REI Reply Reviews: Getting More Out Of REI Reply Software

Published on May 1, 2023

REI Reply Reviews: Getting More Out Of REI Reply Software

REI Reply Reviews: Getting More Out Of REI Reply Software

Not all customer relationship management (CRM) software for real estate investors are created equal. Some have limited features and can only be used for managing leads, while others can also be used for lead generation!

One of the best CRM for real estate investors that can help you generate leads easily is REI Reply. This CRM may not be as popular as other software but many real estate investors claim that it saved them hundreds of dollars.

Check out the rest of this review to find out whether REI Reply is the CRM you're looking for!

What Is REI Reply for Real Estate Investing?

What Is REI Reply for Real Estate Investing?

REI Reply is a robust marketing CRM for real estate investors and wholesalers. It can be used in capturing leads, automating follow-ups, and closing more deals. Moreover, it also has a built-in text messaging feature, ringless voicemails, built-in dialer, and pre-built campaigns to make lead capture painless and fast.

If you don't have your own real estate website yet, you can use the REI reply app to make landing pages where your leads can be redirected. 

Many real estate investors claim that this CRM platform has saved them hundreds to thousands of dollars because it can replace many of the apps they are using for their real estate investment business. For instance, since the REI Reply app already has a website builder feature, you would no longer need to invest in Carrot. On the same note, since the REI Reply app has a ringless voicemail and SMS (text messages) feature, you won't need to Skybroadcast, CallRail, and Lead Sherpa.

Aside from its features, REI Reply is also very easy to use. It offers comprehensive video training if you want to save your extra time and you may even request for an onboarding manager to walk you through all the features of the CRM platform.

REI Reply Pricing: How Much Does REI Reply Cost?

REI Reply Pricing: How Much DoesREI Reply Cost?

REI Reply offers a launching price of only $49 a month for the setup fee instead of the original price which is $1,497. This means you would only be paying $49 monthly and for their one-time setup fee. 

But of course, there's a catch here so they're offering it for a cheaper price — you have to make a testimonial after 30 days. If you don't want to make a testimonial, you'll be charged a $497 one time fee, but your monthly payment will remain $49.

Here's what you'll get exactly when you subscribe to the REI Reply app:

  • Best in Class CRM platform
  • Dealflow Pipeline
  • Integrated Phone Dialer
  • IVR Phone System
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Mobile App
  • Call Tracking
  • Next-Gen Analytics & Tracking
  • Outbound Calling
  • Reputation Management
  • Appointment Automation
  • Unified Messaging
  • Lead Management
  • Private Zapier Link
  • Social Media Poster
  • DNC Scrubber
  • List Stacker
  • Training Center 
  • One On One or Team Zoom Onboarding
  • DFY Campaigns 
  • Plug & Play All In One System
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Hosting for ALL of Your Websites
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Two-Way Communication On Any Device
  • Facebook Messenger Integration Including Groups
  • GMB / Google My Business Integration
  • Local Phone #'s just $1 per month
  • SMS cost $0.00785
  • RVM cost $0.0182
  • SkipTrace Butler $0.10 Pricing

Unfortunately, REI Reply doesn't offer any refund since they are only charging $49 monthly and they'll waive the setup fee if you are to provide a testimonial. All their sales are final since the costs have already been reduced.

REI Reply Features for a Real Estate Investment Business

REI Reply Features for a Real Estate Investment Business

REI Reply may not be on the list of the top real estate investing CRM platform since it only launched in 2020, but it is changing the lives of many real estate investors in the country. Check out its top features below!


As mentioned, the REI Reply app is primarily a CRM platform. It can be used to organize leads and streamline business processes so you get some extra time.

REI Reply's CRM platform has a contact and conversation feature that you can use to connect with your leads. To be specific, the contact feature allows you to make smart lists and track emails, text messages, outbound calls, and voicemails between you and your lead. Meanwhile, the conversation feature allows you to further monitor SMS and email exchanges.

Another great feature of the REI Reply app CRM is that you can make lead segments for your pipeline. This is beneficial since you can retrieve seller information quickly, make follow-ups, and make targeted campaigns.


To communicate effortlessly with your leads and prospects in a timely manner, the REI Reply app also has a built-in text messaging feature. You can use this for your targeted campaigns or for building recall among your day cold-calling prospects.

The success rate of their built-in SMS feature is 90%. Something that is unheard of for many CRMs in the industry. Moreover, there are pre-built SMS campaigns that you can use when sending messages so you don't need to spend hours making them.


If you want to send a voice message to your day cold calling prospects but don't have extra time, you can automate a voice message campaign using REI Reply's ringless voicemail feature. Ringless voicemail campaigns can also be provided and you can tweak them according to your goals.

Skip Tracing

You won't need to use other third-party apps for skip tracing when you subscribe to the REI Reply app. This CRM platform gives you free membership from SkipTrace Butler. Through this feature, you get access to DNC scrubbing and list stacking and every skip trace only costs ten cents.

Finding the correct and accurate contact information of your leads is super easy using REI Reply and you don't have to spend hours to do it. This app can help you start talking to potential homeowners immediately.

Built-In Dialer

You can instantly connect with your seller leads using REI Reply's built-in dialer feature. This dialer removes the need for you to use expensive third-party dialers in the market and skips the pain of integration. You can contact your leads directly from your CRM software when you use this.

Landing Pages

To help grow your online presence, you can create unlimited websites and landing pages using the REI Reply app services. In just a few clicks, you can launch your own real estate investing website. This easy website buildout is possible since there are already available website design templates you can choose from. 

For page building, expect that your websites and funnels are all customizable. You no longer need to code. There's a drag-and-drop editor that you can simply use.

To capture leads through your websites, there's a built-in form you can add and customize. The leads collected go directly to your CRM. 

REI Reply Automation

In order to manage more leads and save time, you can automize many of your business processes using REI Reply. There are also automations you can use for your campaigns like RVM, a built-in dialer for outbound calls, and SMS marketing so you can send them in a timely manner.


You won't have to build from scratch if you are using REI Reply. As mentioned, it already has built-in campaigns for emails, phone calls, text messaging, RVM, so you don't spend hours making your own. This way you can start talking to potential homeowners immediately. All you have to do is tweak and personalize these messages so it fits your business goals.

Multi-touch Marketing

You don't need to use your REI Reply CRM all the time to send your campaigns to your day cold calling prospects. It is possible to schedule and send emails, ringless voice messages, texts, and live call sequence so it works on autopilot.

Reports and Analytics

REI Reply's reports and analytics feature allows you to get an overview of how your campaign works so you can identify which ones are working and which ones you should improve even from your phone. Moreover, you can also identify which of your lead sources are bringing you high leads. This is to measure your ROI and improve your business. 

Facebook Messenger

REI Reply CRM can integrate with Facebook Messenger in their iPhone app or phone. Through this tool integration, you can chat and answer queries of potential leads through Messenger easily and increase your chances of finding more deals.

Web Chat Widgets

Through REI Reply, you can add a live chat widget on your website that can help you gather leads on your iPhone app. It is a 2-way SMS chat so you can really connect with your leads even if they already left the website. Through this feature, you have the ability to answer their queries immediately. This means you gather more leads without worrying about ad spend, etc.


Aside from the features mentioned above, REI Reply also has a calendar feature that you can leverage to simply upload appointments not only for you but also for your team. Moreover, you can also add reminders so you get notified of important tasks that need to be done. This calendar can be synced to your Google Calendar to help you avoid missing an appointment or double booking.

Social Poster

Another cool thing about REI Reply is that you can use it to post on your social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business in order to engage and reach thousands of audience.

GMB Messages

You can integrate REIReply with your Google My Business account so you can answer messages from your leads when they're searching for you. Not to mention, you'll get notified immediately of their actions and their messages.

REI Reply Real Estate Software Pros and Cons

REI Reply Real Estate Software Pros and Cons

As is with all real estate investing CRM platform, REIReply has its own pros and cons. It's crucial that you know all about these so you get the best out of the money you'll invest in this platform. Not just a single real estate investor's opinion.

REI Reply Pros Review

  • The platform pretty affordable for only $49 a month. It's more affordable compared to other programs so you'll save more money.
  • It has a robust CRM system that you can use to automate your business.
  • It has built-in text messaging (texting campaigns), ringless voicemail or voice drops, and a dialer so you can reach thousands of prospects easily
  • REI Reply helps in skip tracing for a very cheap price so you can start talking to potential homeowners immediately. Just simply upload your contacts.
  • It has the ability to be integrated into social networking sites including Facebook and Instagram. It can also be connected to your Google My Business account. A total game changer.
  • REI Reply helps create a real estate investing website that comes with web chat widgets and forms.
  • It has a calendar you can use to make appointments and reminders to save extra time.
  • REI Reply helps create detailed reports and analytics to determine which of your campaigns are effective and not.
  • It is very customizable that can make your life easier. You'll have extra time to do other significant tasks for your business.
  • Many real estate investors online recommend REI Reply.
  • You'll use only one platform to do the job so you would not need a virtual assistant.

REI Reply Cons Review

  • They currently do not offer a free trial so you can test out the CRM.

How To Use REI Reply for the Real Estate Investing Process

How To Use REI Reply for the Real Estate Investing Process

To use the REI Reply app, you have to pay their setup fee which amounts to $49. Unlike other CRMs, they don't have different types of plans you can choose from. Once you are subscribed to their service, you will be onboarded on how the system works. From there you can start pulling your leads from the software you are using or generate leads through the REI Reply app.

If you wish to generate potential leads, you can create websites through this platform and use forms and live chat widgets to capture potential leads. Meanwhile, if you want to connect with the contacts you already have in your pipeline, you can make targeted campaigns using ringless voicemail or voice drops, SMS, emails, and more.

REI Reply Alternatives

REI Reply Alternatives

If the REI Reply app doesn't suit your real estate investing needs, you still have a lot of other CRMs to choose from. We've listed the top 10 below.

REI Reply vs. FreedomSoft

Similar to REI Reply, FreedomSoft CRM can also aid in lead generation. This CRM makes finding qualified leads painless with its millions of records on vacant and distressed properties in the United States.

Moreover, this CRM can help you analyze deals to identify which of them can give you a high ROI. It also has a reporting feature to determine your marketing campaigns that are effective. Moreover, they have a software builder just like REI Reply.

REI Reply vs. REI Blackbook

Another CRM that offers lead generation on top of real estate investing process automation is REI Blackbook. Moreover, REI Blackbook is an industry-leading real estate software for contact management. You can simply upload the leads in their system to manage them. Through this CRM, you can segment your leads so you can make more targeted marketing campaigns. They also have advanced tagging for a better lead organization.

REI Blackbook is suitable for real estate investors who want a CRM with minimal need for customization.

REI Reply vs. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is always considered by many experts as one of the top CRM for real estate investors and it’s easy to see why. 

This CRM has a visual sales pipeline so you can monitor all your deals from beginning to end, activity reminders, lead segmentation, progress tracking through your account’s dashboard, web forms for lead generation, revenue forecasting, and more. All these tools can also be integrated to 300+ third-party apps you are using for your real estate business unlike other programs.

REI Reply vs. Zoho

Zoho is for every real estate professional who needs help in automating their business, sales process management, and property management but wants to save money at the same time. This CRM can also be used to generate and review leads and reach thousands of prospects from various sources such as offline campaigns, social media, business cards, and more. 

Some of the best features of Zoho include omnichannel communication, self-service portals, and project management. It also has built-in campaigns so you don’t have to start from scratch.

REI Reply vs. REISimpli

REISimpli is another CRM that doesn’t need major customization in order to function correctly. This tool has built-in communication tools, business management tools, and skip-tracing software that you can use to land your first deal. It also includes pre-installed templates you can use for your marketing campaigns.

Another great feature of REISimpli is that it allows you to monitor your key performance indicators or KPIs. What’s more, if you’ve already reached closing, signing documents are made easier with its E-sign tool.

REI Reply vs. ProspectBoss

ProspectBoss is a web-based CRM that uses Call Strike Technology to filter your leads. The primary feature of this CRM is its ability to market using emails, video sms, SMS (text messages), and ringless VM or voice drops. They can also manage your day cold calling prospects

If you need to generate potential clients for your real estate investing business or wholesaling business, you would also find ProspectBoss useful. It can identify all the expired listings and FSBO listings in your area for easier prospecting and review.

REI Reply vs. Go High Level

Go High Level is primarily a marketing CRM you can use to land your first deal. You can use it to create your very own real estate website, landing pages, and funnels. And since it is a CRM, it also helps in organizing potential clients.

Moreover, Go High Level can be used to create multiple marketing channels and campaigns as well as schedule appointments. You may also contact their team if you need help with Facebook and Google advertising.

Currently, Go High Level only offers 3 plans:  Starter, Unlimited, and White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade.

REI Reply vs. InvestorFuse

InvestorFuse is a CRM solely focused on lead management and follow-up. This is not ideal if you want to generate potential clients from various sources. Nevertheless, if you want a simple CRM that you can use for your real estate investing business, this is a great option.

InvestorFuse, just like REI Reply can segment the leads you’ll import to their CRM so you can make more effective targeted campaigns. 

REI Reply vs. Podio

Podio is a unique cloud-based CRM that has a lot of flexible features. This CRM includes hundreds of apps you can integrate and utilize to scale your real estate investing business. Moreover, they also guarantee a high-quality communication system so you can close your first deal.

Podio offers a free trial so you can review how it works, unlike REIReply. If you loved their platform, you can avail of their Basic, Plus, and Premium plans.

REI Reply vs. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is another CRM you can utilize to streamline your real estate investing workflow. You can also use it for website creation and lead activity tracking. If you need more leads to add to your pipeline, Real Geeks has property valuation tools that you can use to capture leads.

Moreover, they also have automated email drip, market reports, and SMS (text messages) autoresponders which you can review by visiting their site.

REI Reply FAQs

Who Owns REIReply?

The owners and developers of REI Reply are Esteban Andrade and David Espaillat. They launched REI Reply in 2020 with the goal of empowering real estate professionals including investors and wholesalers using different tools at an attainable price point. 

Initially, Andrade and Espaillat charged $97 per month but they reduced it to $49 per month so more real estate investors can use their tools and grow their business.

Is REIReply a CRM?

Yes. REI Reply is a CRM, a robust marketing software that you can use to manage leads and automate follow-ups. What makes it a game changer among its competitors according to a client review is its lead generation feature which many CRMs lack. Moreover, it has ringless voicemail, text messaging, skip tracing, and more.

Summary: Is REI Reply Worth the Investment? (REI Reply Review)

REI Reply is definitely worth the investment if you want to streamline your real estate investing process and close more deals. Ultimately, this game changer is a cut above the rest because it has a lead capture feature that can help you generate more leads.

Aside from its robust marketing features, REI Reply is also very affordable. It is only $49 per month and the setup fee is equally cheaper. 

Nevertheless, if you want more leads aside from what you can generate from REI Reply, you can always buy leads from pay-per-lead platforms. Here at Property Leads, we offer highly motivated seller leads generated from SEO. We sell them exclusively to lessen your possible competition.

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