Wholesale Real Estate Podcast [Best Podcasts For Beginner Wholesalers]

Published on April 26, 2023

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Wholesale Real Estate Podcast

Wholesale Real Estate Podcast

Wholesaling is a great entry to the real estate investing industry. You'll be able to grow your real estate portfolio without needing huge capital. To start your real estate investing journey as a wholesaler, you can get a coach or listen to real estate wholesaling podcasts.

Some of the best real estate wholesaling podcasts for beginners include Wholesale Hotline Podcast, Driving for Dollars Mastery, Wholesaling Inc., Flipping Mastery Podcast, Flip Man's Real Estate Tips, 7 Figure Flipping with Bill Allen, Collecting Keys, Flipping Out, Wholesaling Out of the Box, Send More Offers Real Estate Show, School Of Wholesaling, Wholetime Real Estate, The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast, Wholesale To Millions.

To determine which of these real estate podcasts can give you content highly relevant to your wholesaling business needs, we've made a detailed review below!

1. Wholesale Hotline

1. Wholesale Hotline

The Wholesale Hotline podcast is one of the best real estate podcasts to date. Its hosts Brent Daniels, Jamil Damji, and Pace Morby covers topics every conceivable topic related to wholesaling, seller conversions, creative financing options, and deposition, among others. 

In every episode, the hosts focus on real-world wholesaling problems and come up with creative solutions that are based on legitimate experiences. They then break down their experiences into easy and actionable steps that any real estate investor can apply to grow their own business and close more deals. They aren't only for newbies but also for experienced real estate investors. 

The Wholesale Hotline goes live on YouTube every Monday at 5 PM MST. They accept calls from real estate investors and solve wholesaling problems live.

2. Driving for Dollars Mastery

The Driving for Dollars Mastery hosted by Zach Boothe is for newbies and seasoned real estate wholesalers and investors who are looking for ways to grow in real estate investing and discover discounted properties they can turn into huge profits.

This informative podcast will essentially teach you how to grow your business using only your car and smartphone or driving for dollars. Through advice, tips, and tricks of Zack, you'll be able to locate hot offers in your target areas that you can wholesale, flip, or add to your own rental portfolio.

Moreover, Zack will teach you how to make a lot of money regardless of the economy and your experience.

3. Wholesaling Inc.

3. Wholesaling Inc.

Wholesaling Inc. can help you find foreclosed properties in your target areas for a great price and sell them to get a high ROI. They encourage their podcast listeners to follow the "step-by-step" directions they share in each of their episodes so they can replicate their successful real estate wholesaler guests.

Wholesaling Inc. posts content 5 times a week, and in every episode, they go in-depth about the recent wholesale deals of their guests, the methods they employ to successfully find properties, their negotiating, selling, and closing strategies, and how to analyze if a deal is profitable.

Some of the topics they've already covered include How to Turn a $5k Deal into $25,000! and Quick Tips for Wholesaling. 

4. Flipping Mastery Podcast

Even if you're completely new to real estate and wholesaling, you’ll emerge as an expert by listening to the Flipping Mastery Podcast. This is hosted by Jerry Norton, the foremost authority on wholesaling properties and flipping distressed properties and rental properties.

Aside from the Flipping Mastery podcast where he uploads daily audio, this guy also uploads monthly YouTube videos on all things real estate. Many of his listeners were very grateful to have discovered his podcast because it has increased their interest and knowledge for real estate wholesaling and flipping and opportunities for more contracts signed after their first deal. He is also a Christian so he appeals to a certain type of audience.

Some of his best episodes are: Jerry Norton’s Favorite Leads For Wholesaling Houses, New Wholesaler Does Over 100 Deals In His First 2 Years!, and The MORBY METHOD | Masterclass Video 12 w/ Pace Morby talk.

5. Flip Man's Real Estate Tips

5. Flip Man's Real Estate Tips

Flip Man's Real Estate Tips is a podcast focused not only sharing strategies in wholesaling single family houses but also multifamily apartment buildings and commercial real estate. It is hosted by Ty Taylor and currently, it already has 1,000 episodes. It garnered a 4.7 star rating from Apple Podcast listeners and many reviews state that it offers actual useful information that wholesalers can apply.

The Flip Man's Real Estate Tips usually runs more than an hour. Some of its top episodes are the following Skyrocket Your Wholesaling Real Estate Profits with One Simple Question, Wholesaling Houses Virtually How to Identify Profitable Markets, and Easiest Way to Wholesale Your 1st Land Deal Flippinar.

6. 7 Figure Flipping with Bill Allen

When listening to the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast by Bill Allen, expect to discover effective strategies in wholesaling houses, the best trade secrets, and business practices of the top real estate investors, house flippers, and wholesalers in the whole United States.

7 Figure Flipping can ultimately speed up your real estate investment or wholesaling career because of the in-depth tips and best practices you'll get from this wholesale podcast. They only provide actionable steps you can apply to your business. They don't go in circles and only discuss what you need to know. 

Just like other wholesaling podcasts, 7 Figure Flipping also invites guests to share their experiences about investing in an unstable community, wholesaling in seven days, and more. 

7. Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast

Co-hosts Daniel Austin and Mike DeHaan of the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investment Podcast use their combined expertise (closing over 150 hot deals completed in 2.5 years earning tens of thousands) to share the reality of running a full-time wholesaling business. 

They started Collecting Keys to give wholesalers an inside peek into what the industry is like on a daily basis since the internet is already saturated with investing content that was all fluff and frills.

Unlike other real estate wholesaling podcasts focused on wholesaling, Mike and Dan are unafraid to discuss tactics for buying and selling real estate, buying wholesale, flipping homes, and turning fixers uppers into lovely Airbnb rentals. 

Ultimately, they’ll help every real estate investor to turn their wholesaling real estate side hustle into a successful full-time business.

8. Flipping Out

The host of the Flipping Out podcast, Paul Lizell, explains on the podcast how he went from being a fix-and-flip investor in just one location to a virtual wholesaler ready to buy a property anywhere in the United States.

In the podcast, he talks about wholesale sales, owner financing, creative financing, virtual rents, and more. He also talks about the future of money on his podcast (ex. cryptocurrencies) and how it affects wholesaling real estate . Aside from what’s already mentioned, Paul also speaks with some of the biggest names in real estate wholesaling to learn what strategies helped them in building wealth and achieving financial freedom.

Fundamentally, this podcast will teach you all you need to know about becoming a virtual real estate wholesaler, expanding your company into new markets, and avoiding certain markets. 

9. Wholesaling Out of the Box

9. Wholesaling Out of the Box

Shawn Bowen established Wholesale Out of the Box in 2017 so he could use his nearly ten years of real estate knowledge to assist and train new real estate investors and wholesalers. As a seasoned real estate investor, Shawn Bowen has experience completing new houses, making rehabs, wholesaling, etc.

In the Wholesaling Out of the Box podcast, Shawn responds to wholesaling real estate inquiries, discusses his company’s works, and engages in conversations with other successful real estate investors once a week. It is the ultimate online resource for a successful wholesaling business.

He teaches lots of things from learning how to create your own real estate marketing lists to estimating repair costs while touring actual properties. For wholesaling, he teaches wholesalers how to use technology for their business. 

10. Send More Offers Real Estate Show

The Send More Offers Real Estate Show is one o the real estate podcasts devoted to teaching wholesalers how to consistently close real estate wholesaling deals without any seller consultations. 

Each week, the host Brandon Barnes who is a real estate expert and coach asks his guests to walk the listeners through their best real estate deals so they can easily copy their tactics. 

Through the knowledge base that Brandon and his guests share, the listeners of the podcast can learn how to complete huge deals, earn more money, and make their real estate business sustainable.

Submit More Offers Real Estate Show is wholesaling real estate podcast you should listen to whether you're looking for your first wholesale real estate deals or planning to expand. Each podcast episode is between 20 and 50 minutes.

11. School Of Wholesaling

11. School Of Wholesaling

School of Wholesaling, hosted by Luc Madeus, is a podcast focused on discussing real estate wholesaling techniques. Luc Madeus is a real estate wholesaler who specializes in buying and selling properties in the United State.

In every episode of School of Wholesaling, Luc walks you through the various aspects of wholesaling real estate and what it takes to successfully wholesale in 2023. Luc teaches the precise methods he used to match motivated sellers with buyers who are willing to fund and close on the property. Aside from practical wholesaling skills, the podcast will also teach you the crucial mental techniques you need to succeed in real estate investing.

12. Wholetime Real Estate

Wholetime Real Estate podcast is hosted by Josh & Phill. These two are committed to assisting their listeners in learning how to invest in real estate through a variety of approaches whether it is through wholesaling, flipping, etc. 

Originally, Josh and Phill owns a regional REI/wholesaling business with offices in Northwest Indiana and South Chicagoland. Through their real estate wholesaling podcasts, they reach more audiences and grow their business as well.

Their episodes cover a lot of wholesaling topics including wholesaling, wholetailing, buy and holds, cash buyers, fix and flips, agents, attorneys, assignment fees, title companies, and more. Each podcast episode of Wholetime Real Estate is about 20 to 50 minutes. You can listen to them on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other podcast streaming sites.

13. The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

13. The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast will help you learn from a full-time aggressive and successful real estate investor about the best real estate investment strategies and methods. Through the podcast episodes of The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast, you’ll get exclusive insights about the industry from a real estate mogul, coach, and mentor who has purchased and sold more than $120 million worth of real estate to date. 

Moreover, The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast is also committed to teaching you the mindset you need to grow your wholesaling business. 

Not only that, but they also review real-world case studies and success stories that will teach you how you can make money in real estate wholesaling even in challenging economic environments.

14. Wholesale To Millions

Wholesale To Millions is the only real estate podcast primarily created to inspire beginning investors. The host, Khang Le, has had a powerful transformation from a pauper to a millionaire because of wholesaling real estate. 

In each episode, Khang discusses various real estate subjects with guests and shares his own experiences growing up with nothing more than a few penny. Moreover, through this podcast, you can learn how to wholesale virtually overseas as well as take part in real estate Q&A sessions aimed at helping you overcome or even avoid common obstacles of a successful wholesaler.

If you are interested in Khang Le’s life and you want him to be your coach in virtual wholesaling, you can actually head over to his website and inquire.

15. The Wholesaling Mastermind

15. The Wholesaling Mastermind

As its name implies, the Wholesaling Mastermind podcast was made to help seasoned and new wholesalers as well as real estate agents. You can expect an in-depth analysis of properties and deals, exclusive deep dive interviews, and responses to frequently asked questions concerning wholesaling in their episodes. 

The Wholesaling Mastermind Podcast is hosted by Ed Hayes, a renowned wholesale real estate coach who teaches other investors to start their own wholesaling businesses.

Ed Hayes covers the following subjects in the Wholesaling Mastermind podcast: how to create distinctive techniques to outperform your wholesaling competition, how to train cold callers, and how to land a wholesale deal without much effort. Ed also shares the precise figures of the deals he made in his wholesaling business.

16. Real Estate Investing Mastery

Joe McCall, the host of Real Estate Investing Mastery, shares how to actually create a full-time living from real estate investing, with a focus on wholesaling and lease options or rentals. 

Ultimately, Joe McCall wants his listeners to be great at wholesaling to the point that they would want to leave their day job. Joe does this by sharing the success stories of other investors and by sharing the tactics that he used for his business in building wealth and financial freedom. Each podcast episode runs for less than an hour. 

Some of his best podcasts are: The Harsh TRUTH About Wholesaling Real Estate, Ground Up Cashflow Development w/ Daniil Kleyman, and How To Do Real Estate on the Side When You Have a Full-time Job.

17. Flipping Houses for Rookies

17. Flipping Houses for Rookies

The makers of Flipping Houses for Rookies believe no one should stop using their existing source of full-time income until they find a better one. That said, this podcast will teach you how to make your wholesaling revenue reliable it becomes your full-time passive income and you can drop your 9 to 5 job.

Through this podcast, you will learn about finding the money for deals, sandwich lease option transfers (slot deals), how to buy with options, doing "subject to" deals, how to get ready to buy & sell houses, how to do lease option deals, deal hunting, making offers in the house and avoid investor's fatigue, cold calling, how to survive sellers calling you, and how to close deals.

18. BiggerPockets Podcast

One of the longest-running and critically acclaimed podcasts about real estate investing and wholesaling has to be the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Podcast.

The podcast analyzes real estate investing strategies through in-depth interviews with real estate experts, news analysis, coaching calls, and other methods. Their new episodes are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Yep, that's how active they are.

BiggerPockets The Real Estate Investing Podcast is hosted by Rob Abasolo and David Greene. In the show, the two tackle real life situations and share their own experiences as seasoned real estate investors in addition to interviewing guests and other real estate investing professionals. Since the podcast started airing five years ago, they have already released more than 600 episodes and weekly interviews which shows the raw truth about all things wholesaling.

19. The Remote Real Estate Investor

The Remote Real Estate Investor is a new real estate wholesaling podcast from Roofstock. It is hosted by Emil Shour, Michael Albaum, and Tom Schneider. Ultimately, this podcast shares a successful real estate investing strategy every episode so you don't get stuck in only one deal. They focus on how wholesalers can make distant real estate investing work and how to build relationships with clients.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, the podcast also focuses on the following property management, picking profitable real estate markets to invest in, various case studies, deal analysis, evaluating investment properties remotely and deciding which deals to pursue, and real estate investor marketing strategies, risk mitigation, avoiding costly mistakes that wholesalers frequently make, etc.

The Remote Real Estate Investor releases an episode every Wednesday and Saturday and each one lasts at least 30 minutes.

Summary: Wholesaling Real Estate Podcast

Listening to real estate wholesaling podcasts will give you an advantage especially if you are a beginner in the industry. But first, you have to identify any knowledge gap or the needs of your business so you can choose the right podcast to listen to. Nevertheless, you won't go wrong with any of the podcasts we listed above.

Moreover, if you want to learn how to find wholesaling leads but don't have time to listen to a real estate wholesaling podcast, you may want to buy leads instead. Here at Property Leads, we offer the best motivated seller leads for real estate wholesaling. Our leads are exclusively sold and they are generated from SEO so you can expect a high ROI.

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