Ricardo Rosales Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Published on November 10, 2023

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Ricardo Rosales Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Ricardo Rosales Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

For aspiring and established investors alike, the guidance of a seasoned expert can be a game changer. Ricardo Rosales, a reputed real estate investor, podcaster, and the CEO of Prospector Web LLC, is one of the few coaches many consider for their business.

With a diverse background that spans from insurance to the oil and gas industry, and a life enriched by international experiences, Rosales brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching services. 

In this review, we’ll look into the offerings of Ricardo Rosales to assess the value of his coaching and educational platforms. From free resources to exclusive mastermind events, we examine if his strategies can really help you achieve financial freedom!

Who Is Ricardo Rosales?

Who Is Ricardo Rosales

Ricardo Rosales is the CEO of Prospector Web LLC and has been in this role for over 8 years, based in Miami, Florida. He is involved in multiple facets of the real estate industry, including being an investor, wholesaler, house flipper, and landlord. 

Ricardo's diverse experiences, starting from working in his father's insurance company at a young age in Venezuela to serving in the Armed Forces and working in the oil and gas industry, have shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

Ricardo offers a range of services and educational content aimed at helping others build financial freedom through real estate. His offers include:

  • Educational Virtual Classes: He provides weekly virtual classes where individuals can learn about financial strategies and wealth-building techniques related to real estate.
  • Personalized Coaching: He offers personalized coaching sessions where he works with individuals to create tailored plans to achieve financial independence more rapidly.
  • Free Resources: Ricardo provides free resources and guides that teach the basics of making the first wholesale deal or property flip.

These offers are designed to cater to various needs, whether one is looking for structured learning, one-on-one mentorship, or just starting with free materials to get a sense of the real estate investment landscape.

How Much Does Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Cost?

Ricardo Rosales offers a range of coaching and resources, some of which come at a cost while others are free. 

The Personal Coaching for 3 months, where individuals can learn financial strategies and wealth-building techniques in weekly virtual classes, is offered at a reduced price of $15,000, marked down from the original cost of $25,000. 

Additional resources provided at no financial charge include access to a Hispanic Community of Virtual Wholesalers on Facebook, which serves as a platform for those new to the real estate world to ask questions and grow their knowledge. 

Rosales also provides free blogs on various topics related to real estate on his website and hosts a free Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast featuring interviews with real estate investors.

The cost of attending the Real Estate Entrepreneurs Event and Mastermind, a two-day event featuring successful real estate entrepreneurs, is not disclosed, but this in-person event, which includes VIP-only events on adjacent days, would likely require registration and possibly a fee.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Features

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Features

Ricardo Rosales offers a suite of services and resources designed for various levels of real estate investors, from beginners to seasoned entrepreneurs.

Each of these offerings reflects a different approach to learning and engagement in the field of real estate. 

From personal coaching and interactive community groups to self-serve blogs and podcasts, Rosales provide a variety of entry points for individuals at different stages of their real estate careers, with a particular emphasis on offering both premium and accessible resources.

Personal Coaching for 3 Months

This flagship offering by Rosales is a comprehensive personal coaching program focused on financial strategies and wealth-building techniques provided through weekly virtual classes. 

Priced at a discounted $15,000 from the original $25,000, the coaching program promises to create a personalized plan tailored to accelerate an individual's journey to financial freedom. 

This high-touch, intensive program likely leverages Rosales' diverse background and experiences, aiming to transfer his knowledge and skills to clients. It is an opportunity for hands-on learning and direct mentorship under Rosales, with the added benefit of structured learning through virtual classes.

Hispanic Community of Virtual Wholesalers (Facebook Group)

This is a community-driven offer where members of the Hispanic community interested in real estate can join a Facebook group to participate in discussions, share knowledge, and support one another. 

Starting on October 12, 2021, this free membership gives access to virtual sessions with like-minded individuals. It is especially designed for those at the beginning of their real estate journey, providing a platform for collaboration and learning within the niche market of wholesaling.


Rosales' website hosts a comprehensive library of blogs on a wide array of topics within the real estate world. 

The blogs are freely accessible and cover subjects ranging from Airbnb, real estate basics, entrepreneurship, investment strategies, to more detailed areas such as technology in real estate and wholesaling. 

This resource serves as an educational hub for anyone looking to learn about real estate and entrepreneurship at their own pace, reflecting Rosales' commitment to spreading knowledge and supporting self-guided learning.

Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast

This podcast is a free resource that features interviews with various real estate investors, sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes. The podcast serves both educational and inspirational purposes, allowing listeners to learn from the journeys of other investors and gain insights into the realities of real estate investment. 

It also touch upon personal development themes, underscoring the importance of mindset and growth in the path to success in real estate investing.

Real Estate Entrepreneurs Event and Mastermind

Together with Keyan Razi, Ricardo Rosales hosts a two-day mastermind event, which is a convergence of successful real estate entrepreneurs sharing their insights and strategies for making money in the industry. 

Scheduled for October 22nd - October 23rd in Miami, FL, this in-person event aims to provide attendees with practical knowledge and networking opportunities. 

The details regarding the cost and specific content of the event are not specified on his website, but the mention of VIP-only events suggests there are exclusive offerings for select attendees, indicating different levels of participation and possibly pricing.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Pros and Cons

Ricardo Rosales is not for everyone, that’s for sure. Before investing your money in his coaching program, check out the pros and cons of doing so.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Pros

  • Diverse Experience: Ricardo has a rich background, from working in his father's insurance company at a young age to serving in the Armed Forces and entering the oil and gas industry. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded understanding of different business sectors and disciplines, which can be a significant advantage in real estate investment and mentoring.
  • Real Estate Expertise: His roles as an investor, wholesaler, house flipper, and landlord indicate a deep understanding of the real estate market. This expertise can provide valuable insights to those he coaches or works with.
  • Educational Resources: The variety of educational content source (virtual classes, personalized coaching, free guides, blogs, podcasts) he offers shows his commitment to sharing knowledge and helping others in the industry. This can be particularly beneficial for newcomers to real estate, even to a real estate agent who want to enter investing.
  • Cultural Connection: His Hispanic Community of Virtual Wholesalers initiative shows an awareness of cultural diversity and a commitment to supporting minority groups within the real estate market.
  • Financial Incentives: Offering a significant discount on his coaching program suggests that he's keen on making his services more accessible, which can be attractive to potential clients.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Cons

  • Cost Prohibitive: Even with the discount, the $15,000 price tag for personal coaching may be too steep for many individuals, potentially limiting the accessibility of his expertise.
  • Focus on High-Investment Real Estate: His offerings may cater primarily to those who have or aim to have significant capital to invest, possibly overlooking smaller investors or those looking to enter the market with less financial backing.
  • Geographical Limitation: His in-person events are located in Miami, FL, which may restrict participation to those who can afford to travel and attend, although this also facilitates high-quality networking for local attendees.

How To Use Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching

How To Use Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching

To effectively leverage what Ricardo Rosales offers in real estate, one would need to engage with his resources and services systematically. Below is a plan to maximize his offerings.

Step 1: Engaging with Free Educational Content

Begin by accessing the wealth of free resources available on Ricardo Rosales' website and social platforms. 

This includes the blogs which cover a wide range of topics relevant to both novice and seasoned real estate professionals. Diving into categories such as Airbnb, Real Estate 101, Investment Properties, and Wholesaling can provide a comprehensive baseline of knowledge. 

Consistently reading and engaging with this content can establish a strong foundation in real estate principles and market trends.

Step 2: Active Participation in the Virtual Wholesalers Community

Next, join the Hispanic Community of Virtual Wholesalers on Facebook. This step is crucial for networking and peer learning. 

Participating in this community will allow for real-time engagement with others in the field, fostering an environment where one can ask questions, receive feedback, and learn from the experiences of others. 

Being an active member can also open doors to collaborative opportunities and provide insight into real-life challenges and solutions in the real estate market.

Step 3: Listening and Learning from the Podcast

Simultaneously, make it a routine to listen to Ricardo's podcast, which interviews various real estate investors. The podcast is a tool for understanding the varied paths and strategies in real estate investing, including the successes and pitfalls. 

This form of passive learning can be integrated into one's daily routine, allowing for the absorption of insights and inspiration from other real estate professionals' journeys.

Step 4: Virtual Classes and Personalized Coaching

For a more structured and personalized approach, consider the paid personal coaching option. The virtual classes offered as part of this service will deepen one’s understanding of financial strategies and wealth-building techniques specific to real estate. 

The personalized plan that comes with this coaching is a significant value add, as it is tailored to individual goals and circumstances, potentially accelerating the path to financial freedom. 

Evaluate the cost-benefit of this investment, especially with the promotional discount from $25,000 to $15,000, and determine if it aligns with personal financial goals and capacity.

Step 5: Attending the Real Estate Entrepreneurs Event and Mastermind

Plan to attend the Real Estate Entrepreneurs Event and Mastermind. This step is about moving from online engagement to in-person networking and learning. 

The event promises insights from some of the most successful figures in the industry, providing an opportunity to learn their secrets and business blueprints firsthand. 

Make sure to engage in the VIP events if possible, as these can offer more intimate networking opportunities and possibly one-on-one time with influential figures in the real estate market.

Step 6: Application of Knowledge and Network Expansion

Finally, apply the acquired knowledge and networks. Take actionable steps toward making the first wholesale deal or property flip. Use the strategies and techniques learned through the various resources and coaching. 

Leverage the networks formed during the virtual and in-person events to seek advice, partnerships, or to find mentors. Continuously evaluate the outcomes of these actions and refine strategies based on real-world experiences.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Alternatives

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Alternatives

Aside from Ricardo Rosales, there are three other coaches you might want to seek help from if you want to thrive in real estate investing.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching vs. Laura Alamery

Laura Alamery is a seasoned real estate mentor and investor with over three decades of experience in the field. 

Her expertise encompasses a range of investment strategies, from wholesaling to buy-and-hold, and she has built a reputation as a knowledgeable resource for aspiring real estate entrepreneurs, particularly with her targeted advice for women investors. 

In contrast, Ricardo Rosales is also a well-established figure in real estate, with a diverse background that includes experience in the oil and gas industry and the military, before venturing into real estate investing, syndication, and personal coaching. 

Rosales brings a rich multicultural perspective from his time in Venezuela and offers a broad array of educational content, including virtual classes and a podcast series. 

While both professionals offer valuable insights into financial freedom through real estate, their methods, experiences, and target audiences show distinct differences that cater to varied preferences and learning styles in the real estate community.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching vs. Chad Carson

Chad Carson, also known as "Coach Carson," is a real estate investor, author, and educator, recognized for his focus on using real estate investments to achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE). 

With a philosophy of investing in rental properties to create passive income, Carson offers practical advice through his book "Retire Early With Real Estate," online courses, and a popular blog. He advocates for a lifestyle-oriented approach to investing, emphasizing the idea of doing more with less.

Compared to Ricardo Rosales, Chad Carson presents a different angle on real estate investing, with a particular emphasis on the long-term wealth-building aspect and living a financially savvy lifestyle. 

While Rosales offers a wide-ranging entrepreneurial perspective, including flipping and wholesaling, along with educational content and personal coaching, Carson zeroes in on teaching others how to use real estate as a tool to achieve early retirement, offering strategies tailored to those looking to live freely and independently from a traditional 9-to-5 job. 

Both figures are influential in the real estate investment education space, yet they appeal to individuals with different investment goals and life philosophies.

Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching vs. Steven Howell

Phil Pustejovsky is a well-known real estate investor, author, mentor, and coach in the United States. He is the founder of Freedom Mentor, a real estate investing education and mentoring program. 

Similar to Ricardo Rosales, Pustejovsky provides education and resources for individuals looking to succeed in real estate investing. Both offer mentorship and coaching, aiming to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate. 

Pustejovsky has also authored the book "How to be a Real Estate Investor" and is known for his YouTube channel, where he shares a wealth of information on real estate deals, strategies, and personal development.

Compared to Rosales, Pustejovsky has a significant online following and has positioned himself as a thought leader in real estate with a strong emphasis on mentorship, which is akin to Rosales's approach to personal coaching and offering virtual classes. 

Both have unique backgrounds and experiences that contribute to their respective teaching styles and real estate philosophies, with Pustejovsky emphasizing his rags-to-riches story and Rosales highlighting his diverse entrepreneurial background.

Summary: Is Ricardo Rosales’ Coaching Worth the Investment?

Ricardo Rosales offers a variety of approach to real estate education and mentorship. Through an extensive resources — from free informative blogs and podcasts to immersive coaching sessions and networking events — Rosales offers a great toolkit for those looking to enter and thrive in real estate investment. 

His knowledge and personalized coaching plans promise a path to financial freedom, while community and mastermind events present the best networking opportunities. 

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