $1000.
  • Bonus 2: Exclusive deal-sourcing guides to help users find off-market deals, a $197 value.
  • Bonus 3: An invaluable interview on mastering negotiation techniques with an FBI hostage negotiator, worth $297.
  • Bonus 4: A comprehensive investing masterclass covering wealth-building, wholesaling, and sourcing private money. This class is valued at $500.
  • Continuous Education: Subscribers benefit from ongoing education on a plethora of subjects: wholesaling, rehabbing, new construction, private money, and other relevant topics.
  • Unparalleled Support: Pro subscribers receive unlimited support via phone and email, ensuring their queries and concerns are addressed promptly.

Ideal For: High-volume real estate professionals, teams managing expansive portfolios, and individuals looking for an extensive array of tools, resources, and support.

Here's What Pro Subscribers Receive

Rehab Valuator Features

1. Cash Flow Analysis

Understanding your cash flow is paramount in real estate investing. Whether you're into the buy and hold strategy or looking to flip, it's essential to understand the revenue and expenditure streams and their timing. The Rehab Valuator software aids in this by providing a comprehensive analysis of projected cash inflows and outflows, ensuring investors have a clear picture of their potential returns and liquidity over time. This feature is particularly useful for those eyeing rental properties and wanting to ensure they make a good rental income over their investment period.

2. Estimate Repairs

For fix and flippers, having an accurate estimate of repairs is a cornerstone to success. Overestimating can lead to reduced profits, while underestimating can lead to unexpected costs and potential losses. With Rehab Valuator's repair estimation feature, investors can input details about a property and receive a close-to-accurate estimate of potential repair costs. This makes it easier to decide the price of your deal, ensuring you can price your deal quickly and accurately.

3. House Flipping Software

In today's tech-driven world, house flipping software is becoming a must-have tool for modern real estate investors. Rehab Valuator is tailored to serve the needs of flippers, providing functionalities that simplify the house flipping process. From the initial evaluation of a potential property to monitoring rehab repairs and projecting potential profits, it's designed to guide flippers through each stage of their investment journey.

4. Project Management Software

Real estate projects, particularly rehab projects, can be intricate. With various tasks to manage, from contracting work to inspections, a robust project management software is essential. Rehab Valuator also serves as an efficient project management tool, enabling investors to monitor project timelines, allocate resources, and track progress seamlessly.

4. Project Management Software

5. Price Your Deal Quickly with Evaluation Software

Time is often of the essence in real estate deals. With Rehab Valuator's evaluation software feature, investors can rapidly input property details, consider the percentage of the selling price, and get a clear idea of the property's worth. This rapid evaluation ensures that users can make informed decisions in a time-sensitive market.

6. Develop Professional-Level Finance Proposals

Whether you're seeking funding from a bank, private lender, or potential partner, having a professional-level finance proposal can make all the difference. Rehab Valuator assists in developing these proposals, allowing users to input their deal specifics and generate polished, data-driven proposals ready for presentation.

7. Comprehensive Video Instructions

For those new to the software or real estate investing in general, Rehab Valuator comes with video instructions to guide users through its functionalities. These instructional videos ensure that even those new to digital tools are able to get started with ease.

8. Integrated Support

The Rehab Valuator also comes equipped with a responsive support feature. So, if at any point users face challenges or have questions about how to use the Rehab Valuator, help is just a click away. The software's goal is not just to provide tools but also to ensure users can maximize its potential.

All in all, Rehab Valuator is more than just a software; it's a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of real estate investors. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, its range of features ensures you're equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions in the ever-evolving real estate market.

Rehab Valuator Pros and Cons

Rehab Valuator Pros

  • Ease of Use: Navigating the Rehab Valuator software is a breeze, especially for beginners. This makes it easy to use, and there’s a smaller learning curve than many other tools.
  • Versatility: Rehab Valuator is a valuable resource for various types of real estate investment strategies, from wholesale to flip and even buy and hold.
  • Comprehensive Data Entry: Enter all the numbers you need, from ARV and the points to be paid to percentages for common costs based on the purchase price.
  • Free Version Available: The Lite version of the Rehab Valuator offers substantial functionality without a pocket pinch for the purchase price.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Testimonials available highlight the excellent customer service provided by the Rehab Valuator team.

Rehab Valuator Cons

  • Advanced Features Restricted: While the Rehab Valuator Lite is comprehensive, some advanced features are reserved for the premium version.

How To Use Rehab Valuator

Start by inputting the basic data into the application. Whether you’re using a computer or an app, you can enter details such as purchase price, expected repair costs, expected ARV, and more. There’s a specific section in the application for each of these, ensuring clarity.

Based on the numbers entered, you’ll see an evaluation of the deal, helping you decide whether it's worth pursuing. The profit section in the application gives an insight into the thing about the profit you can expect, whether you want the profit to be split with a partner, a loan, or an investor.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively utilize the software:

1. Initial Setup

  • Create an Account: Before diving in, you'll need to create an account. This often involves inputting basic details, choosing a username and password, and selecting the version of the software you'll be using (free or premium).
  • Personalize Your Profile: Once your account is set up, head over to the profile section. Here, you can input personal details, business information, and set preferences to make your experience more tailored.

2. Getting Acquainted with the Dashboard

Upon logging in, you'll be greeted with the main dashboard. This is where most of the software's functionalities can be accessed.

  • Overview of Tools: Spend some time getting familiar with the various tools and features available on the dashboard. This will give you a clearer idea of all the capabilities at your fingertips.
  • Video Tutorials: If you're feeling overwhelmed, head over to the video instructions section. These tutorials will give you a detailed walkthrough of each feature, ensuring you understand their workings.

3. Starting a New Project

  • Input Property Details: Begin by entering the specifics of the property you're considering. This includes location, size, type, current value, and other relevant details.
  • Estimate Repairs: Utilize the repair estimator to input potential repair jobs and their projected costs. The software will give you an overall estimate based on the data you provide.

4. Evaluating Deals

  • Analyze Cash Flow: If you're considering a rental property, use the cash flow analysis tool. This will project potential rental income and compare it against your costs to give you a clearer idea of profitability.
  • Price Your Deal: With all property and repair details inputted, use the software's evaluation feature to determine the optimal price for your deal. The software will factor in repair costs, market values, and desired profit margins.

5. Crafting Finance Proposals

If you're looking to get financing for your deal, head over to the finance proposal tool. Here, you can input your deal's specifics and generate a professional, data-backed proposal ready for presentation to lenders or partners.

6. Project Management

Once your deal is underway, use the project management feature to track progress, manage resources, and ensure everything is running smoothly. This is particularly useful for those handling rehab projects with multiple moving parts.

7. Seeking Support

If at any point you're stuck or need clarification, don't hesitate to use the integrated support feature. The Rehab Valuator team prides itself on responsive support, ensuring users can maximize the software's potential.

8. Continuous Learning

Rehab Valuator is a dynamic tool with regular updates and added features. Ensure you regularly check for updates and familiarize yourself with any new functionalities to continue getting the most out of the software.

While Rehab Valuator is a comprehensive tool, it's designed with user experience in mind. By approaching it systematically and making use of its tutorials and support, both new and seasoned real estate investors can harness its full potential to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Rehab Valuator Alternatives

Rehab Valuator vs. Premier Construction Software

Rehab Valuator stands out as a platform meticulously designed for real estate investors, rehabbers, and wholesalers. It offers an array of tools for evaluating deals, project management functions, marketing aids, and a suite of educational resources.

On the other hand, Premier Construction Software is primarily targeted towards the construction management sphere, making it a favorite among large-scale developers and contractors. 

While the software is well-equipped with robust job costing, project management, and accounting functionalities, it may prove to be extensive for individual investors or those working on a smaller scale in rehabbing. Given its intricate suite of construction-specific tools, Premier Construction Software is likely to have a higher price point.

For those at the heart of real estate investing, and whose main objective revolves around evaluating property deals, analyzing repair costs, and seeking comprehensive tools for strategies like wholesale, flip, or buy-and-hold, Rehab Valuator remains the top choice. However, if your professional compass points more towards large-scale construction with a necessity for detailed job costing, accounting, and project management tools, Premier Construction Software should be on your radar.

Rehab Valuator vs. MarketSharp

Diving into Rehab Valuator again, its strength lies in its dedicated real estate tools that help investors evaluate, manage, and market property deals. In contrast, MarketSharp, a CRM tool crafted for contractors, branches out beyond the real estate realm. It caters to lead management, appointment setting, and job tracking, giving it a broader utility canvas.

The CRM functionalities are vast, offering lead tracking, appointment management, job progress tracking, and reporting. The pricing for MarketSharp could vary based on user count and the functionalities availed.

Rehab Valuator FAQ

1. Is there a mobile app?

Yes, Rehab Valuator can be used both on a computer or as an app, making it flexible for on-the-go evaluations.

1. Is there a mobile app

2. Can I use Rehab Valuator for financing options?

Absolutely. It’s not just a tool for evaluation but also for creating proposals for financing, be it using hard money or other methods.

3. What if I’m an experienced real estate investor?

Rehab Valuator works for both beginners and the seasoned real estate professionals, offering features tailored for all levels.

4. Is the RV software exclusively for real estate investing?

Yes, it's exclusively for real estate investing, ensuring it’s fine-tuned for your needs.

Summary: Is Rehab Valuator Worth the Investment?

Rehab Valuator is more than just a tool – it’s a companion for your real estate investing journey. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned real estate player, tools that make decision-making clearer and more data-driven are always an asset. Considering its range of features from estimating rehab costs to project management, it provides real value.

With the free Lite version available, there's little risk in trying it out to see its benefits firsthand. The goal of this software is clear - to help you make money with real estate. And with the support of an excellent customer service team and a community of like-minded investors, it's well-equipped to help you achieve that goal.

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