Results Driven REI Reviews: Is Tiffany and Josh High's Course Legit?

Published on October 19, 2023

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Results Driven REI Reviews: Is Tiffany and Josh High's Course Legit?

Results Driven REI Reviews Is Tiffany and Josh High's Course Legit

Results Driven REI Reviews: Is Tiffany and Josh High's Course Legit?

There's no shortage of online courses promising to unlock the secrets of success in real estate investing and one of which is "Results Driven REI" by Tiffany and Josh High. As the name suggests, it is a results-oriented guide for those seeking to enter the real estate investing industry. 

But with so many courses available, it's crucial that you first research Results Driven REI to check if it really offers genuine opportunities or if is it only a money trap. 

Lucky for you, this article aims to review the legitimacy and effectiveness of the "Results Driven REI" course by providing an in-depth view of its content, methodologies, and outcomes.

What Is Results Driven REI?

What Is Results Driven REI

Results Driven REI is a platform dedicated to ensuring real estate investors achieve tangible results. This platform, founded by real estate enthusiasts Tiffany and Josh, is tailored specifically for experienced real estate investors who might have experimented with various marketing techniques but haven't found consistent success.

The main challenge this initiative addresses is the inconsistency in landing deals despite significant efforts in marketing, from cold calling to commercials. 

The vision of Results Driven REI is to transform these struggles into a structured and efficient system where deals are consistently landed, teams function harmoniously, and the entire process is systematic.

Tiffany and Josh themselves bring to the table a wealth of firsthand experience. Beginning their real estate journey in 2015, they have navigated the complexities of the industry, from flipping homes to wholesaling properties. 

Their story, from incurring a significant loss to wholesaling an impressive number of properties annually, stands as testimony to their expertise and resilience.

Central to their success story is the adoption and refining of strategies. By leveraging their backgrounds in corporate training, they implemented robust systems in recruiting, onboarding, training, and leadership, all contributing to a well-structured sales model. 

Their approach emphasizes not just the achievement of short-term success but building a plan that ensures sustainability, especially during economic downturns.

Their offered resources, the Results Driven Investor Toolkit, for instance, is an example of their commitment to sharing their success goals. This toolkit provides investors with tools and scripts that have been instrumental in building their seven-figure business.

On the educational front, they offer tailored coaching and courses. These offerings are designed to empower real estate professionals to optimize their business operations. From marketing to management, the courses go into every aspect of the real estate operation.

How Much Does Results Driven REI Cost?

Results Driven REI’s "4-Week Virtual Wholesaling Masterclass" is on a limited time offer of "94% off.” However, the actual price isn't mentioned, which might be strategic, allowing the potential customer's perception of value to drive their willingness to pay. 

To give you an overview, this masterclass offers intensive, hands-on training for over a month. Given the depth and breadth of the content – spanning marketing, acquisitions, systems, and dispositions – this masterclass is a comprehensive deep dive into the world of real estate wholesaling.

Results Driven REI also offers a two-day workshop, allowing participants to meet Tiffany and Josh in person and delve deep into their systems, processes, and strategies. However, like the masterclass, they are not keen to disclose their pricing.

As for free stuff, they give free access to the "Results Driven Investor Toolkit" which offers multiple scripts and tools that can help streamline and optimize a real estate investor's business.

Given that this toolkit claims to cover the strategies that helped Tiffany and Josh grow their business from $0 to $4M/year, there's immense value embedded in this offer. 

The fact that this toolkit is being offered for free likely serves as a lead magnet, attracting potential customers to their platform and creating trust.

Check out their website to learn more about their pricing.

Results Driven REI Features

Results Driven REI Features

Results Driven REI claims to provide much value to the real estate investors who register for their masterclass. In this section, we'll check if they really live up to their claims. Here are the features of Results Driven REI:

Tailored for Experienced Real Estate Investors 

Results Driven REI specializes in working with seasoned real estate professionals, aiding in establishing a robust foundation, stabilizing teams, and scaling for lasting success. 

Consultation Services

They offer consultations to discuss potential strategies and solutions tailored to the investor's current challenges and goals.

Whether your needs focus on tips for house flipping, BRRRR, wholesale real estate investing, finding the right team members, or digital real estate lead generation (direct mail, Facebook and Google PPC, etc.), you would find this very helpful in keeping your business stable and profitable. 

Coaching by Experienced Professionals 

Tiffany and Josh, founders of Results Driven REI, have been through the highs and lows of the real estate market. Their journey from flipping houses to wholesaling properties and building a rental portfolio as an owner gives them a broad perspective on the industry, which they leverage to guide others.

Practical and Hands-on Approach 

They emphasize their hands-on operational knowledge over theoretical teachings. Their coaching focuses on achieving tangible results, employing strategies to attract talent, structured training, and managing teams using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Tools and Resources for Real Estate Investors

They offer a toolkit, which includes:

  • Interview Script to streamline hiring.
  • Acquisitions Manager Process Script to increase deal-closing rates.
  • Private Money Credibility Packet to attract private lenders.
  • Seller Renegotiation Script boasting an 82% success rate until closing.
  • Marketing ROI Calculator to predict marketing expenditures and returns.

Coaching Program - The Ultimate Growth Blueprint

This program is intended for real estate wholesalers and flippers, aiming to transform their businesses into efficient marketing and sales machines. It provides access to the exact systems, scripts, and processes used by Tiffany and Josh.

4-Week Virtual Wholesaling Masterclass 

This is a deep dive into building a seven-figure real estate operation:

  • Weeks 1 & 2: Focus on Marketing & Systems. They cover CRM, marketing campaign flows, phone systems, marketing channels, and more.
  • Week 3: Dedicated to Acquisitions. It includes learning about their follow-up specialist role, process call and offer call scripts, renegotiation tactics, and more.
  • Week 4: Concentrates on Dispositions, discussing restructuring, sourcing buyers, systems to streamline processes, and the value of a full-time dispositions team.

Educational Programs

They offer educational resources specifically for active wholesalers and flippers. This includes strategies to build a 7-figure real estate investing team in the current market and to help you earn thousands monthly. They emphasize:

  • Systems & Marketing: Strengthen the foundation for scaling.
  • Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding: Build a results-driven team with the right players.
  • Acquisitions: Master the core of deal-making.
  • Dispositions: Develop strategies for finding buyers and optimal exit strategies.
  • Management and Leadership: Focus on training, managing, and nurturing leaders to drive team culture and results.

Two-Day Workshop

A comprehensive workshop that covers implementing systems and processes in one's business. Participants get to join Tiffany and Josh and get insights into every aspect of their business for actionable results.

Results Driven REI Pros and Cons

Not sure whether Results Driven REI is a good investment? Check out the pros and cons we’ve listed below to assess the value of their courses.

Results Driven REI Pros

  • Experience: Tiffany and Josh have extensive experience in real estate investing, successfully flipping and wholesaling hundreds of properties over the years. This means, if you purchase this course, you would be standing in their shoulders to determine your path.
  • Diverse Strategies: They have diversified their approach from flipping to wholesaling after experiencing significant losses, showcasing adaptability.
  • Personal Touch: They emphasize being hands-on operators in the business, not just "gurus."
  • Coaching: They have a dedicated coaching team ready to guide other investors, which indicates a depth in their operation.
  • Comprehensive Toolkit: They offer a free toolkit that provides scripts and tools they used to grow their business. Many investors love this as per the testimonial on your page.
  • Education and Training: Offers a comprehensive 4-week virtual wholesaling masterclass covering all essential areas of real estate investing.
  • Focus on Systems: They prioritize systemization and have successfully implemented corporate training methodologies in their operations.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Their promise to refund 100% of the investment if clients don't see the value in the first week demonstrates confidence in their offering.
  • Strong Team Building: They emphasize recruiting, onboarding, and training for building a results-driven team.
  • In-depth Workshops: They offer two-day workshops focusing on implementing systems and processes in participants' businesses.
  • Transparent: They share their success stories as well as their failures (e.g., the $106,000 loss), which can build trust with potential clients.

Results Driven REI Cons

  • Not for Newbies: Their services, specifically the Masterclass, seem to be tailored more towards experienced real estate investors. Newcomers might find the material too advanced or not relevant.
  • Cost: The price for their services is undisclosed, which might scare some investors away for fear of a high initial investment needed for the course.

How To Use Results Driven REI

How To Use Results Driven REI

Registering with Results Driven REI is more than just enrolling in a program. It's a commitment to growth, learning, and realizing the full potential of one's real estate business. 

To begin the journey, potential clients are encouraged to schedule a consultation, explore the site's resources, and reach out to Tiffany, Josh, and their team for guidance. Moreover, to those committed to the journey, they extend an invitation to their office, willing to share the tools and strategies that have made their wholesaling business flourish.

Meanwhile, for those eager to plunge into the world of real estate with a guide, the Results Driven Investor Toolkit offers a number of resources.

From an interview script to streamline hiring processes to a Marketing ROI Calculator for anticipated spends based on goals, the toolkit promises to instill confidence in real estate investors.

For individuals aiming for a deep dive, the Ultimate Growth Blueprint for real estate wholesalers and flippers is available. It offers access to systems, scripts, and processes that have proven successful. 

This is complemented by the 4-Week Virtual Wholesaling Masterclass, which delves into building a 7-figure real estate operation. Over these weeks, participants will be enlightened on various facets of the business, such as marketing, systems, acquisitions, and dispositions. 

The founders pledge transparency, promising to unveil the systems that have generated millions for them.

As for education, they also offer a short course for wholesalers and fix and flippers. This focuses on the five key areas crucial for a 7-figure business. These encompass Systems & Marketing, Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, Acquisitions, Dispositions, and Management and Leadership. 

Each area is detailed, with strategies and methodologies laid bare. For those seeking an intensive experience, a Two Day Workshop is available. Over these two days, participants will focus on system and process implementation, guided by Tiffany and Josh.

Results Driven REI Alternatives

Results Driven REI Alternatives

Aside from Results Driven REI, there are other real estate investing programs you may check out if you want to grow in the industry. Some of them are listed below!

Results Driven REI vs. The Ultimate Property Investing Masterclass for Beginners

The Ultimate Property Investing Masterclass for Beginners from Udemy is an online course tailored specifically for individuals who are at the beginner to intermediate level of property investing. This course offers a comprehensive overview of the principles associated with real estate investing.

The objective of this course is to provide a substantial amount of value to its students, ensuring that they get a solid grasp of the fundamentals associated with investing in real estate properties.

By enrolling in this course, students can expect to gain a clearer understanding of how to navigate the complexities of the property market and develop strategies to make informed investment decisions.

This masterclass serves as an excellent starting point for those eager to dive into property investing but may be unsure about where to begin or how to proceed. 

Results Driven REI vs. FortuneBuilders: Real Estate Investment Coaching Programs

FortuneBuilders is renowned as the top-tier real estate education company. Situated in San Diego, it holds the distinction of being the foremost establishment in the nation dedicated to real estate investment education

With a primary focus on coaching and live training events for investors, the institution offers an array of real estate investment coaching programs to cater to different levels of expertise.

These programs encompass several real estate investing courses that bestow actionable insights and proven strategies, facilitating beginners and experienced individuals to embark or further their journey in real estate investing. 

Moreover, FortuneBuilders presents foundational training courses tailored to set the stage for the realization of real estate aspirations. The platform is commended for its extensive offering of courses in real estate investing education and coaching.

Additionally, they are equipped with robust information systems, tools, and training sessions specially curated for budding real estate investors. Their holistic approach to education is evident in the comprehensive coaching programs they offer, aiming to expedite the progress of both new and seasoned real estate investor businesses.

Results Driven REI vs. Keyspire

Keyspire's Real Estate Investing Masterclass is an expert-led educational program featuring renowned investor Scott McGillivray. The objective of this masterclass is to expand participants' knowledge and skills in the realm of real estate investing. 

Scott McGillivray, co-founder of Keyspire, plays an important role in this endeavor, drawing from his vast experience as a real estate investor, TV personality, contractor, and entrepreneur.

Keyspire, as an organization, is dedicated to providing real estate investment education to its users. They offer several courses, programs, and workshops aimed at guiding individuals through their journey in real estate investments.

Scott McGillivray's Masterclass stands out as one of their flagship offerings, reflecting his expertise and the high-value content he brings to the table.

Results Driven REI vs. Robert Reffkin Masterclass

The Robert Reffkin Masterclass is a comprehensive course that focuses on the world of real estate. Robert Reffkin, the founder and CEO of Compass, one of the largest brokerage firms in the US, takes the helm as the instructor for this course.

His Masterclass is designed to simplify and demystify the real estate process, providing learners with both theoretical knowledge and actionable advice.

The course encompasses various aspects of real estate, from the basics of buying and selling homes to starting a career in the real estate industry. It offers 16 detailed sessions that cover the ins-and-outs of home buying, selling, and other essential facets of the industry.

Some of the topics include approaching your property search, hiring the perfect agent, and understanding how to get the best return on your investment.

Results Driven REI vs. The Land Geek

The Land Geek is an educational company focused on real estate investment, specifically in raw land across the U.S. 

This company is owned and managed by Mark Podolsky, who is also occasionally referred to as "The Land Geek" himself. Mark Podolsky's expertise and approach emphasize creating a passive income model through buying and selling raw land without the complications commonly associated with renters, renovations, and rehabs.

The Land Geek provides educational programs and courses to guide individuals on their journey into raw land investment. Many of these programs and materials aim to teach individuals how to buy and sell land for profit and establish a sustainable income stream. 

For instance, they offer a book titled "The Land Geek Passive Income System", which seems to focus on promoting their system and strategies. 

Mark Podolsky, as an author and the face behind The Land Geek, has completed over 5,500 transactions and advocates for a lifestyle of financial freedom through land investment.

Summary: Is Results Driven REI Worth the Investment in 2023?

After an exhaustive examination of "Results Driven REI" and considering the various features we looked into, it's evident that it is one of the best courses that offer tangible results. 

Tiffany and Josh High's approach offers a unique perspective on real estate investing, backed by their own experiences in the field. With the resources available in this course, investing your money will be well worth it.

On another note, if you want to skip the masterclass and add leads directly to your pipeline, check us out at Property Leads. We offer highly motivated seller leads generated through SEO!

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