Batch Driven Reviews: Get More Out Of Batch Driven

Published on May 12, 2023

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Batch Driven Reviews: Get More Out Of Batch Driven

Are you tired of spending hours driving around aimlessly, hoping to stumble upon the perfect investment property? Look no further than Batch Driven, the innovative driving-for-dollars app that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. With Batch Driven, you can streamline your search for the best deals by focusing on targeted areas and receiving real-time updates on new properties as they hit the market.

But that's not all. With Batch Driven Reviews, you can take your experience to the next level by leveraging the insights and experiences of other users to maximize your returns.

In this blog post, we'll dive into how you can get more out of Batch Driven by utilizing its powerful review system. So buckle up and get ready to take your real estate investment game to the next level with Batch Driven Reviews.

What Is Batch Driven?

What Is Batch Driven?

Batch Driven is an application designed for real estate professionals and investors who are looking to gather accurate property data and insights when physically and virtually searching for potential sellers in a particular neighborhood. This tool is primarily used for door-knocking and driving for dollars, making it an ideal solution for those who are looking to find off-market properties and connect with property owners directly.

BatchDriven is an application designed for driving enthusiasts that enables them to send text messages and direct mail to prospective customers as part of their marketing strategy. Another standout feature of Batch Driven is its owner data and skip tracing capabilities.

With this tool, real estate investors can easily look up property owner details, track driving routes, manage their team, and find vacant properties. This makes it an incredibly valuable tool for both new and established businesses in the real estate industry.

Furthermore, Batch Driven is part of the Batch service family of software applications, including Batch Leads, Batch Dialer, Batch Skip Tracing, and Batch Data. This means that real estate professionals can access multiple features under a single subscription, making it easier to manage and analyze property and homeowner insights.

Batch Skip Tracing

Batch Leads platform provides various marketing tools to help real estate professionals come in contact with hundreds of sellers and homeowners who are looking to sell their property. Batch Leads claims to have ‘the world's most accurate property financial, and owner contact data'.

This means that Batch Leads can give you access to more than 3,100 countries, over 99.8% of the U.S. property owners,  7 billion recorded documents, more than 155 million U.S. profiled properties, and about 1.8 million

Hence, Batch Driven (merged with Batch Leads), users can generate accurate data on multiple properties, connect with potential cash buyers, and launch direct mailing campaigns to reach out to property owners. This level of homeowner data power makes Batch Driven a must-have tool for anyone looking to succeed in the real estate business.

All in all, Batch Driven is a powerful lead generation tool that offers real estate investors and professionals a wealth of property information and insights. Whether you're looking to find off-market properties, connect with potential cash buyers, or simply gather accurate data on property owners, Batch Driven is a valuable solution for anyone looking to grow their real estate business.

How Much Does Batch Driven Cost?

Batch Leads and Batch Driven are now essentially merged under one license, so you can access both tools with a single subscription. This means that if you subscribe to Batch Leads, you can also use Batch Driven as it relates to Driving For Dollars. Batch Leads offers four subscription plans: Personal Basic, Personal Plus, Team Basic, and Teams.

However, it does not mention any separate pricing or subscription plan for Batch Driven. Therefore, the cost of Batch Driven is included in the subscription cost of Batch Leads.

How Much Does Batch Driven Cost?

Personal Basic Plan

The pricing for Batch Leads starts at $82 per month for the Personal Basic plan, which includes 10,000 leads per month, two users, 1 workspace, 100,000 address storage, skip tracing at $0.14 per record, and several other features such as advanced property search, detailed property profiles, MLS data, comparables, and comp calculator, driving for dollars and virtual canvassing, mobile app, household demographics, and more. The plan also includes the ability to integrate with BatchDialer, Zapier, and Podio.

Personal Plus Plan

The Personal Plus plan for Batch Leads costs $248 per month and includes additional features such as 25,000 leads per month, eight users, 1 workspace, 500,000 address storage, SMS messaging campaigns, click-to-dial in-app softphone, smart search automatic lead alerts, lead scoring, mortgage rate and type filters, and more.

Personal Plus Plan

Team Basic Plan

The Team Basic plan for Batch Leads costs $551 per month and includes 75,000 total leads per month, 50 users, five workspaces, 1,500,000 shared address storage, a dedicated customer service manager, personalized onboarding and team training, and more.

Teams Plus Plan

The Teams Plus plan is the most advanced plan, designed for organizations supporting multiple teams or locations, and starts at $827 per month. This plan includes 150,000 total leads per month, 200 users, 10 workspaces, 3,000,000 shared address storage, skip tracing at $0.10 per record, postcards at $0.52 each, letter mailers at $0.76 each, the BatchData API, and all features of the Team Basic plan.

Batch Driven Features

Batch Driven is a powerful property intelligence platform designed to help real estate professionals and property owners maximize returns. It offers a wide range of turnkey real estate tools, including skip tracing, batch data processing, accurate property and homeowner insights, and advanced data protocols.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Batch Driven:

Virtual Driving for Dollars

Virtual Driving for Dollars

Batch Driven integrates with Google Street View to enable users to virtually drive around and explore properties in a certain area. Users can click on a property to view its information and add it to a list or skip trace the owner's information.

Driving Routes

Users can check the routes they used during their virtual driving for dollars session, including the miles driven, the number of trips, and the number of properties added on a particular route.

Driving Routes

Property Search

Batch Driven uses a map search designed to help you find wholesale houses, rental properties, or other potential real estate deals.

Batch Driven allows users to find properties by address or by drawing boundaries on a map. Users can filter their search results based on different criteria such as vacant properties, distressed properties, tired landlords, pre-foreclosures, inherited properties, cash buyers, and unknown equity.

You can easily use this information to send out mailers, blast out a text, or even add individuals to a batch dialer to connect.

Property Search

Organizing and Tagging

Users can organize their different owner and property information in folders and apply tags. They can also set the status of their leads and customize it with different symbols, names, and colors.

Accurate Data

Batch Driven claims to provide the most accurate property and homeowner data power in the industry. It is connected directly to the United States Postal Service (USPS) servers, which means that it has access to the most updated data available.

The system filters out vacant properties and removes duplicates, ensuring that the addresses it provides are all validated.

Skip Tracing

Batch Driven's skip tracing feature is designed to deliver the most recent contact information for any lead, even if the list is five years old. It promises to find the current contact information for property owners so that you can connect with all the right people.

Batch Driven provides multiple phone numbers, along with the coveted "golden address" – a property owner's preferred mailing address.

Lead Generation

Batch Driven's lead generation feature helps real estate investors and wholesalers generate clean lists of qualified, motivated prospects. It offers hundreds of filters that can help you sort down lists to provide specific categories of leads, such as vacant properties, delinquent taxes, pre-foreclosures, homeowners with multiple properties, and more.

Lead Management

Batch Driven recognizes that generating leads is just part of the picture. It lets you export leads to spreadsheets, draw up seller lists, list stack, and utilize filters so you can pre-qualify leads effectively and efficiently, based on several critical factors. The result is greater efficiency, leading to greater productivity and better returns.

Direct Mail Campaign

Batch Driven CRM offers automated custom direct mail to your entire mailing list at one time. This automation can improve your efficiency per deal, helping you to become successful at wholesale real estate or turn around your flips quickly by enabling you to target those most likely to sell, such as properties in pre-foreclosure status.

SMS Texting Platform

Batch Driven's batchdriven text message marketing feature allows you to text your lists of leads fast, which means you close more deals more quickly. The system allows you to send out an SMS with a phone number or link to your landing page, engaging leads and inviting them to reach back out to you.


Batch Driven promises to provide critical details about comparables, helping real estate investors and wholesalers identify the most promising deals.

In addition to a national property search and buyer's list, you can glean local information that will give real estate investors and wholesalers more guidance on which properties to buy, information that is also useful in flipping.


Batch Driven offers an expansive user base, including new and established businesses, real estate agents, and real estate mentors. It is a data-powered property intelligence platform that helps businesses connect with the most promising leads in the real estate industry.

Its robust data feed ensures that businesses can accurately evaluate potential deals and create targeted borrower lists, while its services differentiate it from other third-party leads that offer lower match rates.

With Batch Driven, businesses can work smarter, not harder, and find off-market deals through virtual driving for dollars or other niche lead lists. Trusted by cash buyers and real estate professionals, the Batch Driven (Batch Leads) app is available on the Google Play Store and offers a lead cost that businesses can trust.

Batch Driven Pros and Cons

Batch Driven Pros

  • SMS text marketing: BatchDriven is the only app on the list that allows you to send text messages to property owners, which can be a highly effective way to reach motivated sellers.
  • Plot properties: The app allows real estate investors to pinpoint potential deals on a map and find the most efficient driving route to them, making it easier to target specific properties.
  • Virtual drive for dollars: BatchDriven's virtual driving for dollars campaign allows investors to track potential deals using Google Maps, providing valuable insights into the market.
  • Owner and property data: BatchDriven claims to offer market-leading data that is trusted by real estate investors. The app provides batch leads and batch data for users to access and analyze.
  • Market-leading data trusted: BatchDriven claims to have an industry-leading match rate for accurate and up-to-date property data.

Batch Driven Cons

  • Fewer search filters: Compared to other driving-for-dollars apps, BatchDriven offers fewer search filters, such as liens, public auctions, and zombie properties, which can limit the app's usefulness for some investors.
  • Freezes during high-volume campaigns: Users have reported glitches or crashes after sending multiple SMS to leads, which can be frustrating for investors who need reliable access to the app.
  • High cost: Its plan is among the most expensive subscription of all the driving-for-dollars apps. A beginner real estate investor may not see the value in paying a premium for the service.

How To Use Batch Driven

How To Use Batch Driven

As a real estate investor, Batch Driven can be an invaluable tool in finding off-market properties and motivated sellers. By combining programmatically available information about homes on a particular street with hands-on exploration, you can identify potential properties that may be distressed or undervalued.

Batch Driven also allows you to get relevant details about a property before you even visit it, which can save you time and effort. Once you've visited a property, you can use Batch Driven to keep track of all the properties you've visited and make notes about each one, including its condition, potential value, and any repairs or renovations needed.

Using Batch Driven, you can organize and filter your property leads based on highly detailed locations and other criteria. This allows you to focus on properties that meet your specific investment criteria and have the potential to generate the highest returns.

In addition, Batch Driven can help you map routes to drive so you can see a whole "batch" of homes that may be of interest. This can save you time and make your property evaluation process more efficient.

Batch Driven Alternatives

Batch Driven vs DealMachine

Batch Driven vs DealMachine

Batch Driven and DealMachine are both driving-for-dollars apps aimed at real estate investors, wholesalers, and flippers looking to generate leads and find off-market, distressed properties. While DealMachine offers an intuitive design, customizable postcards, and built-in follow-up features, Batch Driven offers more comprehensive data and tools for evaluating and analyzing property values.

Batch Driven provides detailed owner data and owner information, helping investors and property owners maximize returns. It also offers a range of filters to help users identify motivated sellers, such as pre-foreclosures, inherited properties, and tired landlords. This information can help property owners maximize returns and evaluate property values.

Also, Batch Driven allows users to organize leads into folders and apply tags to better track and manage their properties.

In contrast, DealMachine's pricing can add up quickly, particularly for postcards and skip tracing costs, and its plans limit the number of drivers. However, DealMachine has a large support network and excellent customer service, with features like in-app cold calls and batch skip trace to retrieve contact information for multiple leads at once.

Ultimately, both of these driving-for-dollars feature capabilities to find distressed properties and off-market deals by providing owner information and lead generation tools. The choice between Batch Driven and DealMachine depends on the investor's specific needs and preferences, as well as their budget.

Batch Driven vs Propelio

Batch Driven vs Propelio

Both Batch Driven and Propelio are driving-for-dollars apps designed to help real estate investors find distressed properties and generate leads.

Batch Driven has a clear advantage in terms of the number of properties that can be analyzed at once, as it can process 50,000 records in a single batch, whereas Propelio's focus is on a more targeted approach to finding the most promising leads. Batch Driven also offers financial records for properties, which can be helpful for property evaluation.

Propelio, on the other hand, has some unique features, including unlimited drivers and the option to access MLS comps in select markets. Propelio's app allows you to create lists of distressed properties, while its Spy Drive feature automatically locates distressed and vacant properties on the map. Propelio also can conduct skip traces directly through the app.

Overall, both Batch Driven and Propelio are useful tools for lead generation, but with different approaches. Batch Driven is more suited to investors looking to analyze a large number of properties quickly, while Propelio is better for investors who want to conduct a more targeted search and access additional property details.

Batch Driven FAQ

Does Batch Driven offer a free trial?

Yes, Batch Driven offers a free trial version for seven days for individual plans. To get the free trial of Batch Driven, you need to enter your name, phone number, and email address, and set a password for your account. If you do not cancel before the trial period ends, you will automatically be billed for the plan you selected during sign-up.

Can I cancel the free trial of Batch Driven anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the free trial of Batch Driven anytime during the trial period without entering into an obligation contract.

Is it possible to change my Batch Driven plan anytime?

Yes, Batch Driven allows you to change your plan anytime through your account settings. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan, request cancellation, or make other changes to your subscription at any time.

Will there be any additional charges or fees for switching plans?

No, Batch Driven does not charge any additional fees or penalties for switching plans. You can switch plans as many times as you need without incurring extra costs. If you choose to downgrade your plan, the change will take effect on your next billing cycle.

You will retain your current plan features until then. Upgrades will be applied immediately, and any prorated amount for the upgrade will be calculated based on the remaining days in your current billing cycle.

How often is the data on Batch Driven updated and where does it come from?

Batch Driven and Batch Leads update their data frequently, using sources such as the U.S. Postal Service and skip tracing directories. The platform is connected directly to the USPS servers, and vacancy checks occur monthly to coincide with USPS updates of its database.

The company claims that its vacancy data is the most updated data available on any platform.

Summary: Is Batch Driven Worth the Investment?

Batch Driven is a reliable and effective tool for real estate investors looking to generate leads and find off-market properties. Its features, such as batch skip tracing and custom marketing campaigns, make it a great option for those looking to streamline their lead generation process and maximize their returns.

While the cost may seem steep for some, the investment in quality leads and the potential for high returns on investment make it worth it in the long run.

Established businesses work smarter and experienced investors know that investing in a lead generation tool like Batch Driven is just one part of the equation. To truly succeed in real estate investing, you need to focus on finding motivated sellers and cash buyers who are ready to make a deal right away. That's why investing in real estate leads from a trusted source like Property Leads can make all the difference.

Property Leads can help you find the most promising leads in your local market. We can connect you with motivated sellers and cash buyers-trusted who are ready to sell or buy properties right now.

Don't waste any more time sifting through unreliable leads. Sign up for Property Leads today and take your real estate investing to the next level.

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