Sherman Ragland Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Published on November 7, 2023

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Sherman Ragland Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Sherman Ragland Reviews Is His Coaching Worth It

Sherman Ragland Reviews: Is His Coaching Worth It?

Sherman Ragland, known as "America's Real Estate Mentor" by ABC-TV, is a famous figure offering a specialized coaching program in real estate investing. His approach, blending hands-on mentorship with practical strategies, promises to equip aspiring investors with the tools necessary for immediate income and long-term financial growth. 

However, with the program's exclusivity and the investment required, potential participants often find themselves questioning: is Sherman Ragland's coaching truly worth it? 

This review looks into the structure and benefits of Ragland's coaching, helping you decide whether he is worth the investment of not.

Who is Sherman Ragland?

Who is Sherman Ragland?

Sherman Ragland, a passionate member of the local real estate community and a real deal master in the industry, has spent several years shaping the futures of aspiring investors through his Realinvestors®️ Academy.

Recognized as a genuine alternative to multiple self-proclaimed gurus, Ragland, and his dedicated support team, including seasoned professionals, are committed to simplifying the often intricate world of real estate for folks who wish to dive into this domain.

Ragland's unique gift of teaching breaks a complicated subject down into simple steps that any enthusiastic individual can quickly implement. Through engaging video modules and weekly updates, each topic within the comprehensive day program is meticulously curated to empower students to master the art of making money in real estate. One standout aspect of joining Ragland and his team service is the practical, hands-on approach Ragland employs, a methodology cultivated through his extensive professional journey in successful real estate business and development in every state.

The Realinvestors Academy isn't just about theory; it's a practical, hands-on advisory that certifies individuals to secure their first deal and prosper in the field. From the moment you join, you’re considered a valuable customer, and Ragland’s team ensures you're approved and well-prepared to take on real-world challenges.

This is evident in the success stories of many who, within weeks of completing a course with the guru's help, have closed deals successfully in the local real estate market.

The team, led by Dean Sherman Ragland, is known for organizing events in MD and other locations, where Ragland himself shares actionable strategies and insider knowledge. His ability to articulate complex concepts during these events has earned him accolades from attendees, many of whom commend the way he equips them to get a deal through the market's tumultuous waves.

What’s more, Ragland's dedication extends beyond occasional seminars. He offers continuous support thru his service, where participants are privy to regular commission and income-generating opportunities. Such initiatives have helped many to quickly gain a foothold and generate profits in the competitive realm of real estate.

Those looking to seriously immerse themselves in real estate should consider the unique opportunity presented by Sherman Ragland and his academy. His commitment to transparency and results is highlighted by the risk-free, satisfaction guarantee accompanying his mentorship.

This shows not only in the confidence of his program’s content but also in his sincere wish for every participant to excel. So, if you're on the fence, remember, the chance to learn from someone as experienced and renowned as Sherman Ragland doesn't come by often. Seize this chance to be guided by one of the best in the industry.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Features

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Features

Sherman Ragland’s programs are designed to provide practical knowledge, strategies, and insider secrets to both new and experienced real estate investors. Below, we discuss two main programs that he offers:

The 9-Month Mentoring and Deal Making Program ("Partnering With Sherman" Program)

This long-term program involves hands-on mentoring classes and comprehensive training sessions led by Sherman Ragland, Jesse Marks, and Howard Johnson, who are all seasoned real estate experts. 

The course is structured to cover various aspects of real estate investing, each designed to prepare students for success in the field.

It promises not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, as participants are guided through actual deal-making processes. Additionally, participants are offered special bonuses like the "21-Days to Real Estate Riches" digital program, further enhancing the learning experience.

Here are the specifics of what the coaching program includes.

Quick Cash Strategies

Students learn methods to generate immediate income, essential for maintaining cash flow, particularly in the early stages of their real estate careers. 

These strategies can include flipping contracts, wholesaling properties, or other avenues that don’t necessarily require significant upfront investments.

Chunks of Cash

This part of the program focuses on more substantial income strategies, often involving actual ownership or control of properties. 

Techniques include the purchase and quick-sale of properties (flipping), targeting distressed properties such as foreclosures, and strategies for dealing directly with homeowners looking to sell (F.S.B.O.s).

Cash Flow Investment

Here, the emphasis shifts to long-term, sustainable wealth building. Students learn about acquiring and managing rental properties, understanding and utilizing lease options, seller financing, and other strategies to build a portfolio that generates consistent monthly income.

Auto-Pilot Systems

The program also teaches students how to automate their businesses. By creating systems and using technology, students can streamline many of the day-to-day tasks involved in real estate investing, allowing them to focus on growth strategies and higher-level decision-making.

Small-Group Format

The small-group format (limited to 10 people) encourages direct interaction with the coaches, providing an intimate learning environment where students can receive individualized feedback and guidance.

90 Days of Coaching with Sherman

This intensive program is designed for individuals who are seriously committed to jump-starting their real estate investment careers. 

Over two 1/2 day sessions spread across a 90-day period, participants engage directly with Sherman Ragland, mapping out personalized business strategies and reviewing progress.

This opportunity is much more than a series of coaching sessions; it's a partnership with a renowned expert committed to seeing you succeed. 

Here’s what you’ll get out of this coaching program:

Customized Planning

In the initial stages, Sherman assists students in outlining a detailed, custom-tailored plan that aligns with their financial goals and aspirations. 

This approach recognizes that each person’s situation and objectives are unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in real estate investing.

Progress Review and Course Correction

The follow-up session assesses the participant's advancements, addressing any challenges encountered, and recalibrating strategies if necessary. 

This critical review process ensures that students remain on the path to success, making necessary adjustments in response to real-world experiences and market conditions.

Resource Access

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of this program is direct access to Sherman’s professional network. 

Participants can leverage these connections, which could include real estate brokers, experienced investors, legal professionals, and contractors, vital for success in the industry.

Direct Communication

Sherman offers personal mentorship during this 90-day journey, even giving his personal phone number to participants. This level of access is incredibly rare in the industry and speaks to the depth of commitment offered through the program.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Pros and Cons

Not sure whether partnering with Sherman Ragland is a great idea? Read these pros and cons first to help you decide!

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Pros

  • Experienced Mentor: Sherman Ragland boasts a substantial and impressive background in real estate, holding significant positions and engaging in multi-billion dollar projects. This level of expertise might offer deep insights and practical knowledge to his students.
  • Small Group Sizes: The program emphasizes limited admission (only 10 people), ensuring a more personalized and focused mentorship experience. Small groups can allow for more one-on-one attention and guidance tailored to individual needs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Ragland's background and local influence in the Washington, D.C., area imply strong networking benefits. Access to his professional network could be invaluable for students, potentially leading to partnerships, deals, or career opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The program covers various aspects of real estate investing, from quick cash strategies to long-term investments, providing a well-rounded education. The mention of hands-on mentoring classes suggests practical, real-world training.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: The offer of a "cheerful" money-back guarantee demonstrates confidence in the program's value and reduces the financial risk for participants. The assurance of keeping certain bonuses even if opting for a refund is an additional enticement.
  • Success Stories: Testimonials from past participants who have achieved significant earnings through Ragland’s mentorship can be a powerful endorsement of the program's effectiveness.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Cons

  • Possible Costly Investment: While the exact price is not listed, the mentorship program, especially one-on-one coaching, can be a significant investment. The high value placed on the program’s components (like the "21-Days to Real Estate Riches" program) suggests a premium fee, potentially limiting accessibility.
  • Limited Availability: With only 10 spots available, many interested individuals might not have the opportunity to participate. This exclusivity can increase demand and perceived value but also results in limited access.

How To Use Sherman Ragland’s Mentorship

How To Use Sherman Ragland’s Mentorship

Sherman Ragland's real estate coaching program is structured to provide a comprehensive, hands-on, and personalized approach to real estate investment training. 

The program is aimed at equipping participants with practical knowledge and strategies to generate income through various real estate practices. Here's a breakdown of the program process:

Selection and Initiation

The program is exclusive, offering entry to only 10 participants at a time, ensuring a more personalized approach and direct mentorship. Participants may include friends, family, or business partners, emphasizing a collaborative learning environment and potentially facilitating future joint real estate ventures.

Intensive Hands-On Sessions

The core of the program consists of two in-depth "Hands-On Mentoring Classes," delivered by Sherman Ragland and other seasoned real estate professionals like Jesse Marks and Howard Johnson. These sessions are practical, strategy-focused meetings where participants learn by doing.

The training emphasizes real-world applications, focusing on diverse strategies for generating income, including creating "Quick Cash," acquiring "Chunks of Cash," and establishing steady "Cash Flow" from passive investments.

Strategic Learning Phases

The initial phase educates participants on generating immediate income ("Quick Cash") through methods suitable for quick returns. This immediate reward system is designed to build confidence and provide capital for future transactions.

Subsequent phases involve learning advanced strategies, such as dealing with For Sale By Owners (F.S.B.O.), foreclosures, and abandoned properties. These strategies are tailored to the Greater Washington, D.C. market, making the skills learned immediately applicable and locally relevant.

Personalized Action Plan and Review Sessions

Participants receive two personalized half-day sessions within a 90-day period. The first session is a strategic planning meeting where goals and aspirations are mapped out. 

This plan serves as a roadmap tailored to the individual's financial objectives and personal circumstances.

The second meeting is a progress review, allowing for course corrections and strategic adjustments. This follow-up is crucial in addressing real-world challenges and obstacles encountered by participants.

Access to Resources and Networking

Participants are granted access to Ragland's broad professional network and wealth of resources. Such access can be invaluable for new investors facing the complexities of the real estate market.

Sherman Ragland offers personal communication, even giving out his phone number for more immediate, potentially urgent counsel. This level of access goes beyond traditional mentorship, emphasizing Ragland's commitment to his mentees' success.

Continued Learning and Bonus Materials

Enrollees are given immediate access to the "21-Days to Real Estate Riches" digital program, adding a self-paced learning component that complements the hands-on sessions.

This bonus material, valued at $2,400, is kept by participants even if they opt for a refund, underlining the program's confidence in providing value.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Alternatives

Sherman Ragland Mentorship Alternatives

Aside from Sherman Ragland, there are other mentorship or coaching programs you can consider if you want to grow in real estate investing. We’ve listed some of the top programs below:

Sherman Ragland Mentorship vs. Steven Howell Mentoring

Steven Howell's 1 on 1 Elite Mentoring Program is a personalized coaching initiative designed for individuals seeking comprehensive, individualized guidance in real estate. 

This program diverges from standard courses by offering bespoke strategies and direct mentorship from Steven Howell himself. Participants engage in one-on-one sessions with Howell, gaining insights into effective real estate strategies, investment analysis, risk management, and networking skills. 

This hands-on approach aims to expedite the learning process, providing participants with the practical knowledge and confidence required to navigate the real estate market successfully and potentially secure profitable deals.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship vs. Freedom Mentor

Freedom Mentor's Mentoring Program is an exclusive real estate training course designed to provide hands-on coaching to aspiring investors. The program is spearheaded by seasoned professionals and offers direct, personal interactions aimed at teaching practical investment strategies. 

It emphasizes real-world experience, requiring mentees to actively participate in investment deals. The course promises to deliver insider knowledge, techniques for identifying profitable opportunities, and ongoing support to navigate complex deals. 

The goal is to equip participants with the skills to independently achieve and sustain success in the highly competitive real estate market.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship vs. Investarters Mentors

Investarters is a platform dedicated to empowering individuals in the realm of investing, particularly in real estate. 

Their mentorship program, accessible via "," connects budding investors with experienced professionals in the field. These mentors, with substantial expertise and success in real estate ventures, provide personalized guidance, helping mentees navigate the complex landscape of property investment. 

They offer insights into strategic investment, risk management, and industry best practices, fostering practical learning beyond traditional theoretical education. This one-on-one mentorship aims to accelerate learning curves and cultivate confident, independent investors equipped with the tools for sustainable success.

Sherman Ragland Mentorship vs. FortuneBuilders Real Estate Mentorship Programs

FortuneBuilders' Real Estate Mentorship Program, known as "Mastery," is an intensive, personalized coaching experience designed to help individuals excel in real estate investing. 

Here, participants receive direct guidance from seasoned investors, gaining access to proven strategies for finding, funding, and flipping properties. The program emphasizes real-world skills, offering tools, resources, and support that pave the way for financial growth and entrepreneurship. 

Mastery goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on actionable steps, accountability, and ongoing education to ensure participants can navigate the market's challenges and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Summary: Is the Sherman Ragland Mentorship Worth the Investment?

Sherman Ragland's real estate coaching program stands out by offering an immersive, hands-on learning experience tailored to individual needs and the local market. 

The program's strength lies in its personalized approach, direct access to seasoned experts, and focus on practical, actionable strategies. 

The value he delivers extends beyond mere financial gains but also involves invaluable networking opportunities, confidence-building, and the establishment of a solid foundation for any aspiring real estate entrepreneur.  Definitely, Sherman is the real deal.

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