REISift Reviews: How To Get More Out Of REISift

Published on March 25, 2023

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REISift Reviews: How To Get More Out Of REISiftt

REISift Reviews: How To Get More Out Of REISift

What Is REISift?

REISift is a data management system specially designed for real estate professionals, such as investors, agents, and wholesalers, who are seeking to expand their businesses and increase the number of deals they close. It is a privately owned company that was established in 2019 and is currently headquartered in Fort Walton.

With a team of around ten skilled marketing experts, REISift is led by Tyler Austin and managed by Christina Towers, a specialist in business operations. If you're looking for a powerful tool to help you succeed in real estate investing, REISift might be the solution you've been searching for.

How Much Does REISift Cost?

How Much Does REISift Cost?

REISift pricing offers three annual subscription plans for its data management system: Essentials, Professionals, and Business.

The Essentials plan costs $470 yearly and is ideal for beginners, featuring single account users, three custom filter presets, and one integration with Zapier.

It also includes advanced features such as property owner status filtering, USPS vacancy check, and multiple layers of motivation filter, among others. The plan offers a two-month free trial period.

For the Professional subscription plan, which is priced at $950 yearly, users get access to all the features available in the Essentials plan and support for three users, eight presets, and two integrations, including Outbound and Zapier.

This plan is best suited for individual real estate agents who may even share the plan with others.

The Business subscription plan, which costs $2,870 yearly, includes all the features available in both the Essentials and Professional plans.

It is tailored for real estate professionals with teams and offers support for up to five users, unlimited presets, additional integrations, phone support, a dedicated support ninja, and marketing strategy reviews.

REISift Features

Data Management and Real Estate CRM

Data Management and Real Estate CRM

REISift is primarily a real estate CRM and data management software. It helps automate daily processes and streamline customer communication and marketing efforts. The software's CRM is known as "Tasks" and is designed to help real estate professionals assign and schedule daily responsibilities, track progress, and even keep up with their to-do lists and calendars from within the same dashboard.

REISift users can create workflows for administrative, marketing, and even acquisition tasks, automating and ensuring essential tasks such as lead follow-up are prioritized while eliminating unnecessary tasks and their related costs.

With REISift’s CRM, even individual team users can view and track their progress, leading to cohesion and success. Users also gain insightful data to improve lead generation and customer experiences.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Targeted real estate marketing is the key to successful lead generation, and with REISift’s direct mail feature known as SiftMail, investors can achieve this level of marketing. With SiftMail, REI professionals can upload, clean, and even list stack their direct mail data to obtain targeted lists.

This, in turn, leads to successful direct mail marketing campaigns since all marketing mail is sent to motivated sellers and cash buyers instead of general leads.

Even better is that you don’t have to send these mailers individually as you can create and send your direct mail marketing templates to targeted lists of up to 5,000 mailers right from REISift’s dashboard.

Once you roll out your campaigns, REISift automatically tracks prospects you’ve sent marketing mail to in the past, how many times, and even when you sent it. This helps users weed out bad leads and avoid spamming homeowners with marketing mail.

Skip Tracing

REISift is equipped with a built-in real estate skip trace service to help track property owners and contact them without leaving the app. The platform provides the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses of property owners and automatically removes numbers in the DNC list.

Note that the skip tracing service for real estate investors isn’t included in the monthly subscription since you only pay for returned results.

Phone Tracking

Phone Tracking

REISift is equipped with a built-in phone tracking module that allows users to track and tag phone calls with advanced filters to help users find phone numbers that have fallen through the cracks and transition no-answer numbers to targeted SMS or direct mail campaigns.

  • Track and tag: There are several tags within this module, including No Answer, Wrong Number, Correct Number, and DNC. Whenever you or a team member calls a number, log the attempt and attach one of the tags for easy tracking.
  • Filters: The platform comes with advanced filters to help users find phone numbers that have fallen through the cracks and transition no-answer numbers to targeted SMS or direct mail campaigns.

Note that the REISift doesn’t have phone capabilities (call or text). To reach out to motivated sellers, you will need a third-party phone service like CallTools.

Vacancy Check

REISift has a vacancy check feature that automatically cross-references a user’s records against multiple databases, including the United States Postal Service (USPS), giving back results of each listing marked as either vacant or occupied.

This is a handy feature, especially for real estate investors and wholesalers targeting vacant properties. It allows them to channel their marketing efforts towards homeowners who are likely to sell instead of wasting time and resources reaching out to everyone.

Even better, these records are automatically updated each time there are changes.

Instant Insights

REISift delivers highly accurate, detailed, and instant insights for each property record that users upload. For instance, users can upload and search their listings with tags such as absentee owner or vacant and then get detailed insights on each property.

Such insights come in handy since users can tailor their marketing campaigns to target a specific category.

List Stacking

List Stacking

List stacking is one of REISift’s most innovative features. Users can upload and search their lists using multiple tags for the best results.

For instance, you can upload a list of up to 2,000 property records, with tags such as absentee, vacant, code violations, probate, foreclosure, and tax liens for a targeted list of leads.

This promotes successful lead generation since the more lists a homeowner is on, the more motivated they’ll be to sell.

Since the results are highly targeted, users can customize their marketing content to create templates that perfectly fit the audience.



With REISift’s click-to-call functionality, real estate agents, investors, and their teams can reach out to leads directly from the REISift dashboard. This simplifies things, and means motivated leads are contacted immediately, conversely enabling REI professionals to close more deals.

Smart Filter

Smart Filter

REISift filter function lets you narrow your property and even homeowner searches based on general metrics like vacant and absentee.

It also includes various other filters, including foreclosure, tax liens, code violations, probate, and RST.

This company offers unlimited filters for its premium package, meaning you can even customize your search based on tags you find appropriate.

Integration List

Integration List

REISift integrates with numerous third-party apps to accomplish that. The platform integrates with more than 1,500 Zapier-powered platforms across various software categories, including calling tools, CRMs, and marketing tools, project management tools, and others.

The platform also integrates with other REI professionals' software tools like Investor Carrot and REIRail.

REISift Pros and Cons

REISift Pros

  • REISift offers impressive filtering tools that enable users to target high-quality prospects for their marketing campaigns.
  • The platform provides a variety of instructional and course videos to help users get started and make the most of its features.
  • REISift offers handy integrations with other tools and services that can streamline real estate sales and marketing workflows.
  • The platform boasts a fantastic array of features, including a robust CRM, direct mailing, skip tracing, and advanced data filtering.
  • REISift can help users manage their real estate business more effectively and avoid losing deals.
  • The pricing is affordable, making it an excellent choice for real estate companies looking to make their marketing campaigns more efficient.
  • Users can cancel their subscriptions at any time without any penalty.
REISift Pros

REISift Cons

  • The instructional and course content is only available in video form, which may not be suitable for all users.
  • Due to the comprehensive range of features, it can be challenging to fully understand and utilize all the available options.

How To Use REISift

How To Use REISift

REISift has a user-friendly interface that doesn't require users to be tech-savvy to operate. To find specific information about properties or their owners, users only need to upload their list, apply relevant tags, and conduct a search. Additionally, REISift offers a comprehensive resource page that provides detailed guides on using various functionalities, including the dashboard, lists, and tags.

The REISift 101 guide is an example of a quick start guide that covers everything users need to know about using the software.

Here are some ways in which real estate companies can use REISift to streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

  • Organize Lead Lists: REISift allows users to import their existing lead lists and screen them for duplicates and incomplete records. Once uploaded, users can organize and manage their existing leads using visual workflows and boards.
  • Generate Leads: REISift provides users with access to property data and enables skip tracing, which allows investors to find property owners and their current contact information.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: With access to comprehensive property owner profiles, real estate companies can use REISift to run targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Sales and Marketing Integration: Users can assign tasks to team members and track progress while ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.
  • Contact Management: REISift enables users to manage their contacts efficiently and prevent double-calling by automatically grouping list records into properties and owners.
  • Team Management: As the admin, users can add collaborators to their account, such as sales reps, and set up permissions to limit access.
  • Data Exports: REISift allows users to export leads and client data in CSV format at no extra cost, providing real estate industry with valuable data for future marketing campaigns.
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REISift Alternatives

REISift vs REISimpli

REISift vs REISimpli

REsimpli and REISift are both powerful software options for real estate investors. REsimpli is an all-in-one CRM designed for wholesaling and offers features such as easy lead tagging, automated task management, and real-time data.

On the other hand, REISift is a data management software that lets you filter, clean up, and repurpose bad records to find motivated leads.

REsimpli is designed for wholesalers and offers an all-in-one solution with a built-in bookkeeping system, while REISift is designed for data management and offers powerful features to filter, clean up, and stack lists for more targeted marketing campaigns. Depending on your needs, both software is worth considering.

REISift vs InvestorFuse

REISift vs InvestorFuse

REISift and InvestorFuse are two powerful CRMs for real estate investors. REISift focuses on data management, allowing users to filter, clean up, and repurpose existing lists for better lead generation and targeted marketing campaigns.

It also features lead capture and skip tracing, helping to find qualified leads and improve seller's response.

In contrast, InvestorFuse is a marketing CRM that integrates with other online marketing tools and offers automated follow-up and custom workflows.

While REISift is ideal for data management, InvestorFuse is more than just contact management and helps close sales, optimizing your marketing dollar count with its powerful features and leader integrations.


Does REISift have a free trial?

Indeed, REISift offers a free trial period of seven days to its users. During this time, users can test the platform and determine whether it is a suitable solution for their real estate business needs.

What is REISift's cancellation policy?

Users are free to cancel their subscriptions at any time. If you cancel your REISift account within the 7-day trial period, you will receive a full refund of the subscription amount. REISift does not provide refunds for service cancellations outside of the trial period.

You will continue to use the platform until the end of your billing cycle when access will be revoked.

How accurate is the data provided by REISift?

REISift ensures highly accurate data results by running your lists through reputable public databases such as the USPS. In addition, REISift revisits and updates all the data obtained from your previous searches with relevant information for improved marketing.

This means that if a property previously listed as vacant becomes occupied, REISift updates your records with this information, so you never have to market to leads who aren’t interested.

Summary: Is REISift Worth the Investment?

REISift offers significant training videos and good customer service, making it an excellent option for real estate professionals who are just starting in the industry. It provides predictive analytics, an advanced skip trace tracker, and even offers a one-month free trial, making it a low-risk investment.

The software offers a fantastic array of features that help generate leads, cut marketing costs, and stop pursuing bad prospects.

REISift's advanced algorithms and data filters help find motivated leads and cut down on unqualified leads, saving you both time and money. The platform offers packages at a reasonable price for investors of all levels of business, ranging from those who are just starting out and hoping to buy their first property to well-established real estate companies with sales teams and call centers.

Alongside REISift, if you're looking for high-quality real estate leads, check out Property Leads. We can help you focus on the leads that are most relevant to your business and close more deals.

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