Ron LeGrand Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Published on November 7, 2023

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Ron LeGrand Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Ron LeGrand Reviews Is His Coaching Worth It

Ron LeGrand Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

One of the few names that comes to mind when talking about real estate education is Ron LeGrand. With an array of courses, live events, and an exclusive Gold Club membership, LeGrand promises to deliver the knowledge and tools aspiring real estate experts need. 

But with every glowing promise comes some people’s skepticism. Is Ron LeGrand's coaching truly the game-changer it's made out to be? 

In this article, we will look into the heart of LeGrand's offerings, checking out its content quality and value for money, to answer the burning question: Is Ron LeGrand legitimate?

Who is Ron LeGrand?

Who is Ron LeGrand?

Ron LeGrand, a well-respected real estate guru, is a notable figure in digital real estate investment and education. As an American real estate entrepreneur, author, and educator, he has carved out a reputation over less than ten years. 

Many of you have probably found this Ron LeGrand review while searching for authenticity in this domain, wondering if the likes of Ron are legitimate figures or just another fleeting presence.

For those inquisitive minds, LeGrand is prominently known for his expertise in real estate investing. Many real estate moguls want to keep their techniques concealed, but not Ron.

He’s like a book, and not just any book but like Ron LeGrand's own, laying out the breadth and depth of his knowledge. It’s evident that he’s not just a guru, but a real estate guru who offers a variety of real estate investment strategies.

Here are some of the offerings of Ron LeGrand:

  • Real Estate Education: Ron doesn’t merely promote any of the programs; he provides substantial value. Ron LeGrand offers real estate education that is worth the price he charges because real estate investing can be intricate. His workshops and seminars are comprehensive courses designed to help people understand the ways to make money in real estate. Covering a spectrum of strategies from wholesaling to seller financing, attendees walk away with actionable strategies to implement immediately. Ron immediately conveys that one must understand that real estate is not just about buying and selling, but about building real wealth.
  • Books and Training Materials: He has penned down his experience and strategies in Ron LeGrand’s books. These aren’t just random compilations but thoroughly researched with information and testimonials. Each manual and material is a treasure trove of information and internet marketing techniques that can even guide you on how to make money online. For anyone skeptical about the work worth the investment, the testimonials that are available online can give a clearer picture. These reviews are available online to anyone and everyone, ensuring transparency.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: For those who wish to make a lot of money and are committed to diving deep, Ron’s mentorship and coaching programs are the keys. They are not just about theory but focus on local lead generation, providing assistance to individuals who aspire for seven-figure real estate deals or even those who just wanted to double your income. These programs are more than just teaching; they involve practical sales and turnaround strategies ensuring you never run out of money.
  • Live Events: Ron's live events are a hub of knowledge exchange. They aren’t just seminars but are experiences where attendees can absorb Ron's Ron LeGrand’s knowledge directly. These are platforms where budding investors are afraid to go big initially but leave with confidence and strategies that are harder than a few clicks but are bound to yield results.
  • Real Estate Investment Strategies: One of Ron's prime teachings is about “Quick Turn” real estate. It’s a domain where many are hesitant don’t be afraid to go but under Ron’s guidance, they flourish. He doesn’t just teach how to put food on the table but to feast! His strategies emphasize that even if you purchase a washing machine and resell it, understanding the market dynamics where buyers and sellers are less predictable than data or statistics might suggest can help you make more profit overall since your strategy is sound. Ron’s tactics ensure that even if one would earn less profit on individual deals, the healthy cash flow allowed by his strategies ensures higher profitability in the long run.

In essence, Ron LeGrand stands out not just because of the price he charges because real value is delivered through his programs, but because he offers a holistic approach to real estate investing. His teachings, especially the recommendation for making money online, are not just for making a quick buck, but to build a sustainable, long-term business.

Whether you are a newbie or someone with a lot of equity, his teachings provide a framework that can make your free time productive without getting overwhelmed. So, if you're looking for a top recommendation for making money, Ron LeGrand should be on your list.

How Much Does Ron LeGrand’s Coaching Cost?

The specific costs for Ron LeGrand's home study courses and live events are not mentioned on his website. Pricing might be available by contacting their customer service or registration team directly. 

If you're interested in attending any of the live events or purchasing the home study courses, it would be best to check there for the most accurate and up-to-date information on costs.

Ron LeGrand Live Events and Courses

Ron LeGrand Live Events and Courses

Ron LeGrand offers a number of resources, but at the heart of his offerings are his live events, courses, and the special ron legrand gold club membership. The review has been thoroughly researched to provide insights into each of these!

Live Training Events

Quick Start Real Estate School

This 4-day intensive training, perfect for those eager about investing in real estate, is an impeccable foundation for the real estate business. The curriculum, different from many other programs, encompasses live seller calls, deal structuring, and a captivating virtual tour of actual "ugly" houses, furnishing attendees with the knowledge to estimate repairs accurately.

Ron LeGrand doesn't just teach; his goal is to help participants harness skills like prescreening callers swiftly, zeroing in on properties with the least work to be done upfront, and discovering avenues to make money with this program, even if the property is bought at near retail prices.

What's even more engaging is the promise that all this knowledge doesn't require participants to dip into their personal finances, use credit, have prior experience, or licenses. With upcoming sessions in Jacksonville, a virtual workshop that is informative for someone new, and a grand session in Las Vegas, this program is a goldmine for budding real estate investors. LeGrand's assistance is still relevant in many topics especially now that's a lot harder to enter real estate investing.

Wealth Without Risk Virtual Workshop

Ron LeGrand's offer of Wealth Without Risk is a comprehensive 5-hour free training. This workshop is for beginners looking to navigate the waters of the real estate business without any foundational experience. The end goal is clear: by the culmination of this workshop, attendees should rest easy knowing how to initiate buying and selling houses in their vicinity without risking tens of thousands of dollars.

Commercial Property Boot Camp

Unfolding over a span of 3 days, this boot camp serves as a complementary piece to the Quick Start Real Estate School but with a primary focus on commercial properties.

Ron, wielding his unparalleled experience, ensures that attendees grasp the nuances of pinpointing profitable deals, prescreening an array of commercial deals, decoding the industry jargon, effective property management, and more. With the commercial real estate business being lower than bill on most courses, this boot camp, having two sessions slated in Jacksonville, becomes indispensable.

Business Management Boot Camp

Carved exclusively for Quick Start graduates, this three-day training delves deep into the very soul of business management. Topics encompass a wide range, from hiring tactics, understanding home versus office dynamics, efficient problem-solving, robust cash flow management, to adeptly handling financial crises. Considering how much it costs in terms of time and effort for a novice, this boot camp ensures that the real value that you run a business with is maximized.

Implementation Digital Boot Camp

With a core emphasis on practicality, this boot camp promises a hands-on experience with Ron’s “Dream Team”. Attendees, by the finale, will be proficient in forging a dynamic, lead-generating real estate business mechanism. Here, “people must understand that real success isn't instantaneous, but if you're gonna invest, go big once you’ve grasped the basics, even if that's a lot harder.”

Home Study Courses of Ron LeGrand

Fast Track To Wealth

A one-day training encapsulation, this course teaches students about the intricacies of deal structuring in real estate. The key takeaway is how to begin a real estate venture without the traditional hindrances like credit checks, loans, or capital.

Pretty House "Terms"

This system delves deep into the realm of acquiring ownership of appealing houses in desirable neighborhoods. 

With a mix of proven scripts, marketing techniques, and deal-making strategies, this course is a comprehensive guide for those looking to venture into the real estate world without a hefty initial investment.

Ron's Complete Cash Flow System

A combination of three potent courses: Terms Pretty House, Rehabbing Ron's Way, and Flipping Ugly Houses Fast.

Rehabbing Ron's Way

An insightful course that imparts knowledge about the business of rehabilitating houses, offering a treasure trove of experience-based wisdom.

Flipping Ugly Houses Fast (Wholesaling)

As the name suggests, this course is all about the rapid turnaround of properties. From property evaluation to deal negotiation, it covers the A to Z of wholesaling houses.

Commercial Property

A digital version of the live training, it provides insights on commercial property investments, ensuring learners avoid common pitfalls.

Mastering The Closing Call

A course focusing on the crucial three-minute closing call, highlighting its significance in sealing successful deals.

Seller Financing

A deep dive into the subject of seller financing. From its correct application to potential pitfalls, Ron covers all aspects of this financing method.

Generating Quality Leads

This course sheds light on innovative methods to generate high-quality leads, with insights from industry experts.

Private Lending

A comprehensive guide on private lending, this course teaches students about borrowing money without the traditional banking system, ensuring both the lender's and borrower's interests are safeguarded.

There are also other courses like Structuring Your Empire, Work for Equity, Getting to the Next Level, and Speaker & Promoter listed on his website but the details are not mentioned.

Gold Club Membership

Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club Membership is a premium, exclusive club aimed at not only providing resources but also ensuring its members grow and advance in their wealth-building journey.

Exclusive Community and Networking Opportunities

The Gold Club offers an exceptional blend of learning, networking, and actionable resources. Being part of this club is like being part of a tight-knit family—a family that resides on a restricted membership website accessible only to its members. 

This online home contains a plethora of audio and video training materials and discussion zones. 

Crucially, it offers an environment where members can teach, share, and learn from fellow real estate enthusiasts, mentors, and industry stalwarts. And then there’s the chance to directly interact with Ron LeGrand himself, a perk that in itself could be a game-changer for many.

Robust Resource Library

One of the standout features of the Gold Club is its extensive library of forms, agreements, and business letters. For anyone involved in real estate, navigating through the maze of required paperwork can be daunting. 

The club simplifies this by offering a continually updated library with coverage for both the U.S. and Canada. From rental agreements to thank you notes, the club provides over 500 business letters, ensuring that members always have a template at hand, ready to be tailored to their needs.

Engaging Forums

The Gold Club Member Forum is a melting pot of ideas, insights, and experiences. Here, members not only learn from seasoned players but also have the opportunity to impart their wisdom. Another gem is the “Ask Ron” Discussion Forum. 

This feature grants members direct access to Ron LeGrand. Here, Ron addresses questions weekly, providing solutions and insights to challenges members might face.

Informative Newsletters and Regular Updates

Members are also treated to "The Mentor Newsletter." Delivered monthly, it is designed to educate, inspire, and motivate. 

Personal lessons from Ron, columns by industry experts, event coverages, personal success stories from mentors, life lessons from Dave LeGrand, and even a humor section ensure that this newsletter is always eagerly anticipated. 

Adding to its value, several times a year, members receive a bonus training CD, where Ron interviews industry experts or shares new seminar topics.

Comprehensive Video Lessons

Ron LeGrand’s commitment to education shines through with his lesson videos. Members receive new training videos each week. 

With a library already boasting over 150 videos, the wealth of knowledge on offer is staggering.

Webinars, Events, and Reports

Ron frequently conducts educational webinars, often in collaboration with industry leaders. The Gold Club ensures members are always informed about these through calendars and mailings. 

These events, which span from real estate teachings to online wealth creation, are frequently available via live streaming, offering members flexibility. Complementing this, the Gold Club Weekly Report is a weekly email treat. From motivational quotes to humor, this report keeps members updated, entertained, and inspired.

Affiliate Opportunities

The Gold Club doesn’t just offer resources; it offers its members an opportunity to earn as well. As a Gold Club Affiliate, members can earn commissions by promoting the club and its various products and events. 

This affiliate program is not just a testament to the club's confidence in its value but also an opportunity for members to gain financial rewards.

Ron LeGrand Coaching Pros and Cons

Ron LeGrand Coaching Pros and Cons

Before signing up for any course or event offered by Ron LeGrand, it’s wise to weigh the pros of cons of doing so first. Below is a list of Ron LeGrand coaching’s pros and cons.

Ron LeGrand Coaching Pros

  • Expertise and Experience: Ron LeGrand has built a reputation in the real estate and business sectors. Participating in his courses and live events offers anyone in the public firsthand access to his knowledge and experience.
  • Networking Opportunities: Live events, in particular, provide a venue for like-minded individuals to connect, share experiences, and potentially form partnerships or other business relationships. You would make more profit overall since his healthy cash flow tips would be shared with you. It's even possible to double your profit margins.
  • Diverse Topics: The courses and live events don't limit themselves to just one aspect of real estate or business. They cover a range of topics from real estate strategies to business management techniques, asset protection, and more.
  • Continuous Learning: The presence of personal success stories, live Q&A sessions, and guest columns by industry leaders offers attendees a multifaceted learning experience.
  • Accessibility: Some of the events are available via live streaming, allowing those who can't attend in person to still benefit from the content.
  • Regular Updates: Live events like the Quick Start Real Estate School and Business Management Boot Camp offer attendees updates on the latest trends, strategies, and techniques in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Resource Library: Gold Club members get access to a constantly updated library of forms, agreements, and over 500 business letters tailored for both the U.S. and Canadian markets. This vast resource can be invaluable to real estate professionals and beginners alike.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Members become part of an exclusive community, gaining access to forums where they can interact with fellow members, seasoned real estate experts, and even Ron LeGrand himself.
  • Continuous Education: From regular lesson videos crafted by Ron LeGrand to the "Ask Ron" Discussion Forum and monthly newsletters, there's a continuous flow of educational content. The bonus training CDs and webinars further enhance this learning experience.
  • Earnings Opportunities: The Gold Club Affiliate program allows members to earn commissions by promoting the club, its products, and events. This presents an additional stream of income for members.

Ron LeGrand Coaching Cons

  • Cost: The specific prices weren't mentioned for the courses and live events.
  • Geographical Limitations: While some events are streamed online, others might require physical attendance, which could be a limitation for those located far from the event venues or in different countries.
  • Limited Seats: Live events often have a cap on the number of attendees due to venue restrictions, meaning not everyone interested might get a chance to attend.

How To Use Ron LeGrand’s Coaching

How To Use Ron LeGrand’s Coaching

To leverage Ron LeGrand's courses, live events, and Gold Club membership effectively in the realm of real estate, consider the following strategies:

Step 1. Acquire Knowledge and Skills

Through his courses and live events, Ron provides comprehensive lessons on various real estate topics. Immerse yourself in this education to gain an understanding of wealth creation, asset protection, new income streams, and the intricacies of real estate deals.

Use the “Ask Ron” Discussion Forum within the Gold Club Membership to ask specific questions and clear doubts directly with Ron and his experienced team.

Step 2. Networking

Engage actively in live events to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and potentially form partnerships. These connections can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations in the real estate sector.

The Gold Club Member Forum is a platform to learn from and teach fellow members, which can help establish credibility and build lasting relationships within the community.

Step 3. Access Ready-to-Use Resources

The Gold Club Membership provides a library of forms, agreements, and over 500 business letters tailored for various real estate needs. Utilize these resources to streamline operations, ensuring you are legally compliant and effective in communications.

Leverage Ron's lesson videos and regular online training for continuous learning and staying updated.

Step 4. Stay Informed

With the Mentor Newsletter, you can receive monthly insights directly from Ron and other industry experts, ensuring you're always informed about the latest trends, strategies, and insights in the real estate world.

The Gold Club Weekly Report, delivered to your inbox, offers the latest updates, upcoming events, and a dose of motivation to keep you engaged.

Step 5. Expand Your Offerings

By understanding and implementing the diverse topics covered, from real estate strategies to business management and online wealth building, you can diversify your real estate offerings and ventures.

Step 6. Participate in Affiliate Programs

The Gold Club Affiliate program allows members to earn by referring new members or promoting Ron LeGrand's events and products. This can be an additional income stream while also promoting valuable resources to others in the industry.

Step 7. Continuous Improvement

Regularly review the vast video library that Ron LeGrand provides, ensuring you have a refresher on various topics and stay at the top of your game.

Attend webinars and events, both physically and via live streaming, to ensure you're always learning and evolving.

Summary: Is Ron LeGrand’s Coaching Worth the Investment?

After reviewing the numerous aspects of Ron LeGrand's coaching programs, it's evident that his courses provide a lot of resources, networking opportunities, and knowledge to its subscribers. 

Like any other coaching, the value you’ll get depends largely on your dedication and active application of the insights gained. For those committed to harnessing the full potential of what's offered, Ron LeGrand's coaching can indeed be a game-changer in their real estate journey.

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