Smart Real Estate Coach Reviews: Is Chris Prefontaine's Course Legit?

Published on October 13, 2023

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Smart Real Estate Coach Reviews: Is Chris Prefontaine's Course Legit?

In the vast world of real estate investing, navigating through countless courses and mentors promising success can be overwhelming. One name that consistently emerges from the crowd is Chris Prefontaine's Smart Real Estate Coach. But with so many offerings in the market, it's only natural to wonder: is this course genuinely a game-changer or just another drop in the ocean?

Dive into our comprehensive review as we unpack the ins and outs of the Smart Real Estate Coach, providing you with insights, features, and honest feedback to determine if this is the key to unlocking your real estate aspirations.

What Is Smart Real Estate Coach?

Smart Real Estate Coach is an initiative led by Chris Prefontaine and his family, aimed at providing a comprehensive resource for both new and seasoned real estate investors. With the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast and other resources, the Prefontaine team dives deep into the nuances of real estate investing.

Their mission? To empower individuals and families through a community of associates all across North America. This community not only focuses on strategies but also instills a strong mindset to succeed in real estate. Chris Prefontaine, with his vast expertise and a solid family business backing him, presents a unique approach to buying and selling, or "real estate on terms."

What Is Smart Real Estate Coach

How Much Does Smart Real Estate Coach Cost?

Prices vary per course, making it flexible for investors at different stages:

  • Quantum Leap System - $1499: An avenue to make big money in a less-tapped niche. It allows investors to experience a quantum leap in building an investment portfolio without cash or credit.
  • Wicked Smart Toolkit - $199: A toolkit for those starting in buying properties on terms. It includes seller scripts, investor blueprints, live call access, and more.
  • Seller Specialist Program - $2,500: A fast track to the first deal. This comprehensive package covers lessons, systems, and checklists, valuable for individual investors or when onboarding team members.
  • The Secret Weapon for Real Estate Investors - $799: Co-created with Ed Rush, a best-selling author and speaker, this course gives investors a competitive edge.
  • Live Seller Calls - $497: An antidote for those wary of interacting with sellers. Real calls with genuine sellers give insights into effective deal communication.
  • Land: The Hidden Profit Center - $427: A guide to profiting from land, from identification to subdivision.

Smart Real Estate Coach Features

This platform offers a blend of resources and mentorship. There's the weekly Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, where Chris and his team discuss deals and share insights. Chris Prefontaine’s strategies emphasize buying properties without traditional bank financing, using methods such as lease options.

Apart from the podcast episodes, associates have access to self-guided video programs, group coaching, and one-on-one consulting. They are taught about lead generation, finding the best properties, creating multiple paydays per deal, and much more. The approach of Smart Real Estate Coach is deeply rooted in ensuring associates not just learn, but also implement.

  1. Expertise of Chris Prefontaine: Chris Prefontaine's deep involvement in real estate and his mastery in the subject shines through in each course. His decades of experience ensures that every associate gets the best knowledge.
  2. Focus on Rental Income: Smart Real Estate Coach emphasizes on generating a stable rental income. Their strategies teach associates how to select properties that offer the best returns.
  3. Marketing Strategies: For those looking to expand their real estate businesses, there's a significant emphasis on marketing. It ensures that new investors can effectively reach out to potential clients and close deals.
  4. Real-Life Application: Rather than just theoretical knowledge, the platform offers insights into real-life scenarios. This approach ensures that anyone involved in real estate gets practical information.
  5. Can't Afford to Miss: The teachings and strategies presented in the courses are so invaluable that anyone serious about real estate investing simply can't afford to miss them.
  6. Tailored for New Investors: Recognizing that everyone starts somewhere, there's a strong emphasis on helping new investors. Courses guide them from the basics to advanced strategies, ensuring they grow in their journey.
  7. Stable Income Focus: The core teachings revolve around creating strategies to ensure a consistent flow of income through real estate deals.
  8. Podcasts: The Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast is a weekly dose of knowledge. Chris Prefontaine and other industry experts discuss the latest trends, share tips, and talk about their experiences.
  9. Lead Generation: A significant aspect of their teaching revolves around generating leads. They offer tools and strategies to ensure a consistent flow of potential deals.

By structuring the offerings in this format, the courses at Smart Real Estate Coach ensure that every aspect of the real estate journey is covered, from understanding the market to making profitable deals.

Smart Real Estate Coach Features

Smart Real Estate Coach Pros and Cons

Smart Real Estate Coach Pros

  • Expertise: Chris Prefontaine and his family bring decades of experience to the table.
  • Resources: From the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast to courses, students receive a wealth of resources.
  • Community: The Wicked Smart Community is a supportive network of like-minded associates who share experiences and tips.
  • Real-life applications: Their teachings are based on deals they've executed, making their insights practical.
  • Diverse offerings: Their courses cater to varying levels of expertise, from novices to seasoned investors.
  • Positive Impact: A portion of every real estate deal they close goes to the Franciscan Children’s hospital.

Smart Real Estate Coach Cons

  • Overwhelming for some: The sheer amount of information can be a lot to digest for some.
  • Investment required: While the courses offer great value, they do come at a cost.

How To Use Smart Real Estate Coach

To get started, you would ideally purchase one of their packages. Each package provides a unique perspective on real estate investing, and you can choose based on your needs and proficiency level. With resources at your disposal, you can start implementing what you learn. For additional support, the Wicked Smart Community and coaching sessions with Chris Prefontaine or other team members like Zach and Nick are invaluable.

Smart Real Estate Coach Alternatives

Smart Real Estate Coach vs. FortuneBuilders

At the helm of Smart Real Estate Coach is Chris Prefontaine, a seasoned professional who emphasizes the importance of real estate on terms. The unique selling proposition of Chris Prefontaine Smart Real Estate course lies in its family-driven approach and the specialized niche of buying and selling real estate on terms. It focuses heavily on strategies like lease options and creative financing, allowing investors to get involved without upfront cash.

On the other hand, FortuneBuilders, founded by Than Merrill, casts a wider net, covering everything from wholesaling to rental property management. While both offer exclusive insights and strategies to delight their audience, FortuneBuilders' community-driven events and broad spectrum can be a stark contrast to the specialized nature of the Smart Real Estate Coach.

Investors looking forward to diving deep into a niche might find Chris Prefontaine's academy more suitable, while those seeking a comprehensive overview may lean towards FortuneBuilders.

Smart Real Estate Coach vs. Real Estate Investing Mastery Academy

Smart Real Estate Coach, spearheaded by Chris Prefontaine, stands out for its familial essence, regular podcasts with industry guests, and a strong focus on terms-based real estate deals. This method allows investors to jump into their next deal without the usual financial hurdles, especially using the creative financing techniques taught.

Real Estate Investing Mastery Academy, on the other hand, founded by Joe McCall and Alex Joungblood, centers around lease options, wholesaling, and virtual real estate. While both academies offer unique insights and strategies, the Mastery Academy leans more towards flexible investing for life-work balance.

For real clients, especially those interested in probate properties and looking for exclusive tips, Chris Prefontaine's expertise might be the way to go. Conversely, those waiting to get a broader understanding might find the Mastery Academy more in line with their goals.

Smart Real Estate Coach FAQ

Can I start with no experience in real estate?

Absolutely. The platform caters to both novices and experts.

How is this different from other real estate courses?

Chris Prefontaine emphasizes real estate on terms, a unique strategy not commonly found in other courses.

Can I interact with Chris and his family?

Yes, through group coaching and one-on-one consulting sessions.

Can I interact with Chris and his family

Summary: Is Smart Real Estate Coach Worth the Investment?

For anyone serious about diving into the world of real estate investment, Smart Real Estate Coach, led by Chris Prefontaine, offers a comprehensive look into the industry. With decades of experience, a vast array of resources, and a focus on the unique strategy of real estate on terms, it promises more than just theoretical knowledge. The community and continuous support further add to its appeal.

While the courses come at a price, the potential ROI, both in terms of knowledge and financial gains, can make it a worthwhile investment. If you're looking to partner with industry experts and take a quantum jump in your real estate journey, this might be the place to start.

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