Skip Genie Reviews: Getting More Out Of Skip Genie

Published on March 7, 2023

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Skip Genie Reviews: Getting More Out Of Skip Genie

In the world of real estate investing, finding leads is the key to success. But what happens when you come across a property with no contact information or leads to pursue? That's where Skip Genie comes in.

Skip Genie is a popular tool real estate investors use to help them locate owners of vacant or distressed properties. The software uses various techniques and data sources to uncover confidential contact information, allowing investors to make direct contact with potential sellers.

In this blog, we'll be reviewing Skip Genie and how you can get more out of this powerful tool to help you close more deals and grow your real estate business. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this guide will provide valuable insights on maximizing your results with Skip Genie. So let's dive in!

Skip Genie Reviews: Getting More Out Of Skip Genie

What Is Skip Genie?

What Is Skip Genie?

Skip Genie is an all-in-one solution for real estate investors that provides a variety of features to make skip tracing simple, accurate, and easy to use. Skip tracing is finding people who have gone missing or are hard to locate, and Skip Genie offers an excellent set of skip-tracing tools to help with this.

As the best skip tracing software available, Skip Genie can help you find people in various ways. For example, if you're looking for a specific person, you can use Skip Genie's search function to find their address, phone number, and related individuals.

Alternatively, if you're looking for people associated with a particular property, Skip Genie can help you locate them as well. You can even find out about other properties that they own.

Skip Genie's skip tracing service can also help you research relatives in cases where the property owner has no contact information available. With its accuracy and ease of use, Skip Genie makes skip tracing a breeze.

In addit,ion to skip tracing services, Skip Genie also offers real estate data that can be valuable to real estate investors. This information can help you make informed decisions about investing in real estate, whether you're looking to buy, sell, or rent properties.

How Much Does Skip Genie Cost?

How Much Does Skip Genie Cost?

The cost of using Skip Genie is $58 per month. This subscription plan allows users to conduct up to 100 searches per month. If users need to work more searches, they can do so at an additional cost of 17 cents per search.

The subscription plan for Skip Genie is priced competitively and offers a significant number of searches. This makes it an affordable option for real estate investors and skip tracers who need to conduct regular searches.

How Much Does Skip Genie Cost?

Skip Genie Features

Skip Genie is a comprehensive skip tracing tool designed to help real estate agents, investors, and skip tracers gather accurate data, identify potential deals, and move forward by reaching out to property owners to find motivated sellers.

Here is a closer look at the features and benefits of Skip Genie that can help take your real estate investing to the next level:

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

Skip Genie's skip tracing feature provides access to accurate data that helps investors gather critical contact information, including phone numbers and associated property addresses of homeowners most likely to sell.

The skip tracing tool relies on proprietary algorithms applied various of sources, providing reliable and up-to-date data.

Bulk Search

Skip Genie's bulk search feature allows investors to upload a list of leads and receive results in less than 48 hours. This feature is available to monthly subscribers automatically.

To access this feature, you simply download Skip Genie's bulk submit template, input your leads, and upload the list back onto the site.


Skip Genie offers weekly coaching as its primary means of educating subscribers. In addition to the live weekly webinar, subscribers can rely on past webinar clips, covering topics such as closing deals, negotiating with homeowners, and reviews from current subscribers on how they use Skip Genie to engage with homeowners and their results.

Subscribers can also request Skip Genie's call scripts by contacting customer support.

The Tracer

The Tracer

At the heart of the Skip Genie platform is the Tracer. This feature allows investors to input a name or property address to find the data needed to identify homeowners.

The Tracer uses skip-trace triangulation, cross-referencing, and other tools to provide accurate information.

Data Management

Skip Genie provides only basic data, such as the owner's name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and even information on relatives in some instances. This feature makes it an efficient tool for real estate investors who do not need a customer relationship management platform.

The platform also offers data management tools that allow users to remove duplicate records and stack lists for efficient property searches.



Skip Genie holds a live weekly webinar every Wednesday, beginning at 7 pm CST, providing access to past webinars archived on the site. Users can also input questions on the coaching page of the platform, offering their name, email, and an explanation of why it is being involved. This feature provides users with personalized coaching and support.

Larry Higgins, one of the co-founders of Skip Genie, conducts the coaching sessions

Skip Genie Pros and Cons

Skip Genie Pros

  • Skip Tracing: Skip Genie's skip tracing feature provides access to reliable data, including associated property addresses and phone numbers.
  • Success Stories: Skip Genie has a track record of positive testimonials from satisfied users.
  • Lead Manager: The platform offers a lead manager to help users organize and manage their leads.
  • Time-Saving: Skip Genie saves users time by eliminating the need for time-consuming public records searches.
  • Bulk List: Skip Genie's bulk list feature allows users to search multiple properties simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Additional Features: Skip Genie offers other features, such as DNC scrubbing, to help users comply with Do Not Call regulations.

Skip Genie Cons

  • No Free Searches: Skip Genie does not offer free searches, which may disadvantage users who want to try the platform before subscribing.

How To Use Skip Genie

Skip Genie offers several tools for real estate investors to identify potential properties and close deals. One way is to create a list through public records, noting any return mail from direct mail campaigns or driving around to find distressed properties.

The software's Tracer feature helps to find critical contact information by allowing users to enter addresses or owner names individually or upload a bulk list.

Once the contact information is obtained, Skip Genie's coaching feature provides tips and best practices for closing deals. These features and tools are available through the company's website.

Skip Genie Alternatives

Skip Genie vs. REISkip

Skip Genie vs. REISkip

When it comes to skip tracing software, real estate investors may consider Skip Genie or REISkip. While REISkip claims to use data from all large data companies, it is difficult to verify. Pricing is one of the apparent differences between the two options.

REISkip charges per record 15 cents per match found, meaning users won't be charged for searches with no matches.

However, unlike Skip Genie, REISkip doesn't offer subscription pricing that includes free searches. Both options may provide the same records across multiple lists, resulting in duplicate leads.

Neither option offers access to a skip tracer for more complex searches. Overall, the decision between Skip Genie and REISkip may come down to pricing and specific features needed for effective skip tracing in the near future.

Skip Genie vs. Propstream

Skip Genie vs. Propstream

Skip Genie and Propstream are useful tools for real estate investors looking to skip trace data. Skip Genie offers a wide range of features, including the ability to search for a specific person or property and research relatives.

Its skip trace pricing is subscription-based, starting at $58 per month for 100 searches with an additional cost of $0.17 per search. Propstream, on the other hand, is primarily used for pulling data but also offers skip tracing at $0.12 per record.

One of its unique features is "Do Not Call List Scrubbing," which flags phone numbers on the DNC registry to protect real estate investors from being reported.

While both tools offer useful services for finding leads, Skip Genie may be better for those looking for a more comprehensive solution. At the same time, Propstream may be more suitable for those primarily interested in real estate data with the bonus of skip tracing.

Skip Genie vs Spokeo

Skip Genie vs Spokeo

Skip Genie and Spokeo are two different options for skip tracing software.

However, Spokeo is not marketed towards real estate investors or homeowners, but instead as a people search tool that uses public records and social media to gather information. Its accuracy is questionable, and the company admits that some information in its search results includes old and inaccurate public records.

Unlike Skip Genie, Spokeo doesn't provide pricing on its website, which makes it less transparent. It also doesn't appear to be useful for real estate investors looking to find more leads using additional searches or a DNC list, making Skip Genie a more suitable option for business purposes.

Skip Genie vs BatchSkipTracing

Skip Genie vs BatchSkipTracing

Skip Genie and BatchSkipTracing are both skip-tracing software options for identifying motivated sellers. BatchSkipTracing claims to be the go-to service for real estate agents, investors, and wholesalers, using over 10.5 billion data points to ensure accuracy.

In contrast, Skip Genie doesn't disclose its number of data points or provide factual information to support its accuracy claims beyond positive customer reviews. Additionally, BatchSkipTracing charges 20 cents per result, while Skip Genie uses subscription-based pricing.

Ultimately, businesses may choose one or the other based on what each company can offer to help create leads for property owners.

Skip Genie FAQ

How Accurate Is Skip Genie's Data?

Skip Genie claims to have set the standard for skip tracing in real estate and has recently released version 5.0, which it says will further raise the bar for accuracy. The company suggests that if you cannot find what you need using Skip Genie's software, you will unlikely see any other software that works.

Additionally, the company has positive customer reviews posted on its website that attest to the accuracy of the results. Skip Genie strives to provide accurate data for its users to make informed decisions in their real estate business.

What Is Bulk Processing With Skip Genie?

Bulk processing is a feature Skip Genie offers that allows users to send a list with multiple leads for the software to run simultaneously. This list can range from 10 leads to thousands of leads. Skip Genie's skip tracing software is powerful and accurate, able to handle huge lists, and results are typically returned within 48 hours.

The price per lead during bulk processing is:

  • 1-501 leads – 17 cents per record
  • 501-1000 leads – 15 cents per record
  • 1,001 leads and above – 13 cents per record

It's important to note that the price per record applies to all returned information, including phone numbers, addresses, and any associated data.

Does Skip Genie Provide Call Scripts?

Yes, Skip Genie provides call scripts to support its users in engaging with property owners. These call scripts are available to subscribers and can be requested by contacting the company's customer support team.

Additionally, the coaching feature of the software guides how to use the call scripts and engage with property owners effectively.

With these resources, Skip Genie aims to help its users make informed acompellingive calls to close deals in their real estate investing business.

What Is Skip Genie's Refund Policy?

No, Skip Genie does not offer refunds under any circumstances. The company's no refund policy allows them to provide their members with high-quality data and service at fair prices without requiring a setup fee or long-term contracts.

It is important to note that this policy applies to all Skip Genie services and features and that users should carefully consider their purchase before paying.

How Can I Contact Skip Genie's Customer Service?

Skip Genie's customer service is located in Houston and can be reached by phone at 713-999-6266 or by email at The company's customer service team can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the skip-tracing software.

How Can I Contact Skip Genie's Customer Service?

Summary: Is Skip Genie Worth the Investment?

Skip Genie is an excellent tool for real estate investors seeking contact information on potential properties. Its accuracy and positive customer success stories are a testament to the value it provides. However, if you're looking for more than just skip tracing, and want a more robust platform with additional features like direct mail campaigns, you may need to pay for premium REI skip tracing software.

The best approach for any real estate investor will depend on their individual needs and goals. Whether you choose Skip Genie or another skip tracing tool to find new opportunities, evaluating your options and selecting the best approach is essential.

With the right tools and strategies, there is no limit to the potential success that can be achieved in real estate investing.

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