REI Game Changers Reviews: Is James Hodges Course Legit?

Published on October 13, 2023

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REI Game Changers Reviews: Is James Hodges Course Legit?

REI Game Changers Reviews Is James Hodges Course Legit

The world of real estate investing is ever-evolving, with fresh strategies and methods emerging at an extremely fast pace. If you’re an aspiring real estate investor, you might have heard about REI Game Changers by James Hodges. But with so many courses out there, the question remains: Is James Hodges’ REI Game Changers program the real deal? Here's our in-depth review.

What Is REI Game Changers?

James Hodges crafted the REI Game Changers program designed specifically for real estate wholesalers and flippers. His journey in the real estate investing business started with reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad", and ever since, James started his ascension to become a renowned figure in the world of wholesale real estate.

According to James, the primary aim of REI Game Changers is to help these wholesalers and flippers transition from solo operators to fully-fledged businesses, securing both personal and financial freedom.

How Much Does REI Game Changers Cost?

Diving into the REI Game Changers with James Hodges will set you back $7K. If you're considering joining, it's essential to be prepared for this investment. The price becomes known after you book a call with one of the course representatives, which gives a white glove feel to the onboarding process.

How Much Does REI Game Changers Cost

REI Game Changers Features

Delving deep into the features of REI Game Changers, one gets a comprehensive insight into the world of real estate investing. James Hodges, a luminary in the real estate industry, has meticulously curated this program, integrating his vast experience, tools, and resources. Here's an exhaustive look into the core features:

  1. Marketing Optimization for Consistent Lead Flow
    • Foundational Approach: One of the first things James highlights is the significance of a robust marketing system. Real estate business thrives on a consistent lead flow. For this, James introduces the 4D marketing system, which is a program designed to attract both sellers and buyers.
    • Inbound and Outbound Strategies: In today's digital age, with the right messaging and techniques, it's possible to have sellers come to you (inbound) while also targeting specific prospects (outbound).
    • Podcasts and Media: To keep abreast with the latest in the real estate industry, James emphasizes the power of podcasts and other media platforms. This not only aids in lead generation but also in establishing a dominant presence in the real estate market.
  2. Dual Follow-Up System
    • Automated Sequences: Automation is the future, and James Hodges will show participants how to automate their follow-up systems. By setting up messages that resonate with the prospect, businesses can ensure they're closing three or more deals per week consistently.
    • Lead Management: To ensure no lead slips through the cracks, the program dives deep into the importance of having a dedicated lead manager. This ensures every potential seller is tracked, followed up with, and brought closer to a deal.
  3. Sales Process Refinement
    • Transition from Beginner to Pro: James Hodges is a real estate titan who once was a beginner too. Following in his footsteps, the course aims to transition every participant from novice to expert. By focusing on sales and marketing skills, the program ensures deals are not just found but closed.
    • Diverse Deal Strategies: James delves into methods like Novations & Subject To, which are crucial for those deals that may not fit the traditional wholesale mold. This ensures that investors have multiple strategies in place to capitalize on every opportunity.
    • Precision Metrics and Tools: With the right tools and resources, tracking and refining the sales process becomes seamless. James introduces precision metrics to monitor and optimize every marketing channel.
  4. Scaling and Building a Team
    • From Operator to CEO: James started as a solo operator in his wholesaling business. In this segment, he emphasizes the importance of systems in place that allow individuals to delegate tasks effectively and build a team. The aim is to transition from an operator to a CEO, focusing on the bigger picture while the team handles the operations.
    • White Glove Approach: James advocates for a white glove approach in all aspects, from lead management to closing deals. This ensures that every prospect, every seller, feels valued, leading to better relationships and, in turn, more successful deals.
    • Training and Mentorship: The REI Game Changers program doesn't just provide information; it offers coaching and mentorship. With this, even beginners in the real estate investment sphere can start making money online, systematize their processes, and achieve both personal and financial freedom.

In essence, James Hodges’ REI Game Changers is not just a course – it’s an experience, a journey through the vast realms of real estate investing, guiding every participant from the basics to the intricacies, ensuring success at every step.

REI Game Changers Features

REI Game Changers Pros and Cons

In summation, REI Game Changers offers a treasure trove of insights for real estate enthusiasts. Like any course, it has its set of strengths and areas of improvement. However, with dedication and the expert guidance of James Hodges, it promises a transformative journey into the realm of real estate.

REI Game Changers Pros

  • Quality Coaching: At the heart of REI Game Changers is its coaching program. This isn't a simple course offering; it’s a comprehensive mentorship program that provides hands-on guidance and structured learning.
  • James Hodges' Expertise: James, who himself got into real estate and carved a niche, brings to the table years of experience. This course is a reflection of his journey and the strategies he employed to succeed.
  • Foundational Pillars: The course revolves around distinct pillars, ensuring that every aspect of real estate investing is covered in depth. From sourcing leads to closing deals, each pillar is a specific process designed to awaken real estate aspirations.
  • Lead Flow Mastery: One of the common challenges in real estate is generating and managing leads. With REI Game Changers, participants are not only educated but are also able to get their lead flow streamlined and efficient.
  • Initial Investment: Often, the biggest concern for investors is the money to get started. REI Game Changers, while an investment, offers a plethora of knowledge and tools that provide value far exceeding its cost.
  • Targeted Audience: This course isn't generic. It's tailor-made for investors who want a deep dive into real estate, ensuring that each module, each lesson, brings them closer to their investment goals.
  • Claims and Deliverables: What sets REI Game Changers apart is its transparency. The program claims specific outcomes, and time and again, it has showcased its ability to deliver on those promises, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts.

REI Game Changers Cons

  • Overwhelming for Absolute Beginners: Given the course's comprehensive nature, absolute beginners might find the influx of information a tad overwhelming initially. It requires dedication and time to grasp and implement the strategies effectively.
  • Not a Passive Course: While the mentorship program is robust, it isn’t a magic potion. Success demands active participation, consistent efforts, and a genuine interest in the real estate domain.
  • Intense Modules: Each module, being thorough, demands time. For those juggling multiple commitments, dedicating ample time to extract the full benefits might be challenging.

How To Use REI Game Changers

If you're considering or have already decided to embark on this journey with James Hodges' REI Game Changers, here's a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to utilize the course to its full potential:

  1. Sign Up:
    • Visit the Official Website: Start by heading to the REI Game Changers' official website. Here you’ll find an overview of what the program offers and testimonials from past students.
    • Choose Your Course: Depending on your expertise level and the depth of knowledge you're seeking, select the course or package that suits your needs.
    • Registration: Once decided, proceed to sign up. Ensure you fill in all the necessary details accurately, as this information will be crucial for course communication and materials.
  2. Begin with the Strategy Videos:
    • Access the Dashboard: After successful registration, you will gain access to your personal dashboard. This is the epicenter of your learning journey.
    • Watch the 4 Strategy Videos: One of the first things you should do is watch the four strategy videos available. These videos lay the groundwork, introducing you to key concepts and strategies in real estate investing.
    • Dedicated Viewing: Ensure you dedicate uninterrupted time to these videos. Take notes, jot down questions, and rewatch sections if needed. These are the foundational pieces of the program.
  3. Join the REI Game Changers Facebook Group:
    • Access Link: Post your registration, you will receive an exclusive link to join the REI Game Changers Facebook group. This community is a goldmine of insights, experiences, and networking opportunities.
    • Engage Actively: Once a member, don't just be a passive observer. Engage with posts, ask questions, share your experiences, and participate in discussions. The more active you are, the more value you'll extract from this community.
    • Leverage Expert Interactions: Often, experts, including James Hodges himself, share invaluable insights, live sessions, and answer queries in the group. Ensure you attend these sessions and make the most of these interactions.
How To Use REI Game Changers
  1. Dive Deep into the Modules:
    • Follow the Structure: The course is meticulously structured to ensure a logical flow of information. Follow the order of modules as they are laid out, resisting the urge to skip or jump.
    • Implement as You Learn: Theory without practice is of limited value. As you go through the modules, start implementing the strategies in real-time. This practical experience is where genuine learning and understanding happen.
  2. Seek Mentorship and Guidance:
    • Use the Support System: REI Game Changers isn't just a course; it's a mentorship program. Whenever in doubt, seek guidance. The support system, be it through the official channels or the Facebook group, is robust and always willing to help.
    • Regular Check-ins: Ensure you have regular check-ins and touchpoints with mentors or course facilitators. These interactions help you stay on track, clarify doubts, and get personalized guidance tailored to your journey.
  3. Continuous Learning:
    • Stay Updated: Real estate is a dynamic field. Even post the course, ensure you stay updated with the latest trends, changes, and updates in the industry.
    • Alumni Engagements: Many courses, including REI Game Changers, have alumni engagements, webinars, or refresher sessions. Participate in these to continuously sharpen your skills.

Remember, like any course, the value derived from REI Game Changers is directly proportional to the effort and dedication you invest. Approach it with an open mind, eagerness to learn, and a proactive attitude, and you'll be well on your way to mastering the intricacies of real estate investment.

REI Game Changers Alternatives

REI Game Changers vs. BiggerPockets

REI Game Changers, spearheaded by James Hodges, offers a structured coaching program focused on advanced marketing strategies, sales processes, and scaling real estate businesses. It's designed for real estate wholesalers and flippers aiming to transition from solo operations to a more systematized business model.

In contrast, BiggerPockets serves as a vast online community and hub for real estate enthusiasts, providing articles, forums, podcasts, and courses. While REI Game Changers offers specialized coaching, BiggerPockets presents a broader range of resources and a massive networking platform.

REI Game Changers vs. FortuneBuilders

James Hodges' REI Game Changers is tailored to provide real estate wholesalers and flippers with strategies to optimize their businesses. Its core focus is on marketing, sales, and team building. FortuneBuilders, founded by Than Merrill, offers a wider range of seminars and courses encompassing various real estate aspects, from wholesaling to rehabbing and rentals.

While both provide educational tools, FortuneBuilders might appeal to those looking for a broader real estate education, whereas REI Game Changers is more niche in its approach to scaling real estate businesses.

REI Game Changers vs. Connected Investors

REI Game Changers prides itself on its structured approach to aiding real estate wholesalers and flippers in building and scaling their businesses. Its emphasis is on lead generation, closing deals, and systematizing operations. On the other hand, Connected Investors offers a suite of tools and resources, including property listings, funding options, and online training.

For those seeking a comprehensive platform with varied tools, Connected Investors might be appealing. However, for a more focused approach on scaling, REI Game Changers might be more suitable.

REI Game Changers vs. Real Estate Worldwide (REWW)

James Hodges' REI Game Changers program focuses on advanced marketing strategies, sales processes, and systematizing real estate businesses. Its core audience is real estate wholesalers and flippers looking to upscale their operations. REWW, founded by Kent Clothier, offers tools and training programs emphasizing lead generation, wholesaling, and overall real estate business systems. Both platforms target similar audiences and provide tools for scaling, but the choice between the two might come down to personal preferences in teaching styles, tools offered, and community engagement.

REI Game Changers FAQ

How long is the program? 

The Accelerator Program spans six months, while the Catalyst Program is four months long.

How long is the program 

Can it be applied in any market?

Yes. With over 450 investors coached across the U.S., James and his team customize marketing plans suitable for various markets.

When can one expect results?

Results vary. However, with proper implementation of the strategies and methods, results can be seen in as little as a few days after implementation.

Summary: Is REI Game Changers Worth the Investment?

The REI Game Changers program, developed by James Hodges, offers specialized strategies for real estate wholesalers and flippers aspiring to scale their businesses. Through its in-depth coaching and modules on marketing, sales, and team-building, many find value in its comprehensive approach.

While there are competitors in the market, the specificity and structure of REI Game Changers stand out. However, for sustained success in the real estate industry, one shouldn't overlook the significance of reliable lead generation. 

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