Mojo Dialer Reviews [Mojo Skip Tracing, Mojo Sells, Mojo Cold Calling]

Published on May 1, 2023

Mojo Dialer Reviews

Mojo Dialer Reviews

If you're in the real estate or sales industry, you know that the key to success is having a reliable and effective way to reach out to potential clients. One tool that has gained a lot of attention in recent years is the Mojo Dialer. Designed specifically for sales professionals, the Mojo Dialer offers a range of features, from skip tracing to cold calling, that can help boost your sales and streamline your workflow.

But with so many dialer options out there, is the Mojo Dialer really worth the investment? In this article, we'll delve into some Mojo Dialer reviews, specifically exploring the key features to help you decide whether or not this dialer is the right fit for your business.

What Is Mojo Dialer?

What Is Mojo Dialer?

Mojo Dialer is a user-friendly platform that is specifically designed to assist real estate agents with their prospecting efforts. It is a powerful auto-dialer that enables users to make up to 300 calls per hour, which is ideal for cold calling and real estate prospecting en masse. The platform offers numerous features such as Mojo Lead Manager, Mojo Dialer, Mojo Data, Mojo Marketing, Mojo dashboard, and Mojo Mobile.

Mojo Dialer also offers powerful marketing tools, along with databases that can convert leads to past clients. The platform also pays much attention to personal/team prospecting performances and maintains goal tracking by keeping track of the prospecting metrics on the dashboard.

The Mojo Lead store is an added benefit, which provides access to exclusive leads that can be used for real estate prospecting.

Furthermore, Mojo Selling Solutions is a subset of the Mojo Dialer that specifically caters to FSBO and Expired leads. The platform enables users to get phone numbers of FSBO and Expired leads right in the system to call. It is one of the most popular dialer options in the real estate industry.

How Much Does Mojo Dialer Cost?

How Much Does Mojo Dialer Cost?

Mojo Dialer is an auto-dialling software that can make sales calling more efficient and effective. Mojo pricing is modular and customizable., with two main subscriptions: the single-line dialer and the triple-line dialer.

The single-line dialer costs $99 per license per month, while the triple-line dialer costs $149 per license per month. The former is ideal for single users or small teams who want to introduce prospecting to their operations. It includes 85 calls an hour with first hello technology, pre-recorded answering machine functionality, multiple caller ID broadcast, and runs on a copper-based dialer.

Mojo Dialer is an auto-dialling software

On the other hand, the triple-line dialer is designed for sales teams, realtors, or investors with diverse prospecting needs. It includes all the features available on the single package, plus two more copper-based dialers, super-fast live call answer detection, and supports up to 300 calls in an hour.

the triple-line dialer is designed for sales teams

In addition to these subscriptions, Mojo Dialer also offers further lead-collecting features from the “Lead Store”. For example, the neighborhood search feature costs an additional $49 per month, rent by owner leads costs $25 per month per county, expired listings data is charged at $50 per month per area, FSBO leads cost $25 per month per county, and the skip tracer feature costs an extra $49 per month.

If you are a team, you pay $10 per user for the lead manager, $89 per single-line dialer license, and $139 for a triple-line dialer license.

Mojo Dialer Features

Mojo Dialer is a power dialer and sales dialer that offers various features designed to assist real estate professionals in lead generation, lead management, and real estate transactions. It offers many features and benefits that enable users to create custom workflows, generate leads, create calling lists, and automate follow-ups.

With the Mojo Dialer, users can connect with leads effortlessly and boost their real estate transactions while enjoying a superb call prospecting experience.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Mojo Dialer:

User-Friendly Interface

The Mojo Dialer boasts a user-friendly interface on both the web and mobile. The homepage is well-detailed and provides easy access to features and options. The sign-up process is also straightforward, and users are redirected to the Mojo Dashboard, where all the features and options are well laid out.

Superior Call Prospecting Features - Mojo Calling

Superior Call Prospecting Features - Mojo Calling

Mojo Dialer packs an assortment of incredibly amazing call prospecting features. The Mojo Auto Dialer automatically completes up to 300 outbound calls in an hour on the multi-line dialer and up to 85 on the single-line option.

It saves time and lets users focus on other essential aspects of the call, such as the conversation with the lead, instead of manually browsing through a list.

Advanced Search Feature - Mojo Data

The advanced search functionality of the Mojo Dialer lets users browse multiple public lists and filter data to remove ads. Users can further refine their results using countless filters available, including absentee owner lists, FSBO, and multi-family to vacant properties.

And to simplify things, even more, Mojo Dialer lets users create instant calling and mailing lists for just listed or sold from the data obtained in the search results.

Powerful Mojo CRM Features - Mojo Dashboard

Powerful Mojo CRM Features - Mojo Dashboard

The Mojo Dialer features a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that streamlines lead generation and management. It records calls, offers customizable Q&A sheets to collect valuable call details, and lets users automate pre-schedule tasks such as follow-up calls, emails, or texts through the Mojo Activity Planner.

The Mojo Dialer lets users organize contacts into groups or lists based on their source, type, status, or custom rules.

Straightforward Email Marketing - Mojo Marketing

Straightforward Email Marketing - Mojo Marketing

Mojo Marketing provides powerful tools for businesses to communicate effectively with their database, nurture leads and past clients, and convert them into loyal customers. With features such as customizable letter and email templates, direct mail, automated follow-up plans, and drip emailing, Mojo Marketing helps businesses streamline their marketing efforts and increase their ROI.

Mojo Mobile

Mojo Mobile

Mojo Dialer comes with Mojo on the Go, a mobile app for Android and iOS that lets users review, manage, and add new lead phone numbers. Users can even schedule and manage appointments, tasks, and follow-ups on the go. The Mojo on the Go app features an exclusive mojo ID function that lets users identify who’s calling so they can better prepare for the conversation.

Zapier Integration - Mojo Lead Manager

Zapier Integration - Mojo Lead Manager

Mojo Dialer integrates with over 500 third-party software applications like Wise Agent, Boomtown, Follow Up Boss, and others via Zapier. This feature lets users import phone numbers and other data from these apps to their Mojo Dialer contact list, creating calling lists, a custom lead capture form, and following up easily.

Mojo Dialer Pros and Cons

Mojo Dialer Pros

  • 3-Line Dialer: Mojo Dialer has a 3-line dialer that allows for swift categorization of calls as no-answer, do-not-call, or to start taking notes when they pick up the phone.
  • Mobile Dialing: Mojo has a mobile app for Android and iPhone that allows for making calls on the go, making it great for agents who are away from their computers regularly but still need to prospect.
  • Team Tools: Mojo is easy to assign and track calls to your team, making it a great solution if you have agents, ISAs, or VAs making calls.
  • No VOIP: Mojo Dialer avoids some issues with VOIP like bad connections or dropped calls.

Mojo Dialer Cons

  • Lists and Leads: Some agents may prefer to skip Mojo's lists and import them from other sources like Cole Realty Resource or Vulcan7, which provide cell phone numbers instead of landlines. Mojo leads may not be as valuable as off-market leads.

How To Use Mojo Dialer

Before you can start using Mojo Dialer, you'll need to ensure that you have the right equipment and setup. This includes a computer running Windows XP to 10, or a MacBook with a US 10.05 or newer operating system, as well as at least 2GB of RAM. It's also important to have a reliable internet connection and ensure that your browser is fully updated.

To use Mojo Dialer, a real estate agent first needs to connect to the system by making one outbound call. Once connected, they can upload a list of contacts and begin making calls. As soon as a lead answers, the agent will hear them immediately because it’s an open line for the whole session.

Mojo Dialer automatically skips busy, unanswered, or disconnected numbers and continues with the next one, saving agents time and effort. If an answering machine answers, agents can leave pre-recorded messages to ensure they don't miss any opportunities to make a connection.

Mojo Dialer Alternatives

Mojo Dialer vs. CallRail

Mojo Dialer vs. CallRail

Mojo Dialer and CallRail are both popular tools for businesses looking to manage their phone communication efficiently. While CallRail excels in call tracking, Mojo Dialer stands out for its power dialer and lead generation capabilities.

Mojo Dialer's power dialer allows businesses to make cold calls and reach more contacts in less time. It also offers easy calling modes that make it convenient for users to switch between manual and automated calls.

With the option to create custom groups, businesses can segment their contact lists and target specific audiences. This feature also makes it easy to generate leads from various categories.

Mojo Dialer vs. CallRail

On the other hand, CallRail's strength lies in its advanced call-tracking features, such as offline call tracking and dynamic number insertion. It also uses AI-powered analytics to provide businesses with valuable insights about their callers. However, CallRail is limited to generating leads from inbound and outbound marketing calls only.

Mojo Dialer vs Phone Burner

Mojo Dialer vs Phone Burner

Mojo Dialer and PhoneBurner are two software services that offer businesses similar features for efficient sales calls. They both allow users to drop pre-recorded voicemails and have no connection delay calls. Also, they have a customizable dialing solution and the ability to send instant emails based on call outcomes.

However, PhoneBurner has more advanced features such as personalized SMS messages to leads and a more customizable platform.

Mojo Dialer vs SalesDialers (now Prospect Boss)

Mojo Dialer vs SalesDialers (now Prospect Boss)

Mojo Dialer and Prospect Boss are both powerful sales software systems that provide a range of features to help businesses with their sales process. Mojo Dialer offers a power dialer system that includes unlimited single and triple-line dialing and some CRM services, Prospect Boss offers a wider range of tools, including a CRM Dialer, data resources, and other dialer tools.

Mojo Dialer vs SalesDialers (now Prospect Boss)

Prospect Boss also offers a range of features such as call recording, call tracking, video calling, SMS marketing, email marketing, local presence, call analytics/reporting, and more. On the other hand, Mojo Dialer offers some data services, such as Neighborhood Data, and integrates with some CRMs, but it does not have the same range of features as Prospect Boss.

Mojo Dialer is slightly cheaper than Prospect Boss and offers both monthly and yearly payment options, but Prospect Boss seems to offer more comprehensive services for businesses looking for more than just a dialer system. However, for those primarily interested in a power dialer system, Mojo Dialer may be a more cost-effective option,

Mojo Dialer FAQ

Can I cancel my Mojo Dialer subscription at any time?

Yes, Mojo Dialer offers recurring monthly subscriptions with no contracts, meaning you can cancel at any time. Just log into your account, go to account, select cancel account on the page you'll be redirected to, and confirm to cancel your account.

Is there training provided for using Mojo?

Yes, Mojo provides various types of training to help users get started. This includes a Knowledge library, How-To videos, and Quick tip videos in the support portal. Live training webinars are held twice daily Mondays through Fridays.

Is Mojo only for Realtors and Real Estate Investors?

No, although real estate agents and investors account for approximately 95% of Mojo's customer base, the Mojo Power Dialer and Lead Management system can be beneficial to any industry that uses prospecting via the phone or frequent contact with an established clientele as part of their business.

What if I have a team, can they use Mojo as well?

Yes, a team can be managed under one owner account, and each team member can have their own Lead Manager login for access. The owner can assign permission levels to manage workflow among the team.

The number of Dialer Licenses needed is determined by how many agents will be dialing simultaneously. Mojo's Rover Dialer functionality allows agents to share a dialing license in environments where shift work is happening or on teams where not all members of the team need to dial at the same time.

Summary: Is Mojo Dialer Worth the Investment?

Mojo Dialer is definitely worth the investment for real estate agents, investors, and sales teams looking to improve their outbound calling efficiency and enhance their lead-generation efforts. The platform's user-friendly interface, advanced features, and integration with over 500 apps make it an excellent addition to any real estate prospecting stack.

While the subscription options may not be the most cost-efficient, the platform's features make it worth considering as part of your prospecting arsenal.

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