REIRail Reviews: A Better Driving for Dollars App in 2023?

Published on December 21, 2023

REIRail Reviews: A Better Driving for Dollars App in 2023?

REIRail Reviews: A Better Driving for Dollars App in 2023?

To be successful in real estate investing and wholesaling, finding the right tools to streamline your business is crucial. REIRail is tagged as a game-changer in this arena, particularly for its 'driving for dollars' (D4D) feature. 

This blog explores how REIRail has changed the way real estate professionals approach property scouting and deal analysis. 

From its advanced list-building capabilities to its skip tracing feature, we will examine the features that make REIRail an indispensable tool for anyone serious about real estate investing.

What Is REIRail?

What Is REIRail?

REIRail Drive is an innovative lead generation platform designed for real estate wholesalers and investors, aiming to transform the traditional approach of driving for dollars.

This advanced lead generation platform is a comprehensive solution they provide that elevates the process of identifying and analyzing potential real estate deals.

The core of REIRail Drive lies in its ability to enhance business efficiency and deal analysis. It comes equipped with a built-in sales comps engine and a support desk, which instills confidence in users as they analyze and finalize their real estate deals.

This tool is optimized to capture data and separates the contacts effectively, making it especially useful for mortgage loan officers.

Moreover, it is tailored to assist in scaling businesses, offering features like a sophisticated list builder and the capability to instantly send postcards to prospects, thereby streamlining the marketing and outreach process.

REIRail streamlines everything, making it easy to use even for a 1st time user, and its ease of setup has been highly praised in user reviews.

In addition to its technical features, REIRail Drive is also recognized for its user-friendly interface, as evidenced by high ratings in the App Store and on Android platforms.

The application has garnered positive feedback from real estate professionals who have found it to be superior to other mobile tools in the market.

Users appreciate not just the functionality of the app but also the sense of community and customer support it fosters. REIRail also offers a skip tracing service with its patented deep trace technology, which includes a deep trace feature that is highly effective in following up on bad leads.

An integral part of REIRail Drive is its Deal Desk, a unique feature that acts as a virtual assistant for deal analysis. It offers immediate assistance with various aspects of deal finalization, such as pulling comps, contract assistance, ARV calculation, and exploring funding options.

The platform facilitates direct connection with experienced deal analysts and veterans in the real estate industry, offering personalized guidance.

Moreover, REIRail Drive integrates capabilities for running personalized SMS campaigns and managing large lists with ease, including features for bulk messaging and skip tracing.

The app also emphasizes user convenience with features like automatic property photos, adding a level of safety and efficiency for real estate professionals on the go.

REIRail Drive is more than just a software tool; it positions itself as a community dedicated to supporting users in building wealth through real estate. The app continually evolves, aiming for features like hands-free operation and voice-enabled lead saving, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and user convenience.

Learn about REIRail and its offerings in this blog to understand how it can increase the chances of your success in real estate.

REIRail Pricing: How Much Does REIRail Cost?

Using the REIRail software comes with a variety of pricing options tailored to different needs and scales of operation within the real estate industry. 

The service starts with a 14-day trial period, allowing users to explore and understand the full range of features without any initial cost. After this trial, users can select from several subscription plans, each with distinct offerings and price points.

The basic entry into REIRail's services is the Mobile Only plan. This plan provides access to the mobile app and includes a quota of 1,000 leads per month. 

Additional features such as skip tracing and postcards are available at specified per-use costs. An add-on for Google Images and the Deal Desk feature can also be included for an additional monthly fee. The cost for the Mobile Only plan is set at $49 per month.

For users seeking more comprehensive features, REIRail offers the Basic Plan. This plan expands upon the Mobile Only offering by including web features such as text messages, talk minutes, tracking numbers, lead pages, and SMS numbers. 

The lead quota is also increased, and users have access to additional features like Google Images. The Basic Plan is priced at $129 per month.

The most extensive offering is the Pro Plan, designed for users with larger-scale operations. This plan significantly increases the number of leads, text messages, and talk minutes available each month. 

It also offers more tracking numbers, lead pages, and SMS numbers, catering to more advanced real estate activities. The Pro Plan is available for $249 per month.

Each of these plans is designed to cater to different levels of real estate investment and wholesaling activities, from individuals just starting out to more established professionals managing larger volumes of leads and transactions. 

The additional features and add-ons provide flexibility, allowing users to tailor the service to their specific needs. They won't just take your money; they would really give you your money's worth.

REIRail Features

REIRail Features

REIRail offers a number of features tailored to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate wholesalers and investors. 

Each feature is designed to address specific aspects of the real estate investment process, from lead generation to deal analysis.

List Builder with Powerful Filters

The list builder is a core feature of REIRail, designed to streamline the process of generating targeted property lists. 

With its powerful filters, users can refine their searches to target properties (in-app monthly leads) that are most likely to yield profitable deals. This level of customization allows for a more focused approach to real estate investing, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent sifting through less relevant leads. 

The ability to build specific lists quickly is invaluable for professionals looking to scale their operations or enter new markets efficiently.

Instant Skip Tracing

This feature provides users with immediate access to essential contact information of property owners. Skip tracing is crucial in real estate as it helps real estate investors quickly locate and communicate with property owners, a vital step in securing deals. 

The instant nature of this feature ensures that users can maintain momentum in their outreach efforts, reducing the lag time between identifying a potential property and initiating contact with the owner. This rapid access to information can be a significant advantage in competitive real estate markets.

Postcards Sending Capability

The ability to send postcards directly to prospects is another key feature of REIRail for those who paid full price. This functionality simplifies the marketing and communication process, allowing users to reach out to potential leads with personalized, tangible marketing materials which can lead to appointments and better conversion.

In a digital age, the use of postcards can provide a unique touchpoint with prospects, helping to establish a more personal connection. This feature is particularly useful for localized marketing campaigns or for reaching out to property owners who may not be as responsive to digital communication methods.

Built-in Sales Comps Engine and Help Desk

The sales comps engine assists users in analyzing the potential value of properties by comparing them to similar properties in the area. This analysis is crucial for making informed investment decisions. 

The help desk complements this feature by providing support and guidance, ensuring users feel confident in their deal analysis. This combination of tools empowers users to make data-driven decisions, which is essential for successful real estate investing.

Accessibility and User Ratings

REIRail's mobile application is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, broadening its reach among users. The high user ratings in the App Store and on Android platforms indicate a positive user experience, suggesting that the app is both user-friendly and effective.

Deal Desk Feature

The Deal Desk acts as a virtual advisor, offering instant assistance with deal analysis, including pulling comps, contract assistance, ARV calculation, and exploring funding options. 

The feature connects users with experienced deal analysts for personalized guidance, enhancing the decision-making process in real estate transactions.

SMS Campaigns and Bulk Skip for D4D Lists

This feature enables users to manage large lists and communicate effectively through bulk SMS campaigns. 

The integration of bulk skip tracing with the platform adds to the efficiency, allowing users to rapidly process and reach out to leads collected during driving for dollars (D4D) activities.

Automatic Property Photos with Google Integration

Automatic property photos save time and enhance user safety by eliminating the need to physically stop and take pictures of potential leads. 

The integration with Google ensures that users have access to up-to-date images, aiding in the preliminary assessment of properties.

Skip Trace & Property Data

Their skip tracing engine provides comprehensive data about properties and owners, essential for making informed investment decisions. What sets this apart is that they often have faster delivery so it will definitely meet your expectations in terms of speed.

The ability to contact leads directly from the app through SMS or email streamlines communication, making the process more efficient. You don't have to manually work around your leads and you can even find and create leads even more.

Tech for Your Hustle

Emphasizing its commitment to continuous improvement and user support, REIRail positions itself not just as a software tool but as a partner in the user's journey to building wealth in real estate. 

The focus on evolving features like hands-free operation and voice-enabled lead saving illustrates the company's dedication to innovation and user convenience.

REIRail Pros and Cons

Although REIRail offers a range of features that streamline various aspects of the real estate investment process, it has its advantages and limitations, just like any tool. Below is a detailed list of REIRail’s pros and cons.

REIRail Pros

  • Comprehensive Features for Real Estate Investment: REIRail is equipped with numerous features like a list builder with powerful filters, instant skip tracing, and the ability to send postcards directly. These tools are specifically designed to cater to the nuanced needs of real estate investment, making the process of identifying, contacting, and closing deals more efficient.
  • User-Friendly Interface and High Ratings: With high user ratings on both iOS and Android platforms, REIRail is evidently user-friendly and well-received by its user base. A straightforward, intuitive interface is crucial for real estate professionals who need to quickly navigate and utilize various features.
  • Built-in Sales Comps Engine and Help Desk: The sales comps engine aids users in accurately analyzing the potential value of properties. Coupled with the help desk, this feature ensures that users can confidently make informed decisions based on solid data and expert advice.
  • Enhanced Communication Tools: The platform's integration of SMS campaigns and the ability to send postcards enhances the user's ability to communicate effectively with potential leads. This direct line of communication is vital in real estate transactions.
  • Innovative Features Like Automatic Property Photos: The automatic property photo feature, using Google images, adds a level of convenience and safety, allowing users to gather property images without physically visiting sites. People who brought this tool to life definitely put a lot of planning so you can give them a little more trust.

REIRail Cons

  • Learning Curve for New Users: Although user-friendly, the range of features and tools available on REIRail might overwhelm new users or those not tech-savvy. It could take some time to fully understand and effectively use all the functionalities offered.
  • Dependence on Mobile and Internet Connectivity: As a mobile-based application, REIRail's effectiveness is contingent on the user's access to a stable internet connection. This reliance might be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity or for users who prefer desktop-based applications.
  • Cost Consideration for Small Investors: While REIRail offers a range of plans, the cost might be a consideration for small-scale investors or those just starting. The pricing structure, although flexible, could be a barrier for users with limited budgets.

How To Use REIRail

How To Use REIRail

Here’s how you can effectively integrate REIRail into their business processes and leverage its comprehensive suite of features:

Step 1: Start with the 14-Day Trial

Begin by signing up for the 14-day free trial offered by REIRail. This period allows you to explore the app's features and functionalities without any financial commitment. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the interface and the various tools available.

Step 2: Download and Set Up the App

Download REIRail from the App Store or Android platform, depending on your device. The high user ratings on both platforms suggest a positive user experience. 

Once downloaded, set up your account, which involves creating a profile and configuring your settings according to your real estate investment needs.

Step 3: Explore and Use the List Builder

Utilize the list builder with its powerful filters to create targeted lists of properties. This feature is crucial for driving for dollars (D4D), allowing you to identify properties that match your investment criteria efficiently.

Step 4: Engage in Instant Skip Tracing

Use the instant skip tracing feature to quickly locate contact information for property owners. 

This tool is vital for establishing communication with potential leads and is especially useful for following up on properties you've identified through the list builder.

Step 5: Utilize the Postcards Sending Capability

Take advantage of the ability to send postcards directly to prospects. This feature adds a personal touch to your outreach efforts and can be an effective marketing tool in your real estate business.

Step 6: Analyze Deals Using the Sales Comps Engine and Help Desk

Leverage the built-in sales comps engine for deal analysis. This tool, along with the help desk, provides support in evaluating the potential value of properties, ensuring that your investment decisions are data-driven.

Step 7: Incorporate SMS Campaigns and Bulk Skip for D4D Lists

For more extensive outreach, utilize the SMS campaigns and bulk skip features. These tools allow you to manage large lists and communicate effectively with numerous leads simultaneously, enhancing your marketing efforts.

Step 8: Benefit from Automatic Property Photos

Use the automatic property photos feature to save time and add efficiency to your property assessment process. This feature, integrated with Google images, provides up-to-date photos of properties, eliminating the need for physical site visits for preliminary assessment.

Step 9: Regularly Update and Refine Your Strategy

As you use REIRail, continually assess and refine your strategy based on the tool's performance and your business outcomes. 

Regularly updating your approach ensures that you are making the most of the app’s features in line with market changes and your evolving business goals.

Step 10: Evaluate and Choose a Suitable Plan Post-Trial

After the trial period, evaluate your experience and decide on a subscription plan that best suits your business needs. 

Consider factors like the number of leads you require, the scale of your SMS campaigns, and the utility of additional features like the Deal Desk.

REIRail Alternatives

REIRail Alternatives

Before deciding to invest in REIRail, it’s worth comparing it to its main competitors. Check out our list below!

REIRail vs. DealMachine

DealMachine is a real estate investment tool designed to assist users in efficiently finding and analyzing real estate opportunities. DealMachine simplifies the process by providing features like property data access, direct marketing tools, and route tracking for efficient property scouting.

DealMachine offers several pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: Priced at $99 per month, this plan is tailored for those just starting out or wanting to try the features.
  • Pro Plan: At $149 per month, this plan is built for small teams with more significant goals and offers expanded features.
  • Teams Plan: For $499 per month, this plan is designed for larger teams and includes more comprehensive tools and functionalities.

Additionally, there is a basic package starting at $49 a month, which caters to individual users or those with minimal requirements. 

REIRail vs. PropStream

PropStream's Driving for Dollars feature is a unique functionality within the PropStream Mobile app designed for real estate investors and agents. 

It allows users to search for properties within a 50-mile radius of their current location, significantly expanding the scope of traditional driving for dollars activities. 

This feature is integrated into PropStream's advanced real estate software, enabling users to tap into vast amounts of property data and build highly targeted lead lists. Users can set filters and drive, allowing them to identify potential investment opportunities efficiently while on the move.

REIRail vs. Propelio

Propelio's Driving for Dollars app is a specialized tool designed for real estate professionals who engage in the practice of driving for dollars. Propelio's app streamlines this process by offering features such as route tracking, saving leads with notes, skip tracing, calling leads, taking pictures, and sending postcards. 

In terms of cost, Propelio offers several pricing tiers for its Driving for Dollars app. The basic "Driving" plan is priced at $29 per month, which includes essential features for driving for dollars like route tracking and skip tracing at a per-property rate. 

The "PRO" plan is available at $98 per month, providing additional features for more advanced users. 

There's also a "Marketing/Websites" plan at $49 per month, which builds upon the Driving features with added marketing tools. 


Can I Send Marketing Materials Directly Through ReiRail?

Yes, REIRail enables users to send postcards directly to potential leads. This feature simplifies the process of reaching out to prospects and is an effective tool for real estate marketing.

What Makes ReiRail Stand Out From Other Real Estate Tools?

REIRail distinguishes itself with features like a built-in sales comps engine, a help desk for deal analysis, and the ability to run SMS campaigns. These tools are specifically tailored to meet the nuanced demands of real estate investment and wholesaling.

Summary: Is REIRail Worth the Investment? (REIRail Reviews 2023)

REIRail is definitely a comprehensive and user-friendly app that has reshaped the landscape of driving for dollars in real estate. 

With its features like instant skip tracing, sales comps engine, and the ability to send postcards directly, it offers a one-stop solution for real estate professionals. This can be your powerful ally in this competitive industry. 

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