The Science Of Flipping Reviews: Is Justin Colby's Course Legit?

Published on October 5, 2023

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The Science Of Flipping Reviews: Is Justin Colby's Course Legit?

The Science Of Flipping Reviews: Is Justin Colby's Course Legit?

The Science of Flipping by Justin Colby has been generating a buzz in the real estate investing industry as it promises to launch, grow, and scale investing businesses through a series of structured coaching programs and courses. 

With Colby, a reputed real estate investor and mentor, the program intrigues many, including seasoned and novice investors. However, many are still unsure if Justin is just overselling his course.

In this article, we’ll dissect The Science of Flipping course, specifically its offerings, pricing structure, and the real-world applicability of Justin Colby's teachings to determine whether this course is indeed a legitimate and worthwhile investment.

What Is The Science Of Flipping?

What Is The Science Of Flipping?

The Science of Flipping, a brainchild of Justin Colby, has introduced a methodological approach to flipping homes, significantly elevating the prospects for both seasoned and budding investors. He believes that marketing is the business and that real estate is the product.

Justin Colby is not just an active real estate investor with a sterling record of flipping over 1500 homes across different markets, but also a revered coach and mentor in this field. He is the founder of both The Science of Flipping Podcast and Coaching Program. 

Through these platforms and podcasts, he disseminates a wealth of knowledge collected from real-life experiences, thus preparing other investors to ace every real estate transaction to gain passive income.

The Science of Flipping presents an opportunity for individuals at various stages of their real estate investment journey. Whether one is just starting or has already tasted success in real estate, the coaching programs on offer are tailored to meet distinct business needs. 

These programs are enriched by Justin's 15 plus years of expertise and a commendable list of over 2000 closed deals. The coaching encompasses essential facets of real estate flipping, including finding buyers and sellers, negotiating deals, and determining the right exit strategies for maximum profitability. 

Moreover, the programs incorporate interactive sessions with Justin Colby, inclusive of live coaching calls, and a Q&A segment to provide real-time feedback. Participants also get access to a number of resources, ranging from contract templates to calculative tools, aiding in analyzing potential deals in terms of flips, rentals, and wholesales. 

The community aspect of The Science of Flipping can’t be overstated as well. By joining, individuals get private access to an exclusive Facebook community where networking and deal sharing are encouraged. 

How Much Does The Science Of Flipping Cost?

The Science of Flipping Course comes with a variety of courses and coaching memberships that promise a deep dive into the real estate investing world. However, when it comes to pricing, there’s a certain veil of secrecy that envelops the specifics.

The program’s pricing structure is not entirely transparent, especially the coaching memberships. Some say that they paid a deposit fee, too. Also, each course within the program has to be purchased separately. This means that individuals interested in multiple courses will have to consider additional purchases to gain full access. 

Furthermore, as new courses are introduced, they too need to be purchased separately, which could be a consideration for those looking to stay updated with the latest offerings.

The Science of Flipping also extends an invitation to become an insider. By signing up, individuals receive the latest updates directly in their inbox. Moreover, joining the private Facebook group opens up access to a wholesale training course touted to be worth thousands of dollars, for free. 

This group also provides a platform to interact with Justin Colby and thousands of other investors, creating a community of shared knowledge and networking opportunities.

Besides the courses and coaching, participants get access to a suite of calculators to aid in their real estate analysis for free. These calculators cover various aspects such as rehab, rental, amortization, and wholesale calculations, providing a handy tool to verify and plan financial aspects of real estate deals.

The Science Of Flipping Features

The Science Of Flipping Features

The Science of Flipping program, under the mentorship of Justin Colby, is aimed at nurturing, growing, and expanding your investment business. Here’s a discussion of the features and coaching programs offered by The Science of Flipping:

Insider Academy

The Insider Academy is about laying down the fundamentals of wholesaling. It provides all the necessary resources to jump-start your business. You can create a free account to access the essential training and tools required to get your business off the ground.

This free training will show you why bandit signs, driving for dollars, cold calling script, and other traditional marketing strategies might not work for you. Instead, Justin will teach you the inverse profit method.

Science of Flipping Coaching Program

Level Up Coaching

The Level Up Coaching is a 6-12 month long program that offers access to Justin Colby through up to four live coaching calls per week. Besides, participants also gain access to an extensive resource library. This program teaches the “Financial Freedom Investment Recipe” which encompasses:

  • Finding Buyers & Sellers: Strategies aimed at finding buyers and sellers even with a limited marketing budget.
  • Negotiating the Deal: Techniques and formulas for converting motivated seller leads into actual cash.
  • Exit Strategies: Guidance on analyzing and disposing of any deal to achieve maximum profitability.

By mastering these elements, Justin was able to escalate from flipping a single deal per month to dealing with multiple properties, sometimes 20 or more, monthly.

Elite Partnership Program

Stretching across 12-24 months, this program is more intimate as it makes The Science of Flipping your “Partner”. It comes with weekly coaching calls and access to all live events, thus creating a closer mentor-mentee relationship. 

Applicants need to fill out a questionnaire to apply for this program, facilitating a tailored approach to meet individual needs.

Access to Coach/Mentor

This feature underscores the benefits of having a mentor to guide you through the investment journey. It includes two weekly coaching calls, a Q&A call, and complete access to updated training and essential contracts. 

The exclusive Facebook community provides a platform for networking and dealing with other students.

Community Engagement

By becoming an insider, you not only receive updates from Justin Colby but also get an invitation to a private Facebook group. This group provides free access to a wholesale training course and interaction with thousands of other investors.


The Science of Flipping provides several calculators to help you evaluate your deals better:

  • Flip Calculator: Helps to run numbers on your next flip or wholesale deal, providing a detailed breakdown including closing costs, interest, and more.
  • Rental Calculator: For checking the ROI or CAP rate of your next rental property or wholesale deal.
  • Amortization Calculator: To understand the long-term payments over different periods and the impact of additional payments.
  • Wholesale Calculator: Helps in quickly calculating your offer amount to a seller based on various parameters like ARV, Repairs, Wholesale Fee, and End Buyer Purchase Amount.

Additional Support

Justin Colby's approach is to provide a proven process to find, fund, and flip deals effectively, reducing the time and money wasted trying to figure things out independently. 

Active students receive 2-3 weekly live group coaching calls and a Q&A call to provide real-time feedback, significantly amping up their success rate in the real estate investing venture. They will also provide you with a script, spreadsheet, etc. so even though housing prices has slowed, you'll still find more profitable deals.

The Science Of Flipping Pros and Cons

Further reviewing Justin Colby's course, let us focus on its pros and cons. This will help ensure that what they offer is aligned with your goals.

The Science Of Flipping Pros

  • Expertise: With Justin Colby at the helm, who has over 15 years of experience and has closed 2000+ deals, participants can benefit from a rich source of knowledge and real-world experience. If you spoke on the phone with Justin and decided this program is for you, you'll learn how to sell or buy real estate in the most profitable way in no time.
  • Comprehensive Training: The program offers comprehensive training through various courses and coaching programs covering essential aspects of real estate investing like finding buyers & sellers, negotiating deals, and exit strategies for any business model.
  • Structured Learning Path: It offers a structured learning path from beginner to advanced levels which can be very beneficial for individuals looking to grow and scale their real estate investing business.
  • Interactive Learning: The provision of live coaching calls, Q&A coaching sessions, and a private Facebook group provides an interactive learning environment. It's a platform for networking and doing deals with other students, which can be beneficial for practical learning and growing one’s network in the industry.
  • Resource Availability: There are several resources and real estate solutions like calculators for rehab, rental, amortization, and wholesale calculations, which can be incredibly handy for real estate analysis and planning for your business and real estate brokerage. These are also essential for wholesaling and flipping.
  • Community Support: The private Facebook group offers community support and additional free training, which can provide value and ongoing support to the participants. Through this group, they can be guided on making a profit for their first sale, using social networks for free marketing (zero advertising), working with real estate brokers, and connecting with sellers and buyers in real estate worldwide.

The Science Of Flipping Cons

  • Lack of Price Transparency: One of the significant drawbacks is the lack of price transparency regarding coaching memberships. This can make it difficult for interested individuals to understand the cost involved and evaluate whether it's a good investment for them.
  • Separate Course Purchases: The requirement to purchase each course separately, including any new courses added, could potentially make the program expensive and less accessible for some individuals.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Some of the coaching programs require a long-term commitment of up to 24 months, which might not suit everyone, especially those looking for quicker results or short-term engagements.

How To Use The Science Of Flipping (Step-by-Step)

How To Use The Science Of Flipping (Step-by-Step)

The first step in engaging with "The Science of Flipping" is the initial exploration of the offerings through its webpage or the private Facebook group. Interested individuals can delve into the available courses, coaching programs, and resources provided. 

There is also a provision to sign up and become an insider to receive the latest updates directly via email. The engagement will then commence with creating a free account under the "INSIDER ACADEMY" which is described as essential training for wholesaling fundamentals. Here, you can watch the introductory video where you can decide to hop on a discovery call with Justin.

Once an individual decides to delve deeper, they can opt for one of the coaching programs. The "Level Up Coaching" program is the more intermediate tier, offering a 6 to 12-month coaching plan. It provides access to Justin Colby, live onboarding call and coaching calls up to four times a week, and a repository of resources. 

This tier is to be designed to provide a substantial amount of direct coaching and mentoring, with a focus on real-world application and networking as mentioned earlier. It covers essential areas such as finding buyers & sellers, negotiating deals, and effective exit strategies.

For those seeking an even more in-depth and personalized experience, the "Elite Partnership Program" is a 12 to 24-month commitment. 

This program promises a "partnership" experience with more intimate coaching settings, weekly coaching calls, and access to live events. It requires filling out a questionnaire to apply, indicating a level of exclusivity and a more tailored coaching experience.

Moreover, throughout the journey, participants have access to a variety of calculators for crunching numbers on flips, rentals, wholesale deals, and amortizations. These tools are essential for individuals to evaluate the profitability and feasibility of real estate deals.

Additionally, community interaction is encouraged via a private Facebook group where individuals can access an entire wholesale training course for free, interact with Justin Colby, and network with thousands of other investors. This community aspect provides a forum for networking, discussion, and real-time assistance.

The Science Of Flipping Alternatives

The Science Of Flipping Alternatives

Aside from The Science of Flipping, there are other courses you can check out if you want to learn more about the industry. Check them out below.

The Science Of Flipping vs. Freedom Mentor

Freedom Mentor is a reputable real estate investing mentoring program spearheaded by Phil Pustejovsky, aimed at nurturing individuals towards financial independence through real estate endeavors. The program boasts a rich blend of education, hands-on coaching, and a distinctive apprentice model. 

Under the mentorship of Phil Pustejovsky, who is recognized as North America's leading real estate mentor with a number of successful real estate deals to his name, participants are guided through the intricacies of real estate investing. 

Notably, the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program comes with a unique profit-sharing model, where participants are required to share 50% of their profits, up to a cap of $100,000, symbolizing a concrete investment by Phil in the success of the apprentices

The Science Of Flipping vs. Future Flipper

Future Flipper is a comprehensive real estate investment and training program created by Ryan Pineda. This initiative is designed to assist individuals in effectively managing their real estate businesses. 

Ryan Pineda, a former baseball player turned real estate expert, aims to impart knowledge about real estate investing, property flipping, and how to thrive in the real estate market through this program. The coaching extends for 12 months, including meetings and introductions to private money lenders, priced at a significant amount, ranging from five to twenty-five thousand dollars, based on the level of coaching one opts for. 

The program is highly rated and often termed as a legitimate and trustworthy investment, providing in-depth training on all crucial aspects of real estate investing and flipping properties.

The Science Of Flipping vs. FLIPPING: The Complete System to Flip Houses for Profit

The "FLIPPING: The Complete System to Flip Houses for Profit" is a comprehensive course designed for individuals keen on mastering the art of flipping houses to generate profit. 

Conducted by Brian Icenhower, this course elucidates on the necessary procedures and strategies to identify potential properties, analyze their viability, and eventually, sell them for a profit. 

Priced at $199, it offers 126 lessons with 11 hours of video content, aiming to equip learners with both theoretical knowledge and practical insights into the house-flipping market. 

Renowned real estate coach and author Brian Icenhower meticulously covers simple, easy-to-follow processes to ensure learners can quickly assess the potential profit in prospective flips. The course is not just a primer but a thorough guide, ideal for those serious about making a substantial profit from house flipping activities.

The Science Of Flipping vs. Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate

The Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate offered by Harvard Extension School is a program aimed at imparting practical, real-world knowledge and skills essential for investing in real estate. 

The course structure includes a hands-on experience wherein students are trained in creating financial models, analyzing cash flows among other crucial real estate investment tasks. The objective of this program is to equip students with a thorough understanding of real estate investment, preparing them for career advancements in this field.

Like similar programs offered by other reputable institutions, this certificate cover a range of topics including investment decision-making, deal analysis, and understanding real estate investment markets, thereby ensuring a holistic learning experience for aspiring real estate professionals. 

This certificate is an attractive option for individuals (wholesaler, flipper, etc.) looking to deepen their understanding of the real estate industry, enhance their career prospects in the real estate sector, or manage real estate investment projects more effectively.

Summary: Is The Science Of Flipping Worth the Investment? (Justin Colby review)

The Science of Flipping by Justin Colby presents a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges for real estate enthusiasts. 

While the course offers comprehensive coaching, resource libraries, and a community of like-minded individuals, the lack of price transparency and the need for separate purchases of new courses could potentially deter individuals on a tight budget. 

Nevertheless, the resources and the mentorship of an industry veteran like Justin Colby certainly hold value. You just need a thorough consideration of your financial commitment.

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